life leadershipIt is so exciting to be entering into 2014 with Life Leadership running on all cylinders! Ive heard from a few mis-informed people lately that Life Leadership sounds like a Life Leadership scam?  My typical response is, ‘Are you nuts!’ We are two years into this grand venture, and it already feels like we are on the 20 yard line with our directional innovation!  We are in the red-zone my friends, with an endless number of downs, an all-pro line-up, and Orrin Woodward is the quarterback!!  Can you say hut 1, hut 2….TOUCHDOWN!!!

There are so many things to be excited about, I mean jacked out of your mind about, with LIFE Leadership taking 2014 by storm!  Here is a short list just off the top of my head –

1) Leaders worth following – As John Maxwell likes to say, ‘Everything rises and falls on leadership’.  LIFE Leadership has more character-based, courageous, purpose-filled, talented, genius, tenacious, hungry, service-oriented, God fearing leaders than any other organization, corporation, government, team, or community on the planet.  I have had a front row seat for over a decade to watch this epic story unfold, which is the life of Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the other founders of LIFE.  They are not perfect, but I have seen them tried by fire again and again, during good times, bad times and ugly times, and in each and every situation their foundation of character, courage and purpose have always risen to the occasion!  I like to compare them to that old SCI FI movie ‘The Blob’.  It doesn’t matter what hits them, they always come out stronger and better every time!  All kidding aside, they are real men and women of character who I would trust with my money, my family and my future.  How many people could say that with peace in their heart about their boss, partner, CEO, president, or even pastor?  They are leaders worth following, they are a force for good, and these are not statements I throw around lightly!

2) Big MONEY – there are a lot of advantages to having information as your product, one of which is the potential for a massive profit margin!  Bill Gates became one of the richest people in the world selling us information that makes our computers run better.  We sell information that makes YOU run better…your thinking, your attitude, your self-esteem, your marriage, your children, your career, your bank account, etc…  When information is your product, it hardly costs anything to mass produce it!  The manufacturing cost for a download, a phone app, a CD, a DVD, or even a book is literally pennies on the dollar, especially when you don’t spend any money on the middlemen (wholesalers, retailers, stores, advertising, etc…).  The price for our LIFE-changing information was willingly paid in full by the leaders who delivered the information.  It was paid by the great demands they put on themselves day after day and week after week for decades prior to giving that talk or writing the book.

Its the best of both worlds; we have a product that has an extremely low manufacturing cost, but at the same time it can not be duplicated or copied by another company.  Where else are you going to find a community of front-line leaders who are willing to pay the price of blood, sweat and tears for decades to become the leaders worthy and qualified to give those talks and write those books.  As Chris Brady says, ‘You can’t commoditize community’.  We are one of a kind!  This and many other reasons allows LIFE Leadership to continually pour more and more money into their industry leading compensation plan!  It’s pretty amazing when a company that already pays back 70+%, after only 2 years, decides to throw in $350,000 more dollars into the One Time Cash Awards for 2014!  Are you stinking kidding me?!

And Just think about it, as technology continually improves over the next several years, it will just make the transfer and delivery of our LIFE-changing product cheaper, easier and more user friendly for everyone all over the globe!  For example, there is a day coming soon when you will be at work listening to Rascal Radio and your co-worker will be complaining about how financial stress is killing him and you will be able to push a button on your watch communicator and it will transfer a world-class LIFE Leadership financial talk to your friends glasses communicator that he can listen to and watch in 3D.  Just think about it, you’ve got to be pumped when your product is LIFE-changing information!

3) Free Enterprise at its best! – One of the biggest things that Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Bill Lewis and the other founders of LIFE fell in love with years ago when they joined a struggling home-based business was the idea of free enterprise.  The idea of a fair business model that is all about win/win competition and purely pay by performance.  A model that recognizes and pays the right behaviors and habits that truly ‘stimulate’ our economy.  The idea that your financial destiny is in your own hands.  The founders of LIFE and many other top leaders in the world believe that one of the only things that can save America, Canada, and the free world for that matter, is a community of entrepreneurs pouring their heart and soul into making their business as successful as possible.  LIFE Leadership, in my opinion, offers hungry and aspiring entrepreneurs, who want a change in their life, the purest form of a free enterprise business available anywhere.

