I am writing this article about a good friend and mentor of mine, Orrin Woodward.  Orrin Woodward is the founder of LIFE and Team, and is quickly becoming one of the most influential leaders in North America.  The reason I am writing this is because I believe to do anything great and worthwhile in life, you can’t do it by yourself.  You need to have some honorable friends along the way to be your ‘wingmen’,  have your back, and stand in the gap with you irregardless of the consequences.  One of Orrin Woodward’s greatest strengths and endearing qualities is his ability to build and maintain what Stephen M.R. Covey calls, ‘Speed of Trust’.  I have seen Orrin in the greatest of times, in the lowest of times, and in the toughest of times display uncompromising character, even when it totally went against his self-interest and the outlook was bleak at best.  He has earned the trust of tens of thousands and counting, including myself, and deserves to have more people courageously stand tall next to him and fight the good fight for honor, truth, and the future of our families.  There is a lot of gossip flying around concerning what and who Orrin Woodward actually is: a Man, Myth, or Legend?  This article is just a quick snapshot of this leaders perspective of who and what Orrin Woodward is, and why he does what he does in the face of continual adversity!

Lets start with Legend.  In my eyes, to be considered a Legend, you either have to be dead or retired.  I know many of  Orrin’s critics and competitors wish that he was dead or retired, but if you know or follow Orrin Woodward, you know that he is clearly just getting started!  His concern is not his reputation or status as a would be legend.  Orrin’s concerns deal with things that are much more important and eternal.  He knows that what counts at the end of the day, is the content of his character and what he did to get better and further his God-given purpose. Last year, Orrin gave a now famous talk called ‘Not on our watch’ that personifies his passion and purpose to not let America, and western civilization fall without a fight!  Orrin, truly wants his life story to count, to matter, and to make a difference, and just to clarify, his story in not even close to being finished!

How about myth?  Myth is defined at http://www.answers.com as, ‘a popular belief or story that has become associated with a person, institution, or occurrence.  A fiction or half-truth, especially one that forms part of an ideology.’  There are many myths out there spinning fiction and half-truths about Orrin Woodward.  The question you always have to ask yourself when someone is droning on about another person in a poor light, ‘What is their motive?  Why in the world would someone put so much time and energy into de-edifying, and tearing down another human being?  Taking precious time and energy away from their family and their purpose to criticize, condemn and complain about another person’?  The answer can only be one or more of the following reasons: They are being paid to do so, they don’t like  the idea of someone fighting to make a difference in the world when they personally are not, Orrin has a better idea and they know it, they quit Orrin at some point along the way and therefore must make sure that other people believe that Orrin and everything he does is what Aesop calls  ‘sour grapes’, criticizing Orrin furthers their own agenda, or they have a deep and vested interest in keeping the world just like it is!  Just remember, when you hear something or read something negative, the smart person with common sense always checks the source, and the motive, because more than likely,  it’s just a ‘myth’ with an agenda!

The last and most obvious choice to those who know him, is that Orrin Woodward is a man, but not just any man!  He is a man of character, purpose, conviction, wisdom, tenacity, perspective, love, vision, and a drive to follow God’s will and make a difference.  Orrin would be the first to admit that he is not perfect, and never will be.  But most of all, he knows that if he falls he will have the courage to get back up, if he fails, he is called to learn from it and try again, if he gets hit, he will continue to move forward stronger than the step before.  He is a man, not just a male!  Orrin is not a professional athlete, a movie star, or super hero…he is better!  Orrin is just more willing to take shot after shot, blow after blow, and keep moving forward than anyone else I know on the planet.  He’s not all talk….talks cheap!  He walks the walk, leading people to the truth, paying it forward, giving to the hurting, getting better and doing more on a daily basis, and raising up a whole army of leaders to fight valiantly for truth, family, and freedom!!!  He is a man’s man, and he is the real deal!  As a testament to the kind of man Orrin Woodward is, here is a list of some of his private, public and leadership achievements.

Private Achievements

* A fine-tuned sense of purpose, character, attitude, and honor evidenced in his new book Resolved: 13 Resolutions for life, and his life that bares so much fruit!

* Marriage – Married for 20 years, happily for 15 years to the always wonderful Laurie Woodward.  A great accomplishment in of itself considering their marriage did not start out very well at all, and was quickly headed for pain and divorce. Through courage, the right information and the grace of God, they have made their ‘black and white’ marriage into a marriage full of ‘bright and vivid color’ that is a great example for all to follow and model!

*Father – Father of four wonderful teenage children.  What is so neat about the Woodward kids, and a testament to Orrin and Laurie as parents, is that each one of them are warm, considerate, down to earth, and respectful teenagers, but at the same time, unique, creative, and their own amazing person.

*Giving –  Orrin is not just an excellent example of  how to manage your finances, he is also one of the biggest givers I have ever met.  Orrin would never tell you this, but having a front row seat on this journey for many years, I have seen Orrin give away so much to so many,  you wouldn’t believe it: building churches, supporting pastors, supporting missionaries, and giving to the suffering of the world through dozens of worthwhile charities.  He has and will continue to pour his heart, soul and fortune into serving and helping his fellow-man.  Orrin has given away more than most people make in several lifetimes.  A great example of his giving heart is the pact that he and Chris Brady made to give away every dime of the proceeds from their best-selling book, Launching a Leadership Revolution.  Come on, who does that?   Give away all the profits from their best-selling book?  I will tell you who, real men of character like Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady!

Public Achievements – Orrin Woodward has many public achievements, here are just a few:

* Short career as an Engineer – Manufacturing systems degree from Kettering University, 4 U.S. patents in production, national bench-marking award for technical competitive bench-marking, and one of the youngest senior engineers in General Motor’s history, all before the age of 25.

* Author – has written numerous books, including the National Best seller, Launching a Leadership Revolution, Resolved: 13 Resolutions for lifea new book coming out soon called 1913, and many others!

Leadership Achievements – Orrin Woodward arguably has more ‘front-line’ leadership experience than anyone else in the world over the last 20 years.  Orrin has literally read thousands of books on leadership and success, has listened to 10s of thousands of personal development audios, has ten thousand hours of speaking experience on leadership to crowds of 10 – 30,000 people, and thousands of hours of mentoring experience.  Orrin Woodward does not lead from some ‘Ivory leadership tower’, he leads from the front, meeting people right where they are at with all their limiting beliefs, blind spots, rough edges and problems.

Leadership expert – Orrin has been in the Top 25 leadership experts for the last three years running, the top 10 for the last two years.  He is the only leadership expert in the world to mentor someone else into the top 25.  He writes and runs several highly popular leadership blogs that have been recognized as ‘all top leadership’ blog selections, and HRs top 100 blogs for management and leadership.  Orrin is also one of the top 100 authors to follow on Twitter.

* Leadership awards – He won a prestigious award from the IAB, Independent Association of Business, for his 2011 leadership content.  Orrin did not even know he was up for the award from this 1 million + member organization, but beat out every leader in the world including John Maxwell (author of 25+ best sellers, #1 leadership guru), Jim Collins (Author of Good to great, Built to last, etc…), Jack Canfield (Author of  Chicken soup for the soul series), Jack Welch (former CEO of General Electric, best-selling author), Anthony Robbins (100 million dollar leadership guru), etc…

* Founder of LIFE and TEAM.  LIFE – a leadership information company with world-class, inexpensive materials and opportunities.  Team – the worlds leading experts on building and teaching how to build compensated communities.

To Orrin Woodward, we who have decided to stand in the gap with you, honor you, and salute you!   For those of you who have resolved to change the world by first changing yourself, I hope you have enjoyed this article and trust that you will continue to fight the good fight!   Please leave a comment if Orrin Woodward has impacted your life directly or indirectly!   God bless, kb

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  1. Great article, Kirk! It’s an honor to be associated with such great leaders of LIFE. Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady are truly changing the definition of “lead from the front”

  2. GREAT ARTICLE ON AN EVEN GREATER MAN!!! As you stated very well, Orrin will tell you that he’s just a man. But that man founded a group of driven individuals that have proven to many of us that it is okay to dream again. It is okay to want something better for ourselves, and those around us. And contrary to most “leaders”, for as long as I’ve known Orrin, he has dared each and every one of us to catch up to him, and even pass him! Where does this happen?! And moreso, he gives us the tools to do it! Thank you, Kirk!!!

  3. Jim Croyle says:

    Kirk, once again, thanks for your continued leadership and counsel. I’ve only been involved with Team/Life for just over a year and even if I had never made a penny, the changes Michele and I have realized were worth the cost. By applying the principles gleaned from the material offered, I have become a better parent; A better husband and because I learned some truth about, I have eliminated enough debt to bring my wonderful wife home from the workforce who has taken on the most important role in today’s society, raising and teaching our children what it will take to be a success in whatever field they choose. People can say what they will. The changes are evident to everyone around me. Lifelong friends are asking how I am doing it and I am proud to tell them. For the 1st time in my adult life I am writing my own future; a future with a true purpose big enough to help shape the future for my children’s children. Although I have only spent little time with the Woodward’s directly, I have spent more than enough to know that they care for others in ways that were foreign and alien to me. Fortunately, Michele and I have locked arms with some amazing people, Yourself and Cassie leading the charge to truly pay it forward and to make a difference where ever and whenever we can. Unless every one of the top 30 Leadership professionals in the world has it wrong, we fight the good fight not in hopes but with certainty that our involvement is worthwhile and necessary.
    God Bless!

  4. teamharvey says:

    Thank you Kirk for this article! it really puts it into perspective the heart and soul of the TEAM and LIFE leaders! Its refreshing to see people like Orrin Woodward in a day and age like today where real authentic leadership is a rare jewel in a mountain of rocks.


