Kirk and Cassie Birtles had done what they were told to do: go to school, work hard, get good grades, and get a good job. Kirk had over eight years of schooling and over six figures of student loans. He was working as a physical therapist and Cassie worked as a physical therapy technician and bartender. On the outside, they appeared well off, but in reality, money was tight and the bills were piling up. However, everything changed when a friend of Kirk’s went to a Leadership Convention and told Kirk that he would kick himself if he did not check out the Team training system. So, they attended an open meeting, and the information blew them away. Kirk and Cassie saw a way to have hope and direction for the future. They realized that they did not have to be average. After attending a seminar, Kirk and Cassie became totally committed to Team. Kirk was in four men’s softball leagues at the time and they both lived vicariously through sports, television, and the news.  Soon, their thinking changed from short-term to long-term. They actually became excited for the future! Kirk has become more focused on serving people and Cassie has been completely amazed at the caliber of people with whom they have become associated through Team. They love the commitment to morality, integrity, and character. Together Kirk and Cassie have developed into some of the most enthusiastic leaders in Team. Today, Kirk and Cassie love to work together in order to serve their team.

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