4) Become ‘all you can be’ – this has historically been a military slogan, but I don’t believe it.  No offense to any person who has courageously served their country in any branch of the military, but I don’t believe that the US armed forces is the place for you if you are looking to become ‘all you can be’.  If you really want to become the best you can possibly be, then I whole-heartedly recommend you get launched with LIFE Leadership.  You just can’t beat the power of a supportive community that promotes a self-directed education and lifts up listening, reading and associating .  You just can’t beat a community that highlights and lifts-up achievements, but at the same time accepts you right where you are at.  You just can’t beat a community that messages and models leadership principles such as; character counts, service before self, failure is not fatal, win-win or no deal, excellence lies on the other side of inconvenience, etc…  You can’t beat a community that understands that God is on the throne, and ultimately is looking to do His will.

If you dare to want to become the the best you can be…..Welcome to LIFE Leadership!  God bless, Kirk Birtles

About Kirk Birtles

Follower of Christ, loving husband, father of 4, TEAM/LIFE leader, community builder, entrepreneur, difference maker, and fun loving outdoorsman.

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  1. Aron Radosa says:

    As always, Kirk leads the way, all the way. Be all you can be has become a foundational principle in the Life Leadership company. Leaders are not born, they are made! Kirk, you are becoming one of the best!

  2. dreamgiver1 says:

    Awesome!! I’m not sure any other words are necessary to explain LIFE Leadership. Thank you Kirk for taking time to be a voracious leader and writing this!
    Trevor Most

  3. Rick Craig says:

    Excellent post Kirk! I couldn’t agree more! LIFE Leadership is poised to make a statement in 2014 that will have a lasting ripple effect for generations to come! Proud to play my part!

  4. Aaron Thomason says:

    Kirk, you absolutely NAILED this post…you have highlighted all the areas in which LIFE leadership stands alone. This will be the year for those to get what they want if they just believe…this post goes a LONG way in helping all in the community and those on the outside…BELIEVE…thanks for leading the way!

  5. Clint Fix says:

    Well said! I think many people use the word scam to describe things that are new or that they don’t understand. If anyone is willing to dig for the truth, they’ll find that the information LIFE leadership produces truly is valuable and life changing.

  6. Chris says:

    I can take all day telling you how my family has benefited from the life business. But I will only mention a few. First and foremost we were led to Christ through this Faith information. I could say “nuff said “after that. Second we went from being a factory worker to the top 3% income earner in United States. Not to mention our marriage our family life our attitude ,everything about our lifestyle has improved.
    The bottom line is this ,no matter what topic you discuss there will always be somebody succeeding and somebody failing. But what I love about life leadership is that if you decide to succeed you can. The results I have gotten through this business would not of been possible in any of my jobs I have ever had. If being successful was easy everybody would be successful. I love the fact that we have to put an effort into it to make it happen. But I also love the results. I chose to follow people that were succeeding not following the ones that are failing.
    Thanks for the Great article Kirk.

  7. John Mossner says:

    Great article, Kirk! I think the “scam” tag is used by people that are scared or prideful. They are either not willing to admit what they are doing is not working, or they are scared because they know they will have to get out of their comfort zone and change if they want different results in life. They certainly aren’t thorough people, making snap judgements without facts. And if they think they know what LIFE LEADERSHIP is without facts, I refer back to the prideful part again. Would anyone think it’s smart to listen to such a person’s opinion on ANYTHING knowing they make snap judgements without facts? Listening to such a person when it comes to LIFE LEADERSHIP could be very expensive. Thanks for taking the time to write this article. 2014 is going to rock!

  8. Great blog! I’m even more excited for 2014 knowing the work Chris Brady is doing for our product development this year. LIFE Leadership is and will continue to be the information source for our communities for years to come.

