I have learned many things over the last 10 years from some legendary leaders like Holger Spiewak, Bill Lewis and Orrin Woodward.  One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that, ‘The leader builds the culture, and the culture builds the team’.  The following Band of Brothers Creed is a self explanatory model, created by the leaders of the Band of Brothers, to BUILD and PROTECT an amazing, winning culture!  In the immortal words of Shakespeare,

‘We few, we happy few, we Band of Brothers…for whoever sheds his blood with me today shall forever be my brother!’


                                        BAND OF BROTHERS CREED

I understand, that as a member of the Band of Brothers, that I am part of a great tradition of HONOR, LOYALTY, SERVICE, UNITY and WINNING.  I understand that, as a member of the Band of Brothers, that I have a great responsibility to uphold this tradition through my ATTITUDE, my WORDS and my ACTIONS.

I understand that the CULTURE of a team determines its success, destiny and legacy, and as a member of the Band of Brothers, I commit to making our culture a winning culture, to be known around the world as what a united team of champions should look like.  As a member of the Band of Brothers, I pledge my SACRED HONOR to help BUILD and PROTECT this culture with my EXAMPLE, my CHARACTER, and my COMMITMENT.

I Resolve…

To buy into the VISION that the BAND OF BROTHERS will be the the team with the best duplication and the best attitude.  I understand that the BAND OF BROTHERS goal is to become the TAPROOT of the TEAM, which is the BEST TEAM with the MOST LEADERS.  I fully understand that what we do now will determine our future for the next 20 years.  I understand that my: goals, dreams, freedom, children’s future, country’s future, and ‘The LIFE I’ve always wanted’ all hang in the balance!

To model the ‘HEART OF A CHAMPION’ through my attitude and my example.  I understand that there is a price for progress and I commit to pay it in full.  I commit to have the faith & courage necessary to believe in this cause & to deserve victory.  I understand that there are always 3 choices: give-in, give-up, or give it all you’ve got.  I will always choose to GIVE IT ALL I’VE GOT!

To model the 4 Es: ENTHUSIASM, ENCOURAGEMENT, EXPECTATION, AND EDIFICATION in my attitude, words, and actions.  I understand the principle of ‘Zeal without knowledge is dangerous, but knowledge without zeal is dead’.  I understand that, as a member of the Band of Brothers, I need to be the thermostat and not the thermometer.  I will set the tone with ENTHUSIASM at every meeting, event, and at all times.  I will ENCOURAGE through acceptance, approval and appreciation, and never criticize, condemn or complain.  I will work to adopt a NO NEGATIVE philosophy in my life and take it everywhere I go.  I understand how important EXPECTATION is, and I will work to set a positive, winning expectation. I will be the example in expecting excellence, but at the same time, never judge others.  I understand the power of EDIFICATION.  I will learn to speak all the good I can of others to their face, from stage and behind their back.  I will make a point of honestly edifying others, especially my leaders, every chance I get.

To be the BEST STUDENT I can be by mastering the Team Tools, the Team System, and the Top 5 books.  No team will know, use or promote the Team  tools, the Team system, and top 5 books better than the Band of Brothers, and I know this begins with me.  I will be a walking, talking CD listening to and promoting machine.  I will work to listen to, to know, and to promote the Team packs first, the Team system second, and all of the LIFE material third.  I understand how important people skills are and I will be ONE OF THE BEST AT DEALING WITH PEOPLE by reading the Top 5 books on a regular basis.

To MASTER THE  BASICS of the 5 Step Pattern, Team Approach, PowerPlayer, and  Game-Planning.  I understand that DEPTH builds POSTURE & BELIEF and I will never forget it!  I will strive to get in action and to master the 5 step pattern.  I commit to learning and practicing the methods of TEAM APPROACH.  I understand that POWERPLAYER has always been and always will be our play.  I know now that PowerPlayer is my goal.  I know that it is important to have a Game-Plan and to Keep Score.  I understand, that in order to use a coach effectively, that I need to be showing plans and will work diligently to do so.  If I am showing 15 plans a month, I will seek out my coach with a HUMBLE and a HUNGRY attitude. I will KEEP SCORE by drawing out my team and having it ready for my coach when we get together.  I understand that my team’s goal is to go 10 DEEP this month and every month, and I commit to playing my part!