  5. Renee P says:

    I cannot think of much more to be said on such a man that Orrin is (and the family he has raised). I heard Orrin and Laurie at my very first seminar ever and knew that being involved with TEAM and LIFE was something worth my time, energy and investment. I have been able to strengthen so many areas of my life by being involved in this organization and know everyone would say the same. Thank you for this article on Orrin, a testimony of people with courage, character and integrity.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Renee… What a blessing Orrin and TEAM has been to so many who have the courage to go against the grain of society and believe in a better tomorrow! God bless, kb

  6. melvinia says:

    I will have to say that my one prayer was asking God to place me in place where I had great leaders to take me to my next level, and bring me up to their level and hold me accountable by understanding, listening and encouragment. I will say that those prayers have been answered. Each person I have come in contact with including Cassie and Kirk, Jason & Stephanie, Aaron and not to mention the books and cds I have been listening to, have been so encouraging. I have never been told I couldn’t or wasn’t ready, or my negative points were not brought out. Instead, I have been encouraged to bring out the best in me, and even those things that I have seen as negative are actually the things that are my strengths and how to make them work for my benefit. Thanks for being such great leaders. I will have to say, that no matter how down I get, you all never let me leave the same way I came it. As Jason Wilson always says “FIRED UP!!!”

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Melvina… ‘fired up’ is right! Were just getting rolling!! Thanks for resolving to get better and do more!!! kb

    • Jason D Wilson says:

      Awesome post Melvinia, you are on your way! You are going to touch and inspire so many people through your example as you continue to get better and do more!!!

      Fired up!!! BBNQ!!

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Melvina and Jason… you two, along with Stefanie, make a dynamic team! Your destined to do great things my friends!!! Momentum….there is nothing like it!!! kb

  7. Bernie says:

    I have talked with Orrin face-to-face a couple times, have read his blogs and have also listened to every Orrin and Laurie Woodward CD that has come out for the last 3 years. You come to know that he is a real servant leader. There’s a lot of things to respect about Orrin Woodward but the one thing I respect most about Orrin is that he has kept all his priorities in check in spite of all the success he has had: God, Family, Business. There’s a lot of “successful” actors, celebrities, and businessmen but a lot of them have sacrificed one or more of the 8f’s in the process or just plainly don’t have the fruit on the tree in all 8. Orrin does. I want my life to count for doing something great and I believe it’s Orrin’s vision that I can be a part of to do it. What could be more honorable than to want to save our declining nation from an absolute total collapse and actually have the guts to do something about it? We were made for times like these. Team VIP Phalanx

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Bernie… Great comment my friend! I have so much respect Team VIP and its leaders. We are just drafting great leaders like the Newtons, the Marks, the Lewises, the Bradys and the Woodwards!! Hang tough and keep fighting the good fight. Proud of you, kb

  8. james pyka says:

    Amazing post, one of the best I’ve read about our dear friend Orrin.

    Thanks for sharing and keep leading from the front

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      James… We are in this together! The more we can edify and shine light on the people, like Orrin, who are leading from the front, the more powerful our team gets!!! To 1 million and beyond! Thanks for the comment, kb

  9. Jason D Wilson says:

    Awesome post KB!! Hey Big O, I am glad to be able to call you friend!! I am still eating off of the fruit you shared on our ride from the airport. Thanks for being a great example. I had a blast in Port St. Lucy!! Can’t wait to do it again!!!

    Hang tough Orrin,


    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jason… with how much you are growing and leading from the front, it will be no time before you get more time with Orrin Woodward. Cant wait to someday see your name in the Top 25 leadership experts! Proud of you, kb

  10. mfcreno says:

    Such a Fantastic Man. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Orrin Woodward in person, and I can tell you as sure as I sit here at the computer, that man Cares and is real. He showed me so much in so little of time that we talked. So many people once reaching a status as high as Orrin’s would never take the time to talk to me, much less seem interested in what I had to say. He also never once talked about his own accomplishments, nor have I ever heard him say anything about himself on a cd. He always seems to be uplifting others, as a matter of fact he talked you up Kirk. Just through the information that he has shared via cd or book, I feel like a better man for hearing and reading his words. It’s like you said Kirk, their are many people out there that have an agenda. They want you to know that you better not follow that guy cause it didn’t work for me, and if it didn’t work for me I don’t want it to work for anybody else. They may even work for a competitor or whatever. I’ve been part of many companies and I would never say that any of them had my best interests in mind like Orrin Woodward, LIFE and Team. Thank you for sharing Kirk, I expect to see you PC soon

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Chad… I see you just about to break through that proverbial ‘success threshold’ with all of the CDs you listen to, books you read, events you attend, and plans you are starting to show!!! Looking forward to seeing on June 30th in Lansing!!! BBNQ, kb

  11. John J Torres says:

    Great post it has been a privlage to be apart of life and able to follow great men of honor like Orrin and yourself kirk what a blessing to be in the fight with the leaders of life.Thanks God bless. J.T

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      John… Your journey is just beginning. You have the seeds of greatness my friend, and they are being watered every single day!! Looking forward to seeing you at the GoGetter promo and soon after in PowerPlayer seating! Band of brothers lead the way…

  12. Kim Decker says:

    Kirk, Again how true you are…Orrin has helped me just ny the books and CD’s he has created for all of us whether we want to become leaders or just better ourselves and the generations to follow. i stand behind not just Orrin but the whole team/life as there is NOTHING better. Wake up WORLD and do smell the roses.. we are in trouble take a look around and to help the innocent little ones growing up now we have to start where it matters at the adult level. I love my team and THANK THE LORD DAILY FOR MY NEW AND TRUE FAMILY.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Kim… Your heart is overflowing with pride and appreciation! I am so proud of how much you have grown over the last 6 months. Keep it up girl, and you are going to make a big difference in the lives of many!! Looking forward to seeing you on June 30th at the GoGetter promotion! Band of brothers lead the way…

  13. Aaron Thomason says:

    The thing I love about Orrin is that he is not just smart BUT he works extremely hard in all areas of his life. Hard work has never killed anything or anyone but demons, critics, past mistakes. Orrin’s hard work has created a legacy that makes his past a small piece of his story. What will you work hard for?

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Aaron… Well said my friend! Working hard and growing in all areas are two things I think of when I think of you as well!! You’re going to the top and soon you will have a bigger stage to display your God-given talents and abilities!! Band of Brothers lead the way…

  14. Mark Rhine says:

    Kirk..thanks for the grate post. What a legacy! I have been learning and stretching with the MFC that Orrin, Chris and the policy counsel put together! ….I wonder what I will have accomplished in 20 years??

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Mark… thats a great question that so few people ask themselves! Vision is a prerequisite for success and you got it!! Cant wait to hang out with you on June 30th in Lansing! You can do it!! Band of Brothers lead the way…

      • Mark Rhine says:

        Kirk…Last night was grate watching Orrin from the front row! My take away was “practice so hard that the game is like a day off.” I couldn’t help but think of high school wrestling. The contestants work so hard out side of the ring. They often practice 2 times a day (before and after school) to be really good at it. Then they to step in the ring and prove how hard they practiced and how bad they want the win. It is really hard to go 6 minutes only inches off your back; only to loose in points. It is so much easier get the pin in the first minute! Lets not just suffer to be a good leader. Lets use our vision to be a grate leader!

  15. Great post Kirk! It continually amazes me at how involved Orrin is in making the lives of so many better. Many with his achievements and financial success would sit back and let others do the work, but not Orrin – he is out in front leading the charge! I’m proud and blessed to be associated with such a man of character.

  16. Krista Beach says:

    You can tell the quality of an organization, school, business, or team by it’s leadership. Orrin holds the bar high on himself and has taught many others to do the same. I thank Orrin for having the character and perseverance to pursue excellence, as it challenges those around him to strive for this too! I know that by following your & Cassie’s leadership, I am challenged to daily get better. Kirk, I appreciate your time writing this blog and edifying others…something our society has lost.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Krista… thanks so much for the kind words! I know you grew up in a house that exemplified excellence and a heart to make a difference with your dad being the Lt. Governor of Michigan. You and Rex are a total delight to have as friends and running mates! The team would not be the same with out you!!! Band of Brothers lead the way….

  17. leowines says:

    Back Back Back Back… Gone! Way to get out the big stick and go for the long ball KB! Great Post! Orrin is a man of tenacity and drive, hungry for personal growth and helping others win!! Thank you Orrin for carrying the torch and paying it forward, because of this I have been blessed with the awesome group of people known as the Band of Brothers!! Like minded individuals setting out to make a difference. Orrin I have always loved your exitement and the promise of a champion thats in you! And Thanks for bringing out that champion in my heart! Go Mavericks 1 more.. Life changed!

  18. Brian Steig says:


    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Brian… as Solomon said, ‘Iron sharpens iron….’. Orrin’s pursuit of excellence in all areas of his life just sharpens men like you and me. Thanks for the great comments and for leading from the front!!!! kb

  19. Bill Schulz says:

    Watching and following the example of true “men” like yourself and Orrin has certainly impacted my life and those I affect in my daily life. There is no telling how far those impacts will be felt, but it will certainly be numerous generations, led by men and fathers making a difference in the lives of others. Starting with themselves, their children, grandchildren, and those friends they become closest to. Thanks for being the example of one of the most godly men alive!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Bill… Great to hear from you! Ive seen you grow, and develop yourself through Team, Life and Steve Morgan into an amazing person and up and coming leader. Pour it on and the momentum will follow!!!

  20. Joe Schoonveld says:

    I know Orrin and I am Counting down the days until Orrin knows me and my family. I have listened to many cds of Orrins and read all his books. I would encourage everyone to listen and read his works. He alone had the courage to start this revolution. Since then he has me and soon to be millions of people following him. There is hope for us after all. Thank you for fighting for me and my family

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Joe… Give me 10 men, 10 stout hearted men, and I will show you 10,000 more! It started with the stout hearts of Orrin, Chris and a few others, but now it is turning into 10s of thousands including yourself!! Your destined for great things and to make a difference!!! kb

  21. Kirk, this is such a fantastic post and I already listed it on my top websites to promote to new people who are wanting to learn more about Orrin. You totally nailed it and to think that anyone would believe the drone’s comments is sad. Unfortunately there are a few cowards who make a living destroying Orrin’s name but what those cowards don’t know is that Orrin’s leadership army is much stronger than any amount of money those cowards will make in their pursuit. I am in the battle with you Kirk in protecting not only Orrin’s name but the new person who wants a chance at living a better LIFE – we will win the media war one website at a time! Thanks for leading the charge!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Kristen… Thank you for stepping up and taking a stand! Its an honor to be in the fight with people like Orrin and yourself. You take the west-side of the great lake and I will cover the east-side!! God bless, kb

  22. Orrin has made a tremendous impact on my life. By listening to his audios and reading his books it has stretched my limits of thinking and every time I re-listen and re-read his books I am amazed how much information I missed the first time. He is truly a great man and a great leader. Thanks for sharing this blog Kirk.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Nick… Its amazing what can happen to your mind, your ability to think, and your ability to communicate after you have read 5000 books!!! Orrin is a blessing for us all to learn from. Thanks so much for the comment!! Lead the charge in Wisconsin for the Band of Brothers!!! Band of brothers lead the way….