  9. bcpowers33 says:

    Kirk, great post. I liken what is happening in Life Leadership to an out of control Directional Forest Fire!! (as compared to a non-directional….My analogy) The oxygen, heat, and fuel are all there and we are ON FIRE for truth!! Glad to be on board my friend!!

  10. JeanetteP says:

    Great stuff Kirk! We are blessed indeed! Thanks and GodBless!

  11. Matt Foote says:

    Fantastic blog Kirk. This hits all the main points of what is at the heart of LIFE Leadership. In the time that Lindsey and I have had the privilege of associating with Orrin, Chris, and the other LIFE leaders, time after time we see things always moving forward, never settling for good but chasing after “great.” The list of ways that our lives are better because of LIFE would take to long to write, but even with all of that, we are so excited for 2014 and beyond, knowing that we are in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

    Matt Foote

  12. jkeena1 says:

    Awesome Kirk! We are blessed to be on this journey with you and Cassie and ALL the LEADERS. This LIFE Leadership is the best! We cannot thank all of the PC AND you leaders enough for ALL your Integrity, Belief and Drive!! Thank you!!

  13. David says:

    I loved your post Kirk. I just read a quote: “the highest level of ignorance is when you reject something you know nothing about”. Thanks for setting the record straight. In LIFE, people can improve personally, help others improve personally, AND create an income stream based on the number of people they serve. Its called business. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Perfectly said Kirk!!! I can already see a multi-billion dollar enterprise in the near future. The changes that are being made are unlike anything any other company would ever be willing to do for their members! There aren’t any other leaders on the planet that I would rather be following than the masterminds we call our founders (PC as well).
    We are truly blessed! Thanks for this great post Kirk!!

  15. carlasnair says:

    Excellent post!! My favorite part, because it’s so true.. “they are real men and women of character who I would trust with my money, my family and my future. How many people could say that with peace in their heart about their boss, partner, CEO, president…”

  16. right on Kirk, anyone who take the time to dig into Life Leadership materials will be truly blessed.

  17. Tom Bitson says:

    Amen, brother!!! How many opportunities can you come across that is more than just a business venture? Answer: Doesn’t matter if you dive in to LIFE Leadership! It’s the only one you’ll ever need. A memorable quote from one of my wife’s favorite movies of the 80s is “To be your best, you must lose your mind.” The truth is, for us to be our best, we need to get with LIFE!!! BBNQ!!!

  18. Tana Bryant says:

    What a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Life business. Never has anything ever compared to what this business stands for and provides for!


    GREAT BLOG! Scam is a ‘way out’ for those who fear John was saying. If people really believe in ‘scams’ then they need to check out their job first….talk about scam! When we ask the question, “how much longer do you have before retirement?” people get the most dreadful, panicked look on their face…that is, unless of course, they are involved with LIFE Leadership!!!! LIFE Leadership is amazing…it has changed so much in so many areas of our lives and those around us….and we are truly grateful to leaders such as our founders of LIFE and you and Cassie for “leading the way”………….All for One and One for All!
    Roy and Brenda Hatcher

  20. Dave Thomas says:

    Great blog for sure! Lots of great comments on here. John Mossner I think hit it on the head too. Pride, scared, or people just being lazy too get the correct info to make an educated decision. Too bad for those that won’t do a little homework to find out that they may be missing out on something that would improve their life. “Once your mind is stretched , it can never go back to the same dimension.” This information has done wonders for our family and we love being able to share it so others can get the same benefits. Keep the great blogs coming! Looking forward to many more!

  21. Elizabeth Bondie says:

    Kirk, wow! It’s as if this post were ordained to be written as just yesterday I was having a conversation about our business with a close friend, who expressed some doubts about what LIFE Leadership is all about. I wish I could say I responded to his questions as eloquently as you have outlined them here…but I will be forwarding him the link to this blog so he can see for himself the kind of leaders I’m locking arms with. I’m so honored to be a part of this community & a part of your & Cassie’s team. Thanks for talking the talk & walking the walk, leading by example the entire way. 2014 is going to be one amazing year for those who believe in the power of their dreams!

  22. Mark Stamps says:

    Great article. Thanks!