To BE A PROFESSIONAL in all I do, which includes attitude, words, dress and deeds. I understand that 100% of what I do wrong and 50% of what I do right will be duplicated. I realize that ATTITUDE MATTERS and resolve to have a great one everywhere I go, but at the same time have GRACE for others who might be having a bad day.  I will ‘suit-up’ for all house-plans, open meetings, and seminars.  I understand that 50% of success is just showing up, and therefore, I will strive to go to everything I qualify for, including: opens, challenge groups, seminars, leaderships, and promotions.   I will try my best to come early, sit as close to the front as possible, and stay late.  If there is a ‘Live Event’ available to me, if at all possible, I’m there!  I will be the first to volunteer and encourage others to volunteer anytime the TEAM calls on the Band of Brothers.  I realize that this is my team too, and I will work valiantly to adopt the principle of service before self.  I understand that not everyone is going to do what I’m willing to do, but nobody will ever do what I’m not willing to do.

To always have TEAM PRIDE: first for the TEAM, then for the Band of Brothers, and third for my division of the Band of Brothers.  I Understand that LOYALTY and UNITY matter, and that everyone wants to be part of a TIGHT and WINNING team.  I will take ownership and play my part.  I will be the LOUDEST and most ENTHUSIASTIC person at every event, and especially anytime the Band of Brothers or any individual Band of Brother is speaking, recognized, or mentioned from stage.  I will have the COURAGE to be the first to cheer and the last to stop.  I will bring my B.O.B. rowdy rag, etc… and parade them with HONOR & PRIDE.  At every event, I will seek out the ‘heartbeat’ of the Band of Brothers, which is it’s leaders: directors, Round Tables, and PCs.  Getting around them means sitting by them, introducing my new people and teammates to them to help create powerful bonds, and seeking them out for a hug, handshake, smile, and to say that, ‘I am with you’!  I know that I am part of a very rare ‘Fellowship of the heart’, and will not take this for granted.

To build and maintain SPEED OF TRUST with my leader and with my team.  This starts and ends with LOVE, CHARACTER, & GRACE.  I understand that character is doing the right thing despite inconvenience, feeling, fear, or consequence.  I will strive to have my yes, always mean yes, and my no, to always mean no.  I will take pride in having a great speed of trust in all areas of my life including, but not limited to the following: words, respect, time, and money.  I will resolve any conflict with courage and grace anytime I see or sense a problem.

To build a ‘BATTLE-CRY’ culture.  I understand the principle of ‘Iron sharpens Iron’ and the power of  belief & encouragement, and therefore I will strive to leave a ‘battle-cry’ every night I am out building the Team, conquering new territory, showing the plan, signing up new members, moving tickets, and breaking power-players by sending out a text or Team-Talk to my leader and to my team.

To build and model a ‘RUN TO THE LAST SECOND‘ culture.  I understand the significance of FIGHTING to the FINISH and never giving up on a Conquer, Fortify, or Domesticate goal.  I fully appreciate that great things always happen by being faithful and running to the last second.  As they say, ‘Good things come from the stretch’!  I understand that by running to the last second today, could equal thousands of leaders running to the last second 2 years from now.  I also understand, that to be truly successful, running to the last second does not mean waiting to the last second to start running.  I will run from ‘the GUN to the TAPE’!  I will be the example, to my team and to the next generation of leaders, of what running to the finish truly means.  I will adopt the mindset that, as a member of the Band of Brothers, I will either hit the goal that has been set, or die on the battle-field in DEFIANCE of surrender!  As Winston Churchill and the leaders of the Band of Brothers say, ‘Never give in…. never, never, never, never, ever, give in’!

Lastly, I resolve to be one of the many who are going to BUILD and PROTECT this amazing Band of Brothers Culture.  I understand that it only takes a few Stout-Hearted men and women, with COURAGE, COMMITMENT, and PASSION, to lead to 10,000 more.  I pledge to be a true team-player, to have endurance when it gets tough, to understand the power of duplication & momentum, and to always be the example.  I will have the FAITH & COURAGE to BELIEVE & DESERVE!  I will do everything in my power, God willing, to honor God, to serve my fellow man, and to build and protect a culture that all of the Band of Brothers can be proud of!