  23. Alex Obiden says:

    All I have to say to a critic is read 13 Resolutions for LIFE. If that book doesn’t stand for ideal morals and ethics, we so desperately need I’m society today, then hey, guess it’s not for you. Says in the Bible that in the end God will harden hearts. If you don’t mind my saying, there’s not a harder heat then one that one learn to help his/her self for others. Orrin’s heart is huge, and caring. Check the reflection before you judge to, each finger you point points 4 back at you.

  24. Maribel Damphousse says:

    What a great tribute to Orrin Woodward! Words are not enough to express the fullness of Orrin’s life. I quote from St. Irenaeus, “The glory of God is man fully alive”. Orrin’s life, through his leadership, his humility, his example, is a reflection of man living his life fully in order to give glory to God. Not only does he model it, he also teaches it those who hunger to live fully their lives as well, like you and Cassie and the other leaders following his footsteps. I am making my own baby steps, desiring to bring my own stone in building a better world by pursuing excellence in my life and living in God’s truth as Orrin exemplifies. I can honestly say that I have grown to be a much better person with a deeper perspective of my purpose, thanks to the different resources of learning, Orrin and the Policy Council have put in place such as the Mental Fitness Challenge Program, the system of reading books and listening to positive information CDs, the mentorship and the positive associations. I thank God for the gift of Orrin and his works that brings light and truth to a darkened and distracted world. The light of hope is bring! Thanks Kirk, for this post, thanks Orrin for your faithfulness!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Maribel… ‘The glory of God is man fully alive’….what a great quote and perspective! Who out there is ready to become fully alive fulfilling their God-given purpose!!! kb

  25. Mike Schaub says:

    Kirk, great post. Orrin is amazing. He is so good that sometimes its hard to beleive. Look at the facts. The man is truely great in that he leads by example in everything he does. I am glad that Cory and I are on the Team.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Mike… Your legacy is just starting to be written! You are a man of character who does what it takes for his wife and 5 (or is it 6?) kids. Im proud go have you and Cory on the Team and to call you friends. Band of brothers lead the way…

  26. Norbert Guzman says:

    Mr.Birtles,great post. Orrin is just an awesome man he has so much to teach us. Irma and I have become students of Orrin and Laruie so that we can also make a difference in our familyand others. So happy being on the Team. God Bless!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Norbert… You have such a great story! On the outside, everyone thought you were living the life and can’t understand why you would work and sacrifice with LIFE and Team, but yours is greater calling. I see and feel it working in you every time we talk. I am so very proud of you and blessed to be with you to make a difference for our kids and grandkids! Band of Brothers lead the way…

  27. Rob and Lois Eich says:

    What a superb article on all the great characteristics of Orrin Woodward. So well written! Being part of TEAM and LIFE and following the leadership of Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady has literally changed our lives. Orrin truly is a MAN of character and integrity, having the courage to move forward in spite of the difficulties involved. Kirk, we look forward to seeing and hearing you on July 14 in Grand Rapids, MI! You, too, are a man of character whose purpose in life is evident to all. Thanks for all you do for the TEAM.

  28. Chris Brady says:

    Well said! Thanks for a great post, Kirk!

  29. Kevin Kooger says:

    This is a great & truthful view of a great man who has already positively impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people, and like you stated he is just getting started. I know personally the course of my Life & my family’s lives are on a dramatically different course with dramatic improvements due to the courage & leadership of Orrin Woodward. We stand united for a worthy cause!!!!!

  30. Here here! Orrin was so fired up on “Not On Our Watch” that I thought the average guy needed to hear it but may wince on parts of it. Nevertheless, it is one of the main talks that I share (the cd) with ppl.


    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Charles… the amazing thing about that talk is that Orrin had speakers block up until 5 minutes before the talk and God gave him the words to say!!!! God is great! kb

  31. carla girard says:

    Kirk, well written article. You have done a great job edifying Orrin. Both he and you are men of character and well worth following!

  32. Randy Spence says:

    Orrin is the real deal! Thanks for sharing Kirk!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Randy… you have such a great story! We would love it if you would give a little bit of your testimony of how a successful airline pilot got involved with LIFE and leadership? kb

  33. dan white says:

    It is an honor to stand with you and others like you. Thanks for an amazing article bringing the truth to the light. The only way to stamp out the darkness is the light the world on fire! Let’s roll!

  34. Christine Dulong says:

    I am so grateful to have been introduced to both the Team and Life businesses and through them to Orrin. I am growing and changing every day and through Orrin’s example and that of the others in the business am striving to be a better person. Orrin is an awesome example and his stories and leadership instruction are a constant inspiration! Thank you Orrin for making me want to be a better me and to be a servant! Please keep doing what you’re doing!!!!!!

  35. Kirk: I agree 100%. Thanks for the post and getting the truth out there. I am proud to be associated with a group of individuals that have the courage to make a difference in people’s lives. Keep leading from the front!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Eric… it is an honor to have you read and comment on this blog. Thanks so much for being a leader worth following and that the Team can count on when the bullets start flying! kb

    • Andrew Rockwell says:

      Eric…likewise to you! You have an amazing testimony that shows your courage and leadership. Thanks for sharing your struggles, your story has made a difference in my life.

  36. Steve Brooks says:

    Wow! It is great to see everything laid out like this. Orrin has taught me so much and, I am so blessed to be in a group that teaches the truth.
    Thank you for being such a great man!

  37. Sarah Marsh says:

    It’s about time!!!! Thank you Kirk for writing such a eloquent, informative and accurate memoire on Orrin. I was getting chills reading it because although Orrin does not know me well he has impacted my life in ways that I will forever be grateful for. He has a true passion for helping people and he is fulfilling it. I also love that your encourage people to check the sources because as I have heard before “It only takes a mouth to have an opinion” but it would also be nice to see a name/ contact info for those critical opinions! Big thanks to Orrin and Laurie for truly being a example and starting the ripple effect to change society!

  38. Elaine Koleske says:

    Kirk, you are an amazing leader and I love reading your blog. Orrin Woodward is everything that you mention in your article. Thanks for sharing and speaking the truth. Orrin Woodward and the rest of our leaders have teachings that impact everyone. My marriage has been saved because of this organization. I am growing in many areas of LIFE. Thanks to everyone for applying the Slight Edge principle towards achieving their goals and dreams. What I can do is amazing. What a TEAM of people can do is truly EXCEPTIONAL!

  39. Laurie Tallio says:

    I loved this quote: “You need to have some honorable friends along the way to be your ‘wingmen’, have your back, and stand in the gap with you irregardless of the consequences”. It is because of ‘wingmen’ like you that Orrin has been able to rise into being one of the most influential leaders ever. Thank you for standing in the gap with Orrin so that we may all benefit from his teaching and leadership!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Laurie.. Right back at you! You have been an amazing wingwoman for a long time for great leaders on the front line like Steve Morgan!!! I am so proud of you for standing tall when it really matters. Band of Brothers lead the way…

  40. Jim Croyle says:

    “Competition leads to cooperation” said Orrin last night in Southfield, MI while delivering another phenomenal talk on leadership. It is so easy to forget that we all have the “scoreboard” in life. Orrin’s insightful delivery tells the story in such a way you can’t help but learn. He is so good; he doesn’t even have to tell you what you should take away from the content. It’s readily apparent to anyone that simply listens. Truly inspirational! I can’t wait to get the CD.

    Mark summed it up perfectly when he pointed out that of the top 30 leadership professionals in the world, Orrin is the only one that can identify his protégé by pointing at somebody else on the list; the number 11 spot, Chris Brady.

    To all the PC and RT, thanks! Thanks for paving the way to a better tomorrow for me, my family and countless others.

    God Bless!


  41. Bill Lewis says:

    Orrin’s impact on the lives of others is astounding. Anyone that can effect that many people in a positive way should be nothing but praised but as we all now the higher you climb the more people will take shots at you. Orrin thanks for being a man of character.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Bill… Well said. Just read a quote from General Mark Clark, Ike’s right-hand man in WWII, that said’ ‘the higher you get up the flagpole the more you’re butt is exposed for people to take shots.’

      • Andrew Rockwell says:

        It amazes me to think people can pass judgement on someone because of what some nameless, faceless, coward writes online. The thousands of people that praise Orrin certainly outweigh the small few that won’t even put their name on their words!

  42. Scott and Dana Preston says:

    Such an accurate description of a man who has blessed so many people with a wonderful opportunity, LIFE. Well put, Kirk!

    Dana Preston

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Dana… thanks so much. I know you and Scott are an awesome, hard working family oriented couple who see the value of LIFE information and courageous leaders like Orrin Woodward! Keep fighting the good fight!! kb

  43. SJ Barakony says:

    Hi there Mr. Kirk –

    Fantastic write up. I really like how you lined up all the salient points to tie back to Orrin’s remarkable book, ‘Resolved’, which has received praise from Oliver DeMille & Bob Burg, let alone many many others too numerous to name. I am continually amazed at how Orrin can put together such amazing talks with very few (visible, if even there!) notes, and all show such amazing breadth, depth, and width of knowledge in all 8 F’s & beyond. He is an exemplary gentleman & while I’ve only had the pleasure to shake his hand once, I look forward to being able to get to know him, as you have, as a close friend 🙂

    God Bless, ROK of Kaizen/ Claude’s & Terry’s tribe

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      SJ… Love to here from the leaders of Team Kaizen! I have so much respect and admiration for Terry and Claude! True leaders that lead from the front and always have the back of their brothers and sisters in arms!!