  23. Theresa Buggia says:

    I know that the ripple effect of our time.. spent leveraging great information into peoples lives…can truly not even be measured!! And, as an S quadrant business owner, I can say you have hit the many advantages that LIFE offers, as a business, on the head. It is truly an honor and a huge opportunity to be associated with LIFE!

  24. Travis says:

    The Scam is their opinion. When they get the facts they’ll jump aboard. But, not until they are willing to look at the facts. Stay the course Kirk, and thanks for the great work your doing & Cassie are doing!

  25. Wendi Witkowski says:

    What a great blog to kick off 2014.Life leadership is the place to hitch your wagon for the future. So excited to be on this journey with so many great leaders!

  26. Leah Muega says:

    AMEN! (I AGREE!) You & Cassie are amazing servant leaders KB. Kimo & I will never quit LIFE, because… “Quit to what?” LIFE Leadership IS thr BEST opportunity for the kind of income & lifestyle we want; and the LIFE leaders, I’m talking about every single speaker, are ALL MILES ahead of ANYONE else out there; in EVERY area of their lives, ANYWHERE I’ve ever lived/worked/ associated! Neither havin a baby nor rollin a van with a Team member & prospect inside, nor cars dying on the side of the expressway, nor people quittin before u can even rotate the pattern with them, not ANYTHING is going to stop TEAM MUEGA! We’ll be on LIFE Island w/ the rest of the PC one day…

  27. Amazing post Kirk!!!! You are a master at laying out information in a way that helps all learn. Anyone that gets a chance to view this post will be have the privilege of understanding the amazing Life organization and all we offer and everything we stand for. Your blog is always a fantastic read. How anyone that could put the label of “scam” on the Life Opportunity, just boggles my mind.

  28. Brandon says:

    Great info Kirk! Way to break down why Life Leadership is and will be the biggest and best company for people who want to make a difference in their own lives & the lives of others. Keep up the great work, we look forward to having you out in Northern California for a seminar again!

  29. Paul S. and Carolyn H. Wilson says:

    Great Post Kirk! Thanks for the meeting/time you and Cassie spent with Carolyn and I in October and for all the other times you gave us pointers. 2014 will become the year we keep our eye on the Dream and Swing.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Paul, It is truly awesome to have you and Carolyn all in with LIFE. You had a great career as a senior manager at GM, and now you’re making a difference with LIFE Leadership!!

  30. Tony Tyndall says:

    Thank you Kirk for such a great article. More importantly thank you and all of the other leaders for having the courage to lead and pursue your dreams. This information and this community has been such a blessing. I can’t imagine my life without it.
    God bless,

  31. Meghan Watters says:

    This many people could not knowingly be scammed. LIFE Leadership has changed our lives in ways we never could have imagined. Thank you for all you do and for having the courage to stand for what you believe in!

  32. luther and cheryl foster says:

    Kirk this is the heartbeat and essence of wholeness, with passionate leaders lending a hand to help. Great. Thanks

    • luther and cheryl foster says:

      Kirk, you have expressed the heartbeat and essence of passionate leaders lending a hand. It is difficult for the ordinary to comprehend extraordinary.Thanks for your leadership you fighting knight you.:-)

  33. Michael Hartman says:

    Great article Kirk! It’s sad that so many will pull the plug on their future goals and dreams based on the negative rhetoric that critics all-to-easily post when they determine they are unwilling to endure the success process of Dream-Struggle-Victory. People will not struggle to succeed in Life Leadership any more than they would any other venture! But the victory provided here (in the becoming of a better person coupled with the legacy of making a positive impact for future generations AND the potential of unlimited residual income) is unparalleled! As a cross-line friend, I’m proud to be in the battle with you and the rest of the winners out there who are dreaming big & struggling for their victory each day!

  34. Steve Morgan says:

    Thanks for this post Kirk, It seems that people are so good at finding fault, but not real good at creating solutions. I agree, LIFE Leadership is one of the best things someone can do with their life. You actually have to serve people. A scam is like the Lottery, not a business that you can choose each day to go out and pursue success.