Band of Brothers lead the way…..

 “Give me some men

Who are Stout-Hearted Men

Who will fight for the right they adore

Start me with ten

Who are Stout-Hearted Men

And I’ll soon give you ten thousand more

Shoulder to shoulder, and bolder and bolder

They grow as they go to the fore…”


About Kirk Birtles

Follower of Christ, loving husband, father of 4, TEAM/LIFE leader, community builder, entrepreneur, difference maker, and fun loving outdoorsman.

52 responses »

  1. pmit2188 says:

    All the way…!!!!!!
    Proud to represent the Band of Brothers !!
    Great creed Kirk. You encompassed all aspects of our great band. Let’s rock !!!!

  2. Brian Steig says:

    I’m 100% with you on this Kirk with the awesome up line I have I will live this creed from now until eternity THANKS BROTHERS BBMQ

  3. Heather R says:

    Thank you for posting this Kirk! I loved this creed from the first time I heard Cassie read it from stage!!

  4. Jim Croyle says:

    There is something to be said about putting it in writing. Knowing what is right and doing it aren’t always synonymous. The act of putting the pen to paper adds another vital layer to the equation. By acknowledging, in writing, that we know what is right and good reinforces what we believe because in writing we can remind ourselves each time we see it. Feeding our subconscious minds with what we think and believe.
    But you, you take it even further than most are willing to do. You not only put it in writing, you publish it for others to see. You do so knowing that they will now have the ability to judge your resolve because they now have something tangible that speaks to your character.
    I am proud to be associated with such men. I am determined to take your example and leverage as much of it into my own life as I can. You are truly a man of vision, passion and servant to those you lead.
    I will read this creed often, to remind me why I do what I do. Thanks for taking the time to spell it out so clearly.
    Lot of love to you and the Family.
    God bless,
    The Croyle’s

  5. To the ends of the earth and back again! I promise to keep my game face going from ear to ear for this great cause as the growing and learning continues to take its hold! Thanks for helping to light the way, Kirk! 1MLC!

  6. mvdamp says:

    This Creed is powerful and the Band of Brothers are leading the way indeed!

  7. Aaron Thomason says:


    I love this. This creed is what we are about in the BOB. I believe our implementation of this will allow for the duplication of new company under this great organization. United we fight, together we stand….we will push, grow, drive, read, and listen until the last mom is home with her kids, til the last dad is a father to his children…til the last person shakes the chains of debt…we will fight until all those who want freedom are FREE….BOB lead the way…

  8. I am amped up and ready to go!!!!! This keeps me fired up!!! No weapon formed against us shall prosper!!!!

  9. Luke Bivens says:

    There is something right about putting this creed together. There is something right about linking arms with the Band of Brothers. There is something right about the Team. We look forward to everthing in front of us, the dream, the struggle, and the victory! Thank you for posting this!

    • Gabe Marsh says:

      I am excited and proud to follow this creed with you and the rest of the Band of Brothers! You and Courtney are really starting to shine as leaders of your family and team. Many people have a high level of respect for you, including Sarah and I! Continue to set the example!


      • jeff peterson says:

        I am honored to lock arms with you and Sarah. You are a awesome example for others to follow. I am in till the last breath in me is gone. This is me, my life, my dreams!! Anything is possible if you JUST DO IT….. Love you guys…

  10. Gabe Marsh says:

    Powerful stuff! Count me in!! BBNQ

    • Daniel Pinkelman says:

      Your public affirmation is awesome. Everyone who has worked with you already knew that you and Sarah were in – in fact, Kirk was probably looking at your example while writting this. Proud to have you both in our lives.
      Dan Pinkelman

      • Brittany Wines says:

        I second what Dan said, Gabe and Sarah are amazing affirmers, finding greatness in everyone around them.
        Brittany Wines

  11. Kim Decker says:

    Kirk this was down right amazing. I will strive to fit the needs of the Band of Brothers and I will not let you down as a Team we achieve more. Band of Brothers lead the Way…

  12. Jason D Wilson says:

    I am all the way in KB!! I will do my part to 20 mile march this creed to victory for the BOB families!! From the last plane, to the last bullet, the last man, the last minute, we fight!!
    BBNQ 10/4

  13. Daniel Pinkelman says:


    I love this blog! From the moment I met the Band of Brothers it was a group I aspired to be a part of. There have been very few groups that I been exposed to in my life that made such a huge impact on me with their culture and brotherhood. Seeing the culture in writing from the leadership is awesome. I know that it sets the bar high but we now have a bench mark to measure our performance against. Thanks for all you and Cassie do for us.
    Dan Pinkelman

    • Paul Brown says:

      Right on, Dan! The culture is so rare these days. I stand with Dan in saying. Thank you, Kirk!

