The Mental Fitness Challenge is a new life changing product from Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and LIFE.  The Mental Fitness Challenge, MFC for short, is meant to show anyone who is hungry for a change in their life, marked improvement in 90 days in their thinking, attitude, and most importantly, in their belief that they can and will get better through the right information! The MFC is sorely needed everywhere we turn as evidenced by the following experiences that my wife and I have had in the last few days!

I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day when he told me that his elderly grandma has 68 grown grandkids, and in the same breath he said that only 4 of the 68 are still married!  I asked him if this was a common thing in the Latino community?  He said,  ‘no, we were not raised that way.  I truly don’t know where its coming from, but its sad and out of control!’  The next day I was helping a delightful Christian gal in her mid 40s and a few other people look through some of our leadership material.  I happened to glance over while this lady was staring down at one of our marriage packs in her hands.  I told her she looked a little confused and asked her what was wrong?  She said, ‘this pack looks great, but I don’t think I know even one married person’!   I asked, ‘are you kidding?  Is this pretty common in the African-American community?’  She said, ‘I guess it is!’  Last night my wife and I were watching our 9 year-old play baseball.  My wife happened to sit next to what I guess you would consider the ‘team mom’.  Cassie, my wife, is one of the best encouragers and listeners on the planet and instantly started talking and listening to this lady as she kept score for the team.  Within 10 minutes this gal shared that her marriage was not going well, her relationship with her soon to be teenage daughter was shaky and volatile at best, she was in the middle of working 2 jobs, she is not talking with her adopted mom, and never gets to see her biological mom (who she says has a good relationship with) because of poor finances.  This lady is a white Christian lady in her late 30s.  I asked Cassie, ‘Is this a pretty common story that you hear?’  She said, ‘I hear it and see it all the time!’  My point with the above three stories is that  ‘life train wrecks’ are happening all around us, in your community, in your neighborhood, at an epidemic pace!  What can we do?  How can we stop it?  How do we reverse the decline and fall of the ‘American Community’?  How can you avoid ‘life train wrecks’ in your own home?

With that being said, I hope you all have checked out and are excited about the Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC)!  LIFE, a world-class leadership company, launched this ‘Flagship’ product at the end of April 2012.  The challenge is based on Orrin Woodward‘s fantastic new book Resolved: 13 Resolutions for Life.  The MFC is a simple, guided, 90 day approach to get better  in any area of your life.  With all the life train wrecks happening around us, and life’s casualty list growing daily, maybe even under our own roof, it is more important than ever to embody what Stephen Covey calls the 1st habit for success, being ‘proactive’ with getting better and pursuing a better life.  The true product of the LIFE company, through the MFC, is to help people get ‘The life they always wanted’.

Yesterday, Orrin Woodward, shared a great perspective that he heard from a leadership associate down in Kansas about what the Mental Fitness Challenge should be used for.  In healthcare, there are two main types of treatment: ‘Preventative’ and ‘Palliative’.  ‘Preventative’ treatment is a proactive intervention, based on risk factors, and warning signs, to avoid a major health ‘train wreck’ such as a heart attack, cancer, or diabetes.  ‘Palliative’ treatment is when you ignore the warning signs, and attempt to treat the problem after the ‘train wreck’ has already happened.  Studies have shown that ‘Preventative’ treatment is 10-1000 times less expensive than ‘Palliative’ treatment in terms of time, money and energy, not to mention 100s of time more effective in giving the patient ‘the health they always wanted’ to live a long and happy life.