      • SJ Barakony says:

        Absolutely! Yes, sir, I am honoured and privileged to be associated with both Terry & Claude. I cannot even begin to tell you, Kirk, how much Terry has blessed my life in the past 2+ years. Even if I never were to make another dime in the LIFE business, what I’ve learned from Terry alone is worth its weight in gold. And, Claude is an amazing servant leader. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog, and it is a pleasure to hear back — your CDs are golden! You/Cassie & Terry/Ann will both be on the PC soon 😉

  44. Kevin and BreAnne Hafner says:

    Great Post Kirk, Clearly “those” who THINK they know, have no clue…….and well said about why are these people taking time away from their family and friends to talk about someone else? Glad we all have a vision, that binded together will not be broken. As you quoted last night, “Never under estimate the power of a small group of people with the same vision” – Kevin and BreAnne Hafner

  45. Kirk, I couldn’t agree more. Orrin Woodward is a man of character and influence. He is a leader worth listening to and following. Being a pastor for 37 years and studying leadership for nearly as many years I never read or studied anyone who is quite like Orrin. I intend to continue studying and following him as long as I am privileged to share life on this planet with him.

    I must also add that you are much like Orrin. You are a man character and influence. you are a leader worth listening to and following. I count it a privilege to count you as a dear friend and a man I seek to imitate.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Len… You being a pastor who helps fix broken and hurting churches for 37 years should know a leader when he sees one! Thanks so much for adding value and credibility to this chat-room and to the TEAM. God bless, kb

  46. Sheri Lucas says:

    Kirk…I am just beginning my journey through LIFE and will follow Orrin and the PC through it all. The CD’s have changed my life so much I cannot begin to say. The books are wonderful and I have learned the TV is useless! The country needs changing and, if not us, then who? Who else was willing to step up and move forward with a community to change the country? I am so grateful that I was asked to be a part of this wonderful organization. Thanks to Orrin and Laurie for such great leadership! Sheri Lucas

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Sheri… what an amazing and simple game-plan to change someones life, turn off the TV and start reading the right books! If everyone would just do that, we would be on the right road!! kb

  47. andrewmey says:

    Wow! What a fantastic article. If someone wants to learn about edification they should read this post. Everyday I am thankful to be with such an amazing organization.

  48. John Mossner says:

    Great summary of a great man by a great man. Many people in the world are doing nothing to contribute in any significant way, and people who are doing something of significance make them look bad. They should use it as inspiration. If they could tear them down, however, then they could feel better about themselves. That’s easier. All the while the people of significance continue to impact the world in a positive way. The sad part is some people will actually listen to the non-contributors. We chose to be inspired and joined a group striving for significance – TEAM.

    Thanks for all you do. Team Momentum appreciates you and the Band of Brothers!

  49. […] to succeed but to do it the right way, based on principles.  If it is not based on principles then Orrin will not be able to function in that environment.  He is more driven to improve himself because he […]

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Bill… Thanks so much for being an amazing leader and at the same time an amazing, humble follower! Your loyalty, and admiration of Orrin Woodward is a great example to follow! Thanks for always leading from the front….

  50. Brandie Schenkel says:

    Since the first day someone had the courage to contact me about this opportunity, My life has been changed, it is now my responsibility to offer it to others. Thank you to Orrin and all the other leaders paving the way! What amazing examples to follow!

  51. Ashley Plowman says:

    Great post Kirk! A true depiction of who Orrin Woodward really is- an amazing leader, servant, and man of character. With the number of lives that he has changed and continues to change it is no wonder he is number one at building communities. I will stand in the gap and fight the good fight among so many men and women of character.

  52. Wow Kirk…we feel like we have just heard one of the PCS talk at a major! That was amazing….and Orrin truly deserves every word you spoke of him. Having spent time with him in April on their property in Florida….we are even more convinced that together we really will make a change in this world! As I said before….one family at a time! Thank God for choosing our family to participate in this fight! and Praise God for blessing Orrin and his family with the courage to move forward despite all the setbacks that could have caused them to quit! Thanks again Orrin and Laurie and family! Roy and Brenda Hatcher

  53. Jennica Hoyt says:

    What a great article! You did an amazing job summing up a man that is just beinning to impact my life in ways that I’ve never know needed to be improved upon. Keep up the good work!

  54. Pete & Chantal Sladic says:

    Great article Kirk. True leadership is having a following, I am proud to be in the trenches with you and all the servant leaders Orrin has surrounded himself with. Keep leading the charge.

    God Bless

  55. Rob Noel says:

    Every time I listen and re-listen to Orrin’s CD’s I feel improved. Probably because TRUTH is sweet to the ears! Thanks for giving your perspective Kirk it does sound sweet. God Bless us all with perserverance.

  56. Zach Canniff says:

    Awesome job Kirk! Orin is the leader of leaders, if there is anyone in the world worth following it is Orin. He is a man of integrity, a man of character, a man that will be remembered in time. I’m so thankful of the things that Orin has taught me through his leadership. He has made me want to follow his example to go out and change the world, one person at a time. It all started at home and in my heart, now I can’t keep it to myself. You have also been teaching me a lot of things and are becoming a great leader yourself. You have helped me to get motivated to get my life on track through taking action, you are a man of action just like Orin.Thanks Kirk for helping me to be a better leader in my life through your teachings! Look forward to hearing more from you!

  57. CaptainT says:

    Orrin has been a blessing to me and my family through the LIFE materials! We are fixing our finances and are living our life around the concept of resolutions. I have never met a more driven, committed, humble, smart person like this gentleman. He has a vision that is so great that to an outsider it sounds like a pipe dream. I believe we are in the company of a man that will go down in history as a great innovator, a thinker and a great American…someday the name Orrin Woodward will be mentioned right along other American greats like Ben Franklin, Benjamin Rush, Franklin etc! Thanks for sharing Mr. Birtles!

  58. Mike & Sheryl Bierling says:

    Thanks Kirk for an incredible post. Everything rises and falls on the Leadership, we are so proud of being part of Team and Life, proud of standing up for what is right no matter what others think we should do. Thank you for also setting a great example for us to follow. God bless!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Mike & Sheryl… you are so right, everything does rise and fall on leadership! We are blessed to have a world-class group of leaders leading the charge and we will work diligently to fill in the gap behind them!! Band of Brothers lead the way…

  59. Rick & Bonnie Farrand says:

    Perfect description! It would be hard to explain Orrin Woodward and the legacy he is creating any better than you did, Kirk! Thank you. We are honored to be affiliated with Orrin as well as the entire policy council! Orrin has character, attitude, and honor, with his purpose shining through – which is to help others to live a life of excellence! Making a Difference in others lives and LEADING the world in a POSITIVE direction.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Rick & Bonnie… Truth is sweet to the ears! You know when you hear it and you know when you see it. Orrin is not perfect, but he is always striving after truth, and God willing he will continue all of his days! kb

  60. Rick & Bonnie Farrand says:

    It has been awesome to see the lives of people we know walk free because of the LIFE organization and the policy council. Because of their Purpose, and living a life of excellence themselves, they have been able to lead people to their own dream and purpose. Thank you!

  61. Jeff Young says:

    We have been associated with Team for several years now and everything that Orrin has done and every aspect of his life reflects his integrity and character. You know where his belief is and where his support is. It amazes me that his family and his business are so full of love. My husband and I work hard on ourselves and with our kids because of this organization and because of what Orrin stands for. We look forward to many more lives changed with this amazing system. God Bless, Bethanie

  62. Daniel Pinkelman says:

    This blog sums up the total account of why I plug into the LIFE and Team material daily. I would have to say that One of the favorite things I benefit from in this information is the ability to challenge why I believe what I believe. My new favorite pack from the LIFE material is the Life of Christ, I must admit it was hard to take the pauses in between the CD’s! Thanks for all the sacrifices that you and the other leaders in this journey make. My life is richer because of it.
    Dan Pinkelman

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Dan… You are called for great things my man!!! I totally see God working in your life and making you and Kendra shine bright! We just need to get you a bigger stage!! Congratulations on the promotion and raise at GM! I know that there are not to many of those flying around!!! A great testament to TEAM/LIFE, your hunger, and God’s faithfulness!!! Band of Brothers lead the way….

    • Andrew Rockwell says:

      I agree Dan, my life is much richer from these products too! And they keep getting better and better!

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Andy… if someone has the courage to face the brutal reality of their life, the truth found in our materials can take a ‘black and white’ life and make it glow in ‘vivid color’. kb

        • Andrew Rockwell says:

          That’s a great analogy! The key is having courage to change. It seems the more people are willing to change, the more vibrant the life!

          • Kirk Birtles says:

            Andy… speaking of which, Ive seen you change tremendously in the last 10 months! What was the biggest factor that convicted you to face the task of change? kb

    • Dan, I couldn’t agree more. The Life of Christ pack is very well done and powerful!

  63. Phil Bontrager says:

    Hey Kirk great article! Thanks for taking the time to put all that information together in a way that helps us understand who Orrin Woodward is and what he stands for! I love the way you backed everything you wrote about with facts from very credible sources. God bless, Phil and Shannon Bontrager

  64. Eben Smith says:

    Truly amazing individual. I am proud to be assoicate a group of Leaders like you guys.

  65. Israel Demeulenaere says:

    Great profile of the thomas jefferson, ben franklin and george washington of our time, orrin woodward. Orrin’s success is being spoken loud and clear by his friends, business partners and admirers that he doesn’t have to say a word.

  66. Kevin Dunn says:


    I wanted to say thank you for the great Leadership talk you gave in Marshall last night. You are a learning growing leader and I can see you will make the top 30 leadership Guru list. The mentoring from Orrin you receive, shines through all the darkness out there and you are growing into a blazing beacon of hope for all who are proud to be Lifers. We in Marshall Love when you come to town. Fight the Good fight Brother. You and Cassie will be PC soon.

  67. Pamela Gilbert says:

    Great article, Orrin & Laurie are great leaders, The LIFE business has made such positive changes in our lives I can not imagine not being part of LIFE.