    • Andrew Rockwell says:

      So True Dan! nothing in my life has impacted me as much as this TEAM and culture. I’m glad to be in the fight with such a great group of people!

    • jeff peterson says:

      Dan, It is such a great pleasue to be a part of the Band of brothers, And what you did, taking time out of your schedule to go and find a 4 dollar ring was just phenominal. Band of brothers lead the way…. Jeff

  14. Dan White says:

    I’m ALL in!!!!! Let’s roll!!!! KCB. The time has never been better, the value has never been better, the leadership has never been better……the country has never been worse, the families have never been so broken, the economy is in the dumps…Let’s fix this. We are needed in the living rooms of America to turn the tide, one living room, one family, one negative thought, one bad financial decision, one broken relationship, one person with questions about their faith at a time. I am pumped up.

    Our culture will lead the way to reverse the current and make a difference across the world.


  15. seltrib says:

    Great description of how we should be living, in the trenches serving God. BBNQ

  16. Kirk, this is a creed to live by. I will print it off and read it every day. I am convinced that God will use the Band of Brothers in powerful ways in the future to reverse the tide and to preserve Freedom for the next generation

  17. Cassie says:

    I remember the day in Key West,Fl. When the Band of Brothers came to be. Sitting with the Spiewaks,Radosas and Morgans it felt sacred and exciting to create this team and culture that is so well describe in the creed. Thinking of all the leaders that are rising to the call for their families,teams and country is the same feeling as that day in Key West.that this is SO right. Thank you to the leaders who are willing to fight.love you all!

  18. Kirk Birtles says:


  19. Jasen Nail says:

    Love this creed and being a part of the Band of Brothers. Like Terri Brady said with all the numbers and statistics she shared from stage a few weeks ago- to be a part of the Team we are truely blessed and are “one in a million”. I feel very honored to be a leader of the Band of Brothers and working directly with Kirk and Cassie. They have been such a blessing in our Lives and are some of our Best Friends. BBNQ Mavericks!!!!
    -Jenny Nail

    • Paul Brown says:

      Jasen and Jenny along with Kirk and Cassie have been one of the greatest blessings in my wife Holly and my life! Thank you for being such great and courageous leaders.

    • jeff peterson says:

      Jason, I am in this untill my last breath. This creed is who we are. I am proud to be a part of this wieh you and thanks for spending time in Muncie with us. Band of brothers (Mavericks) lead the way!!!! Jeff peterson

  20. Kirk Birtles says:

    Its an honor to be in this fight with all of you amazing Band of Brothers!!! I already see the difference through implementing the Creed. It was so great to see so many of you in Grand Rapids for the seminar: showing up early, suited up, sitting in the front, volunteering, cheering your heads off, and being just the best all around team in the world!!!! We will out work, out listen, out promote, out focus, out read, out listen, out dream, out drive, out serve, out game-plan, out PowerPlayer, and out last every other team on the planet!!!! We will lock arms all the way to becoming the taproot and 1 million people!!!! Band of Brothers lead the way…

    • jason d wilson says:

      Thanks for setting the bar KB & being the best servant leader on the planet!!! We are just getting started. We have a goup of people who are all in and swimming in the same direction. A current is sure to follow. Everyone jump in…. the watter is warm.

  21. Paul S. Wilson says:

    IMy wife and I are blessed to have the honor of sitting in team meetings and working with a great group of people like “Band of Brothers”. Thanks Kirk and Cassie for believing in Carolyn and Me and not giving up on us Your type encouragement is what the world needs more of. THANKS.