  35. Dan Pinkelman says:

    I have sat down to share Life Leadership with anyone I can. From the first time I heard the information from these leaders I knew what I really wanted out of this, better information and a better life. I can’t sit at a table with someone who isn’t hungry to be more and do more with their life! They don’t have to do what I do but if they are not moving forward for something other than themselves they must be “NUTS”.

  36. Blake Harris says:

    Great post Kirk, it is great to have people like you that take information and apply it to there life to better them selves. Then take that info and share it with all that want to use it.
    thanks Blake

  37. roundtable says:

    That was fantastic Kirk! Thank you for once more proving our leaders do what they say and say what they do! 2014 will be the year to think bigger than ever before because anyone who thinks this Life Leadership isn’t real is just silly! They’ll probably try to tell me my families seven days all expenses paid first class Trip to Disney world was a scam as well. I think not! This community is outlandishly amazing in many areas and anyone who truly looks into it will quickly be enlightened!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Leo, It’s so cool to have a front row seat to watch you and Brittany change and grow month in and month out! You’ve always been great, but you are a totally different person today than you were the day I met you my man. Proud of you! kb

  38. Kirk, once again you have said it well. LIFE LEADERSHIP is amazing and it is the last hope of freedom for the free world. It leadership is above reproach. We are excited and privileged to be a part of the solution with you snd the rest of the LIFE leaders!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Len, Thanks for commenting my friend. I love your perspective of LIFE, looking at it through the eyes of someone who has served and made a difference for 40+ years as a pastor and community leader! Its an honor to be climbing this LIFE Ladder with you. Love ya, kb

  39. Phil Bontrager says:

    Great post Kirk! That was one of the best explanations of the caliber of leaders and what the purpose of Life Leadership is!! Thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts into words!

  40. merv hochstetler says:

    Great post Kirk keep leading the way.We need more men like you thanks.

  41. Thanks for your post Kirk! I can’t wait for the convention in February to learn about what our leaders have in store for the coming year. I have nothing but confidence and trust in the LIFE founders to give us the best opportunity to win. We are standing on the shoulders of giants! Thanks for all you do to serve the greater team.

    (I am Spartacus! Phoenix, AZ)

  42. Norm Bontrager says:

    Awesome Post Kirk,,, THANK YOU For sharing and for all The Leading you do in LIFE LEADERSHIP,,, I TOTALLY Agree,, Life Is The BEST Thing going,,, Anyone that wants to label this a scam needs to have a Check up….. It has Changed my life 180 degrees,, after I lost my real estate business and Eveything else that I owned,,, the information from this company and the assistance from Chris Miller has kept me from a mental break down or worst living in a mental institution…. Thanks For All you do,,, Keep it up the Great work……….. Norman.

  43. Thanks for the post Kirk. 2014 is going to be an amazing year and LIFE Leadership is going to create the biggest ripple effect and turn it into a tidal wave.

  44. Holger says:


    Great post!!! Your insight comes from over a decade of being around the LIFE leaders even behind closed doors. The critics can only stab at us with lies, lies, lies and will eventually fail because truth is sweet to the ear and will eventually drown all the negativism. Just like darkness cannot exist where there is light, cold cannot exist where there is heat, evil cannot exist where there is good, lies cannot exist where there is Truth. Thank you for your leadership and example demonstrating by your very life that LIFE is for real.

    God Bless,

    Holger 🙂

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Holger, Thanks my friend! Your testimony and amazing insight of 14 years with Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Bill Lewis and helping to launch LIFE Leadership will make an amazing movie some day! Keep leading the charge and thank you for always being a leader worth following!! Today’s the day!

  45. […] 1. A very insightful blog post  by Kirk Birtles: “Life Leadership Scam…are you nuts?“ […]

  46. Kirk Birtles says:

    Holger, I read your latest blog post on the fly….fantastic! Going to take some time to comment right now!! BBNQ

  47. joshemington says:

    Thank you for all you do Kirk! What an excellent article on the real, measurable results and blessings of our community. The process is tremendous and the goal is worthy. Keep the rock solid information rolling as you lead from the front. BBNQ!

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