  68. seltrib says:

    Great snap shot of a great man. In today’s world where the majority of the men who call themselves leaders speak in half truths and are not trusted, I feel very fortunate to know Orrin Woodward, a man who speaks the truth and can be trusted. Many times Orrin’s words have humbled me and they have exposed me as a man not living up to his potential. Thanks Orrin for all the great wisdom, for being such a superb example of what a leader should be and for making the information available to everyone so that we can follow in the path of leadership. May we all find the courage to take action and begin leading. For God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mine. 2 Timothy 1:7.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Preach it Pops! Proud of you. I see God working more and more in your life all the time. Love ya, kb

      • seltrib says:

        It makes staying on the right track much easier when we have great leaders like Orrin and you to follow. As a child, everyone must have started out under the good directions of their Mother. I remember Mother’s rules well, Don’t Lie, Don’t Cheat, Don’t Steal and Eat Your Green Beans. It seems that once we leave our Mother’s care we sometimes forget her good teaching and tend to easily get off track. Wouldn’t it be great if upon leaving home everyone could find a life coach to show them the way? Maybe, that is our calling, to introduce the world to LIFE. Oh, I did find the Book where Mother got her rules from, or at least three of them, I’m still looking for the source of the green bean rule. BBNQ

        • Kirk Birtles says:

          Pat… what a great tribute to all the good Moms out there. It is so easy to get off track when we don’t get regular doses of the truth! Unfortunately, we are born fallen, and have a built in virus in our moral GPS. Thanks to you and mom for being great moral, parents and grandparents!! kb

  69. jason d wilson says:

    KB, Orrin gave another legendary talk last night in Southfield MI! There were so many points made on how to lead & win in life even if your the under-dog or have taken a gut shot in life. He used a culmination of E Myth, Made In America, 13 Resolutions just to name a few references & wrapped it around a life changing story of Sam Walton. Any way you can pull some strings & get me a few copies now?????

  70. rastump6 says:

    Thank you Kirk for sharing your post! Great job! I so love to read about our Team/Life leaders and all the great things they are doing in our lives, for our community and for the world!

  71. Jeff H. says:

    Kirk, I truly appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on Orrin Woodward. He has touched so many people in so many ways. I know that my family truly has been changed because of Orrin and the rest of the founders of LIFE. The more that I have been privileged to spend time with Orrin the more that I truly appreciate his genuineness. He exemplifies what it is to have a healthy TEAM PRIDE vs an unhealthy personal PRIDE. Which is a trait that is hard to find in our culture today. Thanks for sharing and thank you for helping lead the charge!

    Jeff Helm

  72. James Helm says:

    Kirk great blog post! The more I read the more I realize how much is applied in everything Orrin Woodward does not only in his life but in the LIFE business. Its amazing how he continually underpromises and over delivers just as Jim Collins spoke about in Good to Great. Thanks for the post!!

  73. Kirk:

    I just read Bill’s blog post on Orrin and it was absolutely great. Now, after reading yours, I don’t know which one is better!! Of course, there is no competition, you both have been phenomenal students of the system that Orrin has masterminded. Both of your lives are products of the application of principles that are available to anyone through the LIFE business. To see your entire journey in this concept has been a true blessing and honor. Lindsey and I are proud to be in the battle with you & Cassie!!

    Today’s The Day!!!

    Holger 🙂

  74. Kerri says:

    I have been blessed by Orrin for the stand he has taken and who he has influenced to do the same. Thanks for being one of them!

  75. Randy Lillmars says:

    Awesome post Kirk! Between what you had to say and what I just read on Mr. Bill Lewis’ blog, the only thing left to say is AMEN! Time, repeated scrutiny and relentless attempts to berate have not served to dampen Orrin’s resolve. A true testament to where he is going and the LIFE service he has committed himself to. Thanks again to all of the leaders setting a path for the rest of us.

  76. […] example.  Here are 2 phenomenal articles about Orrin, 1) from my friend and business partner, Kirk Birtles, and, 2) from my friend and mentor, Bill Lewis, that really explain well what Orrin has done, will […]

  77. Elizabeth Bondie says:


    “Rising tides raise all ships!” The tide is rising in this country and the TEAM/LIFE ship is on the water and I am SO proud to be on this ship with leaders like you – with Orrin Woodward as our Captain!

    I agree that there are many people out there who like the world just they way it is and have dishonorable motives for keeping it that way. They criticize because they are intimidated by our convictions to change the world and are ashamed that they, themselves, do not have the character, integrity, ambition and honor necessary to join us in the fight.

    But we are Rascals. And Rascals don’t care what the critics say. “Like spit-balls off a battle-ship,” Rascals turn their rejection into energy!

    “Good sailors aren’t made on smooth water.” Glad to be in the fight with you & Cassie, Orrin & Laurie, and the multitude of leaders in this team who lead from the front, and lead by example!

  78. Paul Brown says:

    Awesome post, Kirk! I’ve been listening to “Not On Our Watch” by Orrin and Laurie Woodward. You can’t give a talk like that and have an complete, passionate and undying commitment to something. Orrin’s the real deal.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Paul… especially when that CD was almost totally off the cuff. He had no idea of what he was going to talk about 5 minutes before he went on stage. I guess that is what happens when you are truly ‘Living on Purpose’. kb

  79. Clint Fix says:

    I’ve been around the TEAM for quite a while now and don’t regret one bit of it. The biggest change that came through being associated with this awesome community of people was coming to faith in Christ. No one cajoled or prodded me into believing. What created the change in me was seeing a bunch of people walking their talk; living a Christian life to their best ability. It was extremely refreshing. The fruit in their relationships and lives in general was/is very evident.

  80. Right on Kirk!! Those of us that have been learning from Orrin for over ten years have always seen a man of character and integrity. That is a big deal when You and I have been there when people were trying to drag him down and put him out of business. The funny thing is that untruths will never trump the truth and Orrin is alive and well. He has an army of leaders that believe in others and want to restore the 8 F’s into America. His agenda is only to help people and restore Hope into people who think they have no hope.

    Others agendas are only selfish ones and will never be raised up for anything positive in the world. Thanks for the post Kirk.

    God Bless,
    Jim Martin

  81. Leslie Lewis-Wilson says:

    Awsome article. Orrin Woodward is a man worth emulating. As a society we should turn of the TV and turn on an Orrin Woodward (or LIFE) CD.

  82. I have been associated with Orrin and Team for the past 10 years. My wife and I have been blessed by many of the things he has taught us. LIFE is great!

  83. dennisfisher says:

    Kirk thanks for the awesome post. I enjoy reading your stuff. I appreciate all you do for the team. Keep charging brotha!
    Dennis Fisher. dennis.fisher@wordpress.com

  84. Marc Schmucker says:

    Awesome job describing how great the leaders are that we are following.

  85. Mary Anne Markel says:

    I have been greatly blessed to learn from Orrin Woodward, Team and LIFE. I have found freedoms in areas of my life that I never thought possible. I have shared many of the principles I have learned here, as well as books and audios with friends and co- workers. There is a continual hunger in me and them for more truth. I am thankful I can trust Orrin to provide or always point to the truth.

  86. Owen Derry says:

    Kirk: Great blog article. Facts and facts and facts and truth and truth and truth…way to much for the drones to handle!

  87. Ray Miller says:

    Wow that’s awesome Kirk!!! We definitely need Leaders to step up in this critical time. God has a plan I’m proud to be associated with each and every leader making a difference in this country.Praise God for raising up some REAL MEN!!!!!

  88. Gregory Wright says:

    Awesome article Kirk,
    We are all blessed to be learning under Orrin’s teaching and his grace! He has continuously been a man of true Character and Integrity. Which he has opened his mind, heart, and life, to ten of thousands of families, willing to impart the knowledge that he has learned to help us all become Men and Women! So we can in turn do the exact same thing. Thank you PC and Round table members for leading the way to a Million people!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Greg… Thanks so much for the comment! Im sure you’ve got a pretty amazing story yourself! We would love to hear a little more about you and how LIFE etc.. has made a difference with you and your family? I million and beyond…

  89. Abbey Dyke says:

    Kirk, Orrin Woodward changed my life forever. I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful community. Every time I hear a cd or see him speak, I get chills and feelings of running till you can’t run anymore. I feel like he has helped us all in so many ways, that we need to pay it forward to him. When is voice is displayed on a cd, I can’t help but make calls to people that I want to tell about this or just do the right things in life. I struggle sometimes with procrastination and some fear. It’s when I listen to a cd by Orrin, the fear and my feelings of procrastination subside. He is a natural healer and inspiration to all. He is very calming and soothing to people and he has an awesome heart. I met him once, and when I did it was the most amazing feeling ever. He smiled so genuinely and you could tell he was a good man. I can’t wait to continue the journey with all of you and continue to be inspired. I am blessed that Curtis is on board with me too, because together its made a huge difference in our lives. Together we can achieve more and live the life we have always wanted! Thanks Kirk for such a nice message. I love your blogs!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Abbey… Ive known you for a while, and it is clear to me that you are one of the most caring people I have ever met. Keep paying it forward with your sweet spirit!! God bless, kb

  90. Andrew Rockwell says:

    The speed of trust is so vital to having a growing, successful business. Being involved in the corporate world, I see many examples of situations that could have gone much better for both parties had they both trusted each other and ha the best interest of the whole business in mind. The LIFE business will exceed all others largely due to the integrity and character of it’s leaders!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Andy… ‘speed of trust’ does not come naturally, you have to be intentional about it to develop a good speed of trust. We’ve just got an awesome example in Orrin Woodward. kb

      • Dan Pinkelman says:

        Kirk & Andy,

        I am taking a risk here because there are several people from where I work starting to plug into the blogs, men of faith that are hungry for perspectives from men of character, but here it goes… Our plant decided to enroll the entire salary organization into a Speed of Trust course on sight for one day. The presenter was great and fully transparent so this isn’t about him. The material presented and the exercises performed to enforce it were great as well. The “how” this came about, and the results of how it came about are what is interesting. The plant took a poll last year to find out what was keeping it from being a work place of choice. Lack of trust was the overwhelming winner in the poll so the leadership then went to a group of the salaried work force to solve this. Rather than evaluate, or even attend, the course that was selected by them they sent another group of people to evaluate whether or not the course was good and what they thought the plant needed. Notice a trend here… the corporate leadership that was in the position to change the culture of it’s plant was as hands off as it could be. The course was great – there was discussion about it for a few days but it mostly consisted of statements like “nothing is going to change”, “there’s nothing I can do about it”, “I tried this stuff before and it is all the same crap”… Two weeks later Speed of Trust showed up in our LLR subscription and I was excited to take a copy to work and study it there. The first three people to see me read it said “You really buy into all that junk” to which I replied “head, heart, and soul”. I can’t say it enough that this “crap” and this group of people have changed my life. To build trust you have to have two willing parties and there are several people that God has blessed me with to prove that when the vision is His we are following and the information we are plugging into is solid we can pull through these trust issues and achieve something great. Jasen Nail is a man that displayed this and worked through the issues with me. In a selfish moment I “lost my helmet” on him and he shocked me right in the moment when he took it on the chin and never retorted but only listened. When I finally came around, thanks to Kirk’s help & a few Orrin CD’s, Jasen was a text book example of the Speed of Trust. Because of this material, and a few men and women that stood strong, I have been blessed with a new true friend in my life. The group of people that plug into this material and then act on it are given so many opportunities that others pass up.