  22. Paul Brown says:

    I love this! Kirk – you and Cassie and the words written here sum up what the Team and more specifically what the Band of Brothers is all about.

    I love the thought of the winning expectation! We were made to win! Show up and work hard….I love the thoughts here Kirk.

    Thank you so much! God bless!

    • Andrew Rockwell says:

      Paul, you are a true example of winning through hard work. Your leadership skills are growing fast along with your results. Keep up the good work!

  23. Kirk, it was great getting to share a few minutes with you and Cassie yesterday! Plus the lemonade was good! Not that this will shock you, but Jasen and Jenny had the daunting task of following a great success talk from Chuck Cullen last night, and they OWNED Lansing! The crowd didn’t even know what Jasen had gone through yesterday until after they knew how sold he is on what he does. It was a truly electrifying experience, and I am proud to say I was there. Plus, the trip home was a huge breakthrough for me, with Jasen’s help… Proving that sometimes the right questions are all you need!

  24. Andrew Rockwell says:

    I absolutely love the idea of focusing on the culture. It is so important, yet so easily overlooked. I know that when a TEAM like this focuses on something, they get it and I know that a fast, winning culture is an amazing thing to have. I am so totally on board.
    Thanks for your leadership!

  25. jeff peterson says:

    I am so proud and honored to be a part of something so life changing. I love this creed and what it stands for and resolve to eat, breath, and sleep the creed. I want others to see and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that to be a Band of brothers is totally awesome. I am super fired up about the changes made. Things are EXPLODING!!! Thanks for all you do to take time to come to Muncie. It is awesome to get to spend time with you and Cassie. A thanks to Chad Reno for showing me this and to Gabe and Sarah Marsh for never giving up and always being there for me. I am proud of all the team in Muncie. FIRED UP FIRED UP FIRED UP!!!!!!!! jeff peterson

  26. Kirk Birtles says:

    Band of Brothers… this is my favorite time of year! The nights are getting cooler, the summer sun is still warm, and PowerPlayers are starting to break everywhere! Its just the beginning my friends. Stay engaged with your dream, your team, and the next level of PowerPlayer. Run your guts out to qualify for any promotion you have a chance at. Don’t hold anything back, one day at a time, the Band of Brothers will be the best because of your efforts!!!! Go PowerPlayer!!!

  27. Kim Decker says:

    I printed this off and read it all the time but a daily reminder WHO I WANT TO BE. Thank you to Cassie and you as we all LOVE you. BAND OF BROTHERS LEAD THE WAY.

  28. Kirk Birtles says:

    Band of Brothers…. I am off to spend the afternoon with some of the greatest people on the planet! Any chance I get to have some time with Orrin Woodward or Bill Lewis, I will do whatever it takes to take advantage of it to the fullest. I would fly around the world backwards, just to get 15 minutes with Orrin Woodward. Im thinking about changing the creed to ‘I will qualify for every promotion with my leaders or die on the battlefield in defiance of surrender!’ 16 PowerPlayers for our division of the Band of Brothers on the way to PPTG!!!! Who’s next?!?!!?!?!!?

  29. Kirk Birtles says:

    Leadership is not required when things are easy! Leaders step up when things get tough!! I’m so excited to watch the next generation of leaders step up to the plate on the Band of Brothers!!! Band of Brothers lead the way…. Who’s next?

  30. Joe Schoonvedl says:

    To be the man (or woman) you want to be. Not what others want you to be. Be true to yourself and others. This is what Kirk has lived. I will be that person too.

  31. Claire McGraw says:

    I come back to this often to re-read it and to send it.to.all the other B.O.B!! I am so very blessed to be on not just part of LIFE but proudly a part of the B.O.B!! Outstanding leaders like yourself and Cassie are just one part of all the incredible people on the greatest TEAM there is! BBNQ! Thank you for what you do!!

  32. Dean Johnson says:

    Band of Brothers: You should be proud of your brother Jasen who came to do his first open in Akron, Oh. He was so fired up and excited it was unbelievable!!!!!! Hope to see him back soon!!!! Great job Jasen and keep up the cause!!! On to a Million!!!!! Kirk and Cassie: Jasen was a blessing to our lives too!!!! Thank you and God Bless!!!! Dean Johnson/Rock of Kazien

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