        Keep passing on the vision Orrin – 1 More Life Changed

        • Kirk Birtles says:

          Dan… What an amazing story of how the truth and one man’s faithfulness can be the torch that leads a multi-billion company into the MFC!!! Keep us posted. Proud of you Mr. Pinkelman!!! Band of brothers lead the way…

        • Andrew Rockwell says:

          That’s awesome Dan! Way to have unquestionable confidence in what we do! Good luck with those guys, I’m sure they’ll come around if they stay close to you.

  91. Bill Newton says:

    My wife has watched me for 36 years do business with several people. She has a sense of how genuine and forth right and honest people are. She gives Orrin and Laurie a thumbs up.
    You know I could have given a much more logical perspective to prove the same point. My wifes perspective is even more accurate than logic.
    Bill Newton

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Bill… good move trusting your wife and looking to her for her God-given insight on a person’s character etc… We are blessed to be on the front lines with you and Jan!!! Keep kicking butt in Kansas my friend!!! 1 million!!!

  92. Ann Murphy says:


    Thanks for your article on Orrin, who truly is a leader worth following. It’s great to be a part of the LIFE community where people are wanting to grow themselves and change to become who they were created to be.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Ann… There are a lot of organizations, clubs, and gatherings, but as you said its nice to be part of one where the culture is growing yourself and changing for the better!! Thanks for the comment. We would love to hear more of your story and how LIFE and its leadership has played a part in your life? kb

  93. Clayton Pykiet says:


    Thank you for an up-close and personal review of Orrin and his character. Reading from people who have been in the trenches with Orrin and Laurie is always inspiring to me and removes any doubt we are following the right TEAM!

    Thank you!

  94. Jann Newton says:

    Awesome article Kirk! What an awesome example Orrin Woodward is in truth! What a blessing to watch Orrin and Laurie live their lives with such high character and integrity and working each day to become better!! They are amazing!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jann… You and wild ‘Bill’ are also awesome examples of courage, conviction, and endurance. Its nice to be building a community along side great people of character like you. God bless, kb

  95. robbyandemily says:

    Great article! Thanks for sharing your point of view. Orrin has had a huge impact on my life! You have as well Kirk! Thanks for all you do!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Robby & Emily… Thanks so much for following this blog. We are all looking for the next guy, gal or couple who has the courage enough to change for the better and go out and make a difference! kb

  96. Neal Ruffner says:

    Awesome article Kirk!!
    Thanks for all you do!!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Neal… Back at you my friend! I know some of your awesome story, but we would love it if you gave us a little more of your background and history with Team and its leaders? Thanks bud, kb

  97. Kirk. Work hours have been really long lately, and there will be no letting up in the near future. Thank you for your articles! They (and great messages and visits from Jasen Nail!) give me the positive energy and boost needed to make the right attitude choice! Eyes are on the prize!!!

  98. Brian Sommers says:


    Proud to be in the battle with you! Great post on the truth. I am amazed at the spineless jellyfish out there. Pride and ego will be their eventual downfall in business and life. I’ve been blessed to have developed so many friendships in this business and most importantly come to faith.

    God Bless
    Brian Sommers

  99. Nancy Broadbent says:

    Kirk, thanks for a great post. It’s so refreshing to hear an honest, from-the-heart portrayal of Orrin from someone with a front row seat instead of inaccurate speculation from some anonymous blogger without enough courage to sign his/her name to it. As Orrin says, “Men of integrity expect to be believed and when they’re not they let time prove them right.” Time has proven Orrin to be a man of integrity over and over again. We’re proud to be associated with him – and leaders like you who are willing to take a stand for what and who they believe in.

  100. Jeff Murphy says:

    Kirk, thanks for the great article on Orrin. The amazing thing about Orrin is that those who’ve known him the longest and have spent the most time with him are his strongest supporters. It’s easy for people to post opinions, but I’ve never seen a negative opinion from those who have known him the longest. Logically those would be the ones to be able to share the most negative since they know him best. Thanks!

  101. Wendi Witkowski says:

    Great Post Kirk!! All i can say is Amen!! Read this anonymous naysayers! The people that know Orrin and are around him should be the ones people look to for opinions, not people that are bitter and angry and have no fruit. Orrin is a man of integrity and let’s time prove him right but it is nice to see this blogging movement to bring light to who he is by the people that know him best.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Wendi… well said! I feel sorry for the critics. They live in a sea of negative and gossip all the time! I guarantee that if they don’t stop and get out that its going to eat them up inside and hurt their family. Let pray for them! kb

  102. LaDonna Miller says:

    Thanks for a great blog post. I met Orrin a few years ago, both in person and on CD. What compelled me to really know him as a caring, compassionate and purpose-driven person was in a living room here in Kansas when he wanted to know about US and what made us tick!! He really does care deeply about each of us. He presents no ‘better than you” attitude; a man of humility with great wisdom. I appreciate your blog in helping to bring forth the truth about a humble, wisdom-filled man of character.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      LaDonna… thanks so much for reading this blog and for taking the time to comment. When Orrin has so many great friends, who has time to care about the few, sad, pathetic critics out there! kb

  103. codynewton says:

    Kirk, thank you for a great post! I believe the most unbelievable thing about Orrin is that even though he has sooo many awards he has won, he is still grounded and humble. I believe God has blessed me by this association with leaders like Orrin and company

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Cody… you got it! As I said in the article, Orrin is a man’s man. He is the down to earth, real-deal. When someone is truly a believer, its almost impossible for them to ever think highly of themselves because they know where they came from, what they have done, and are acutely aware of their own faults and indwelling sin. Thanks for leading from the front Cody!! God bless, kb

  104. markgillispie says:

    Kirk, we haven’t met. My name is Mark Gillispie and I am proud to be working with Jim and Dolores Martin. I do not knowmany of the leaders of LIFE personally, but I know people of integrity when I see them. In the past six months I have had the opportunity to begin to understand just what we are doing with this company, and I must say the effort is welcome and long overdue. It is a privilege to work with thosewho lay it all on the line in order to make such a positive difference in the lives of those around them, and in the lives of thosethey will never meet. May God continue to richly bless all your efforts.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Mark… You are on an awesome team my man! Jim & Dolores are leaders who have always cared and lead from the front!! Thanks for adding value to this comment section. kb

  105. denny coffee says:

    great post kirk. The info from team and life and Orrin and the leaders has made it possible for me to make good changes in my life

  106. Terry Cartwright says:

    Kirk, What a great post about Orrin Woodward!!! I am challenged and blessed by the information I am learning from his leadership. I have a ways to go and know that I will always be working on growing myself…but, truly, what an extraordinary example Orrin and all the PC set for us. Many thanks!!

  107. joe finch says:

    great post kirk becca and i are so honored to be on team and learning from the best

  108. Dan says:

    Kirk amazing job in this article. you were very concise in the way that you described orrin. I havent had the chance to meet him yet, but i hope to earn some time with him soon. LIfe and team are such amazing organizations. I am honored to be invovled with such men like Jasen Nail, andy rockwell,paul Brown. These are top notch men friends and leaders. I am also looking forward to seeing you in michigan next weekend. I am so humlbed to be able to rub shoulders with someone of your stature. Orrin has really accomplished something with Life. It is changing our lives in more ways than I have time to tell. Anyway I just wanted to say great job on this article. It makes me wonder after seeing all of orrins acheivments how people can doubt what orrin stands for or what his true intentions are. THe Bible talks about knowing people by their fruit, and orrin has plenty of it. great job we will see you soon.

    Dan O`Leary

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Dan… Well put my friend! You don’t have to search to see Orrin’s good and plentiful fruit! I am looking forward to seeing you on the 30th as well!! You have a powerhouse upline in Brown, Rockwell and Nail. These couples are RoundTables in the making!!! Band of brothers lead the way…

    • Andrew Rockwell says:

      Amen Dan! We are proud of the changes we have seen in you in these few short months. You are a great student!

  109. mueller62 says:

    I totally agree with you that the reason why some people criticize others that are making a difference in the world is because they are not. If the ones who are tearing down others would choose to go the other way and lift others up then the world would be a much better place.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Amen! If they would just take the time and energy that they spend criticizing and ‘sowing discord among the brethren’ and put it to use practicing the Golden Rule or spending it with their families, I guarantee the world would be a better place and they would be much happier for the experience!!! kb

  110. Roger Miller says:


    Thanks so much for your post on Orrin. Your insight and the fact that you have been thru the trenches with him and come out strong, stands as a great testimonial to the character of both you & Orrin.

    The LIFE business and the leadership materials that are being produced are totally amazing.

    I’ve been in the business world for over 40 years and have read, listened, watched and attended seminars of all kinds from most of the other people on the top 10 of the IAB. I can tell you, that from my perspective, the LIFE materials are head & shoulders above anything I have had before.

    All the materials, before my exposure to LIFE, would do a great job of getting me all fired up but I would just fly around crazy like a balloon when all of the air is let out. The difference of the Life materials to me is that it comes from people not pretending to be perfect but people that have been thru the fire and come out on the other side better and with a humble heart to share that with others so that they could learn. With practical ideas that can be applied by anyone no matter their lot in life.

    The spirit of the LIFE business to truly make a difference in peoples’ lives is inspiring.

    Thank you Kirk, Orrin and all of the leaders of LIFE. NEVER GIVE UP!!! It will be TOTALLY worth it if we only change 1 life.

    You have certainly changed mine.
    Roger Miller

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Roger… Your perspective is invaluable for new people who are just starting to check out LIFE and its materials. Thanks so much for not getting cynical in your 40 year journey!! Your story is just beginning!!! God bless, kb

  111. Don Joachims says:

    Thanks for all you and the leadership at Life do. I sometime feel frustrated by the efforts of a few to tear down someone as they have Orrin Woodward, but then people like you come along and reassure me the there are more people in the world that are leading the charge to make the world a better place one person at a time.

  112. Heston says:

    Good overview.

  113. Kelly and Tom says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Kelly & Tom…. Thanks for following this blog and supporting the truth! Im sure you’ve got a great story….we would love to hear more about your background and how you got involved with Team/LIFE? God bless, kb

  114. Amy Clark says:

    Thank you Kirk for your post on Orrin. He is indeed the real deal!

  115. Thanks Kirk for painting such a clear picture of Orrin. In days when people are afraid or unwilling to try for excellence because it will not be politically correct for someone to rise above the crowd, it is great to find a ‘man of character’. Also loved your talk on “Speed of trust” and looking forward to the CD so I can have it in my toolbox.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Dave… thanks bud! We would love to hear what Team/LIFE means to you? A little bit about your background? thanks, kb

      • Dave Springsteen says:

        I worked 29 years at a state prison and as you can imagine had a difficult time keeping a positive attitude. Retired from there and worked for a security company rising to the position of Account Manager traveling the entire state of Florida. The same week that I retired from the manager job I was introduced to Team/Life and knew I had found something where I could make a difference. I have always looked for opportunities to make a difference if it was on the job giving hope and training to felons, training supervisors, or church leadership roles. I do not plan on leaving this life on a pension but on a purpose. The Life and Team materials have reignited my love for learning and we are seeing the difference in our home through focusing on our purpose and the journey together. Thanks

        • Kirk Birtles says:

          Dave… Wow…29 years working at a state prison! I bet you have some stories to tell. Thanks so much for sharing, and hopefully some more state prison employees will read your story summary and will help to lead them to truth! kb

  116. Scott Fangmeier says:

    Kirk Thank you for the post. This Amazing Leader, Husband, Father, Friend has touched and made an impact on so many and has Blessed my life as well as my family. Orrin and all of the Leaders in Life and Team show true character.

  117. Chris Gornik says:

    Another excellent article about a true man of character!

  118. Bill Yontz says:

    Kirk, it’s been a real pleasure following the leadership you have provided. It is so easy to follow great leaders such as yourself, when you see the source of the teaching, such as Orrin Woodward.
    It’s an incredible journey that he leads us on, as we climb out of the pit of mediocrity and into the light of greatness.
    Orrin has been a shinning example of what we can become with hard work and a team of like minded people all focusing on the same goals.
    Thank you for leading the way.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Bill….Thanks so much! It sounds like you’ve got a great story? We would love to hear a little more about your background and what Team/LIFE has meant to you? God bless, kb

  119. Tonya and Matt Bayne says:

    Great post!! I have a quote that I think applies” The legacy and greatness of a person should not be determined by their wealth or worldly possessions but, by their accomplishments and contributions in life.” Orrin has some great accomplishments but his contributions are going to be measured by the generations of those to come. We love being part of the solution and not the problem.
    Tonya and Matt Bayne

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Tonya & Matt… thanks so much for the comment and quote! That quote reminds me of the great book that came down through the AGO subscription called ‘The Treasure Principle’ by Randy Alcorn. Awesome book that has really impacted me. kb

  120. amber rose says:

    Nothing speak better than facts! Thanks for taking the time to put it in black and white! Something about being able to read things and not just listen to them make it so much more real. The skill it take to break things down is an ability to be desired. A skill only learned threw study, self-discipline, examples, and living it out! Thanks to Life and the founders we have a path in a minefield that make it much simpler to not to be exploded on the path to getting and living the life we’ve always wanted!!! It is an honor to learn from those further along on the path than. I am thankful for all of the people who help by sharing valuable truth and information like in this very blog! Thanks and God bless

  121. bcpowers33 says:

    kb my friend, we are in the battle together. Sherry and I have made the journey with Orrin and Company for over 10 + years now. We expect to restore the foundational principles of this great nation and it WILL take COURAGE. That is who and what Orrin is, plain and simple!! Statues have never been erected for critiques. A man of Honor, Courage, and Truth.
    Great Post Buddy

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      BP…. Thanks bud! We would love it if you would take a few minutes and tell us your amazing story and why you believe in Team/LIFE so much? God bless, kb

      • brian powers says:

        I thought I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. Supporting my family and all you know? Truth is I fell in love with my job and was neglecting my wife. All in the name of EGO, Edging GOD Out. I was busy and had a successful Firefighter Career. After meeting Bill Lewis, it was not long and we were blessed to have Orrin Woodward and Mark Huber as guests in our home and share some real truth and vision about the future. The Team and LIFE information brought me to a place in my life to understand that I was a financial moron and that my spiritual life was a ruin. We have (as you well know) are all so blessed to have Orrin Woodward leading the charge for truth and demonstrate what real integrity and character are. Now, I have Faith and belief that we all are doing the right thing because we have taken the time to be in living rooms aof America to see that folks have lost hope. We will go to a million.
        GOD Bless you my Brother

  122. Michael James says:

    Enjoyed your article, Thanks Kirk!

  123. Josh and Lori Miller says:

    Kirk, thanks for writing this I hope we all are willing to stand in the gap like Orrin has. What an awesome life he’s had and going to have with all his achieved so far and only getting started, what a world this would be if only more people would even do half of what he has.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Josh & Lori… thanks for reading and commenting on this article. We would all love to hear a little more of your story, and how Team/LIFE has made a difference? God bless, kb

  124. Gabe Marsh says:

    Good stuff! I believe 100% in what Orrin and Laurie stand for. They are not only an inspiration to succeed in all areas of my life, but they are an inspiration for me to help as many people as possible to accomplish the same thing in their own lives. The speed of trust between all of the leaders is amazing to see! I am proud to play my part with Kirk & Cassie and the rest of the Team!

    • Andrew Rockwell says:

      I completely agree Gabe, it is so rewarding to influence people change and grow. It amazes me how easy it is for people to improve themselves with this information!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Gabe… and what a big part you are playing! I would dare to say that there are few people in all of LIFE that are working as hard as you! Thats why you are helping to change so many lives. There is no substitute for paying the price for ones purpose!!! Keep fighting the good fight my friend!!!! BBNQ

  125. Kirk, Because Orrin is not concerned about his reputation but seeks daily to build up his character his reputation will take care of itself. We would all do well to take note and follow his example.

  126. Jim Croyle says:


    (another novel, my apologies in advance)

    Sitting here in my office, contemplating the principles Orrin laid out in “Resolved, 13 Resolutions for LIFE”, I had to ask myself, WHY? I look into the mirror and see myself so differently today than I did last year. Why are so many of my closest friends and family commenting at the changes I have gone through and in a positive light? But most importantly, why are there people out there trying to discredit a system that is the most significant element to all those changes?

    For anyone looking at our business as either a member or a customer, I believe they should try to answer these questions for themselves when making their decision:

    What is wrong with becoming a better parent, if it is possible?
    What is wrong with becoming a better husband/wife, for those inclined to do so?
    Is there any reason people should NOT try to learn how to become and stay debt free?
    What could be bad about sharing information that affords the opportunity to improve somebody’s relationships if that is what they want to do?
    If there is somebody trying to discredit an individual person or a system, what are their motives in doing so? What is there, for them, to gain?
    Is there any business, anywhere in the world, that doesn’t require an investment of time and money?
    If there were a better way to get the things you want out of life and nobody told you about it, would you be upset?
    What are the motives of the person sharing the opportunity with you in the first place? Is your friend or family member trying to scam you? Really, they do they have no more credibility than a nameless blogger that targets a specific individual or business out of the thousands in existence? (No axe to grind there, I’m sure!)

    At the end of the day, and without regard for how much I am earning as a member of Team/LIFE, my life has been enriched beyond what I thought was possible. Because the PC and RT’s belief in me was bigger than the belief I had in myself.

    You cannot redefine your past but you can define your future. Tomorrow’s reality is based on what is possible, not on what already is! Do you want better? If so, are you willing to challenge yourself? I am!

    Thanks & God Bless!


    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jim…. Preach it brother! Great thoughts my friend. As Charles Spurgeon once said, ‘Truth is like a lion, let it out, and it will defend itself’ Thanks for sharing some great truth!! kb

  127. Mike Mauren says:

    Great article Kirk, thanks for confirming what everyone will soon know.

  128. Alex Obiden says:

    What man, being the founder of a multimillion dollar business, with all the signs pointing towards it becoming immensely larger, would sacrifice taking any income/profit of the to for personal gain, and choose to make his money the same way everyone else does…..? A man of character is my conclusion. If your not entirely convinced of that, I wouldn’t blame you. It’s hard to put trust in others sometimes. All I would ask of anyone is consider The LIFE You’ve Always Wanted, and then consider how Orrin had to delay his own gratification to help you achieve that, instead of becoming a billionaire……. If that’s not self sacrifice I don’t know what is. Kindness comes from the heart not the pocket book… Orrin did that because of who he his, not because of what he has. Remember that.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Alex… I agree! Orrin’s God-given purpose is much more powerful and important than any level of selfish gain!!!! I hope everyone detects their purpose and has the courage to believe!!! God is great!!

  129. Nicole Vannicola says:

    Kirk, thank you so much for this great article on Orrin Woodward. It is Orrin & people like him that give us hope that there are still good,decent people out there, but not only that, people that are changing this country by putting their lives, fortunes, & sacred honors on the line for it. Orrin Woodward has the honor, integrity, & character of a founding father. I am so blessed, thankful, & proud to be associated with him. Thank you again for writing this article in hopes others can be as blessed.


    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Nicole… Your heart is shining through. Thanks so much for adding value to this comment chat-room!! We would love to hear a little more about you and what part LIFE/Team plays in your life. God bless, kb

  130. Jeff Taff says:

    LIFE has got to be…hans-down…the best thing since sliced bread! Haha. But seriously, leaders like Orrin Woodward and the co-founders of LIFE are truly inspiring individuals who we ALL should look up to for guidance in a world that is CLEARLY lacking in it! Thanks for all you do guys! Brian Powers, of Team Musketeers, has proven to me that the mentoring system of leadership is what needs to be done in our faltering society. Awesome stuff guys…keep it coming.

  131. scottcoons says:

    GREAT article speaking the TRUTH about Orrin.He is not only a man of God and character, but developing others to be the BEST that hey can be!!

  132. Cassie says:

    Kirk, This is a very true and honest look at Orrin.I know he and Laurie have made a tremendous difference in our life, with our marriage and our parenting. That alone is priceless! They care more than most people will really ever know and are following a calling bigger than they could ever live in a lifetime.Thank you for being an intentional student and husband.

  133. Beth Thompson says:

    Thanks for a great post on Orrin. Its a pleasure to be a part of such an amazing community.

  134. Dennis Squires says:

    Thanks Kirk! Excellent synopsis of a man leading thousands focused on changing the West!

  135. Dan White says:

    I’ve heard it said that “A person of integrity expects to be believed and when they are not, they let time prove them right”. Orrin is certainly a man packed with integrity. It seems that now the truth is popping up everywhere. Taking the nation!!!!! Thanks for a great article.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Dan… time will and is proving this great truth right! You can’t stop a group of men and women, committed to God and the truth!! Thanks for being a leader!!! Band of Brothers lead the way…

  136. nmiller301 says:

    Orrin Woodward is definitely doing the right thing when it comes to leadership, no matter who decides to throw tomatoes at him!

  137. AndyJDaniels says:

    Thanks Orrin Woodward for providing us with the Mental Fitness Challenge! I love it!

  138. leowines says:

    Orrin Woodward is a man that has built and bonded the greatest Community on the planet! How about that Life island Cd!!?? What a great one! I appreciate all the leaders out there running after theirr dreams with all they have!! The current your producing is awesome and we will get it done! God Bless you all!! Band of Brothers leads the way!!.. 1MLC!

  139. Jon Switzer says:

    Great article Kirk, I really like the way you explained critics and their motives. I have found it very true that when people are trying to point out someone else’s “sins” its usually an attempt to cover their own by shifting the focus. Orrin has become one of the tallest buildings in the world by building himself first then adding value to those around him rather than taring other people down to make himself look good. Thanks.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jon… you got it! So many people are so quick to point out the speck in their brother’s eye, when they have a whole plank in their own. As Orrin said on a CD I just listened to in the MFC, ‘So many people talk about changing the government, when they don’t even have what it takes to change themselves’ BBNQ

  140. Gabe Marsh says:

    One of my favorite quotes from Orrin is, “People of integrity expect to be believed, and when they are not time will prove them right”. Definitely a strong statement that Orrin personifies! The critics can say what they will, but Orrin and this amazing group of leaders will still go on to change society one life at a time! Talk is cheap, so it’s time to prove it with our results

  141. Steve Meixner says:

    Great post Kirk, Orrin will always have many Critics, anyone who accomplishes as much as he has in such a short amount of time is going to make some people jealous. Sad fact but very true. It’s just too bad that these critics don’t realize that this man will give a hand up to anyone who would like it! Orrin has helped create many leaders such as yourself who choose to follow his leadership. You all are willing to stand up for him. Orrin never takes credit for anything, always pointing toward someone else or what book or cd the information came from. I have read hundreds of books since joining Team and listened to countless cd’s, never once did I ever hear Orrin Woodward brag of his accomplishments or talk bad of anyone else. This is the sign of a man worth following! I’m onboard for Life. To one Million and beyond, Steve

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Steve… I couldn’t agree more! The rotten tomatoes are always thrown the most at the one who stands the most for a cause. As they say, ‘any dead fish can float down stream’. And people don’t criticize dead fish, they only criticize the rascal fish who swim up stream!!!

  142. seltrib says:

    A great Orrin quote is “You don’t know what you don’t know”…..You need a team to point out and cover your blind spots ….. BBNQ

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Amen Pops! If people would only overcome their pride to realize this fact, they could go as far as they want in any success endeavor!!! Band of brothers lead the way…

  143. Ron & Jann Hines BBNQ says:

    My favorite quote of Orrin’s is: “no pain, no gain”

  144. Thanks for yesterday’s gathering, Kirk! It was great to qualify for part of it, and to get some face-to-face time with you and Aron! Plus (as the lowest on the totem of my particular crew in attendance), I got to get some great bonding time with more of my upline besides Jasen, who gave a great talk last night to his 3 groups… He takes his role as our “daddy” seriously, but I find it even easier to believe in him as my brother! The event helped spawn some new dreams, and began to further form others! Now please pardon me as I go work on these shakes of excitement!

    • Plus, it is great to have some excellent crosslines in Gabe, Dan, Dan, Leo, and Paul… Plus another strong upline in Andy. I feel some healthy competitiveness in our futures!

      • Paul Brown says:

        Great to meet you this weekend, Tom! We’ve got some great momentum going right now and a great, competent leader in Kirk, Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward! If there is one thing that Kirk Birtles has shown me is the power of good leadership! He’s truly an inspiration to me and my wife. You’re working with some great people Tom that will lead you in the direction of success!

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Amen! The Mavericks are a strong team, but they are always looking for the next leader!!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Tom… you are a welcome addition to the Band of Brothers Mavericks and are in very good hands! The Rockwells and the Nails are the real deal! They are great students who are courageously leading from the front and paying the price!!! Just be the best student you can be and focus on what you can do to help the Mavericks go 10/4 every month!!!! Band of brothers lead the way….

  145. Jim Croyle says:

    I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this particular quote, but it drives home the reality of my personal pursuits. “We don’t promise easy, but we do promise worth it!”
    It is my favorite because I have lived through the promise of easy many times and have never found it “worth it”
    As a matter of fact, nothing ever billed as, “it’s as easy as 15 minutes a day, three days a week” or “ simply sprinkle on your meals and watch the ….. “ or “ pay nothing for 24 months” have ever really been easy or worth it.
    In this “Microwave” society, it seems obvious that advertisers appeal to our weaknesses, not our strengths. Go for the easy targets because they will keep coming back. I’d rather struggle and persevere to achieve “worth it”. My marriage is a perfect example. “Easy?” Not on your life. “Worth it?” you can bet that it is. It is worth fighting for and no fight is ever “easy”.
    There is no victory without struggle.
    Thanks again for setting the example.
    God Bless,
    Jim Croyle

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jim… one of my favorite as well! Its a statement of posture, value and truth!!! What a blessing to be with great men like Orrin and you!!! 10/4, 10/4, 10/4, 10/4, 10/4 BBNQ

  146. Norbert Guzman says:

    Favorite quote is”You don’t know what you don’t know”…….

  147. Kirk, your explanation of the LIFE business last night was the best I have seen. It was clear, compelling, funny, and interesting. I was ready to join again. Thank you.

  148. Jim Croyle says:

    I am wrapping up module two of the mental fitness challenge. The use of the word “challenge” is a total understatement. At the beginning, I set three specific goals: 1 – to speak no ill of others; 2 – not to complain; 3 – to perform at least one significant “act of service” for my beautiful wife every day.
    I can’t say that I have been entirely successful each day, but I know I am closer to each of those than I was when I started. I know this because each time I fail; I recognize it and use that failure to recharge my conviction.
    Those goals are truly important to me so I know that through the MFC process, those goals will eventually become habits and that I will have then reached another level of accomplishments.
    This is just a tiny snapshot of the influence that Orrin, the PC and the RT has had in my life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
    Thanks for being a servant leader, setting the example and helping me keep my eye on the target.
    God Bless,

  149. Jason says:

    KB, just a testament to LIFE and its progressive leadership development program: I attended an all day training course titled Appreciating Differences at work which was great. That being said, this is information the LIFE founders have been teaching and implementing years ago. Even prior to the official inception of LIFE. I am so encouraged by and proud to be a part of LIFE.

  150. Sarah Marsh says:

    Kirk, I just wanted to leave a follow up comment after listening again to Orrin’s “Not on Our Watch” I think anyone who questions this man really should listen to that cd. His passion and fire is clearly evident!

  151. leowines says:

    Kb.. Favorite quotes from Orrin ” Do it now” and “If its to be its up to me”
    Sarah that is a terrific cd I do agree 100%. Looking forward to tommorow seeing all of yall will be a blast!!

  152. Mike Gallant says:

    Great article, Kirk! Orrin and Chris are such loyal servants, and have duplicated themselves so well that their servantude reaches us up here in Canada! Great talk last night partnered up with the McNamara’s. We are their legacy and with purpose and integrity we shall lead!

  153. Dan White says:

    Kirk, It’s amazing to see in Orrin a factory, a garden, a machine……whatever you want to call it. It continues to produce, encourage, draw in, bring out, raise up people like yourself and so many others of character, integrity, faith and honor just to name a few of the qualities that are so needed in our families, communities, nations and the world. We have been and will continue to make the world a better place!!!! Thanks so much for this blog.

  154. Dan White says:

    Mr. Birtles,

    There are peaks and valleys in our life. Orrin has some fantastic instructional information on these things and how winners will make it through. Of course, in my life I have them also, the natural ebb and flow of life. It is so reassuring to be able to keep site of the best example of someone that made it through the valleys and stands on solid ground to help others find their way. Thanks to you and Cassie also as a reminder to keep swinging for the fences and the hits will come. Keep a solid foundation in the slight edge principles and your eye on our lord Jesus Christ, in God’s time the obstacles will be in the rear view mirror. Keep Rockin brother!!!!!!

  155. Aaron says:

    The heart of Orrin to serve the people is one of the things that makes the LIFE business endearing. As Orrin says, “Success starts with the right information…”. It would be so easy Orrin in his success to keep it all to himself, but to open up his heart and his life and share it with others so they can leverage his good, bad and ugly experiences, gives everyone a chance to to live the LIFE they always wanted, if they are willing to make the change and do something different.

  156. isaiah nail says:

    I just started reading the book do hard things by the 2 twins alex and brett harris i am hooked to that book go rebelution

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