  • The MFC is a classic example of ‘Preventative’ care for all areas of life!  Unfortunately, most people either have the ‘a life train wreck  will never happen to me’ philosophy, or they are like the old hound dog laying on the farmers porch.”One day a traveling seed salesman was making sales calls to farmers on an old country road.  Toward the end of a long day the salesman happen to see a farmer and his dog relaxing in the shade on the front porch of his little farm-house.  The salesman walked up to the farmer and started to sell him on the features and benefits of his company’s seeds.  Each time he started to talk the hound dog would start ‘bellowing’ and ‘barking’ loud as all get out.  Finally, after being interrupted 3 times by the old dog, the salesman asked the farmer, ‘Mister, what in the heck is wrong with your dog?’  The farmer replied, ‘ Oh, he is laying on a nail that is sticking up out of the porch.’  The salesman looking confused and asked, ‘Well if it’s hurting him why doesn’t he get up and move?’  The farmer said chuckling, ‘Well, it hurts enough to yell and complain about it but not enough to do something about it and move!'”

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is ‘bellowing’  and ‘barking’ about something in their life!  If it be their marriage, finances, job, health, children, relationships, government, depression, etc…  They are headed fast and furious for a painful and expensive train wreck such as a divorce, bankruptcy, major health issue, an estranged relationship, rebelling and hurting children, job loss, or maybe even a suicide.  The MFC is the best and least expensive ‘Preventative’ treatment on the planet to help you avoid a ‘life train wreck’ and to live ‘the life you always wanted’.  You truly can’t afford not to take the Mental Fitness Challenge!  For more information, find a LIFE distributor near you or go to  Take a chance….Take the challenge!!!

About Kirk Birtles

Follower of Christ, loving husband, father of 4, TEAM/LIFE leader, community builder, entrepreneur, difference maker, and fun loving outdoorsman.

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  1. Norbert Guzman says:

    Awesome,just staying positive and sowing seeds so they can belief in self . And pray that MFC is answer to Living Life They Always Wanted.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Norbert… There is a lot of power in just figuring out a way to maintain a positive attitude and belief. If everyone could and would just do that, we would be half way there. The mental fitness challenge is perfect for just that. Thanks for your comments my friend! kb

  2. Kortney Cox says:

    GREAT STUFF KIRK!! The MFC is truly for everyone!! Love it!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Thanks Kortney! You and Frankie are an amazing testament to the power of a dream and applying the LIFE leadership material!! I look at you now and see world class people with some amazing fruit: marriage, children, faith, personal finances, influence, etc…! God bless, kb

  3. Gabe & Sarah Marsh says:

    The MFC content brings focus to a society that needs it. Heading off and fixing issues before they have time to grow or fester is much easier than fixing an issue that has taken root and grown! Good post

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Gabe & Sarah… you are absolutely right! Lets dig our well before we are thirsty by being proactive with the gifts and information that God has given us. Thanks for your comment! kb

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Gabe & Sarah… You are some of the hardest working and passionate leaders in LIFE!! Thanks so much to take time and comment on this blog! More great stuff to come. Keep fighting the good fight!!! kb

      • Daniel Pinkelman says:

        I couldn’t agree more. I see the results of Gabe & Sarah’s efforts in the people we associate with & are following the lead that they provide towards the MFC. They are making quicker decisions and taking on the big rocks in their lives with more determination than ever. One More Life Changed!
        Dan Pinkelman

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Gabe… taking care of a little smoke before it becomes an out control forest fire!!

  4. Jason D Wilson says:

    KB, you are so right that everyone has an area in life in which they could improve. LIFE is not a business to me but a ministry. We feel the best when we are helping others and that is what we do when we introduce a person to LIFE subscriptions, the MFC or challenge groups. I am convicted that Gods hands are steering this ship!!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Amen Jason! Keep leading the charge and paying it forward!! Proud of you, kb

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jason…. You are making such a difference in your community. You are shining brightly my friend, and we don’t even know where your ripple effect will end! You are going to have a great legacy that will go down in the history books, kb

  5. seltrib says:

    Great blog! ….. The Mental Fitness Challenge is a great tool for refocusing a person on what is important in life instead of focusing only on what is urgent. Put the big rocks in the jar first, trust in God and take action!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Seltrib… so true! Most people are spending their time on the urgent small rocks and bypassing what really matters! Thanks for the comment, kb

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Dad… I so love to see you embrace this material at nearly age 64, and that you have the courage and faith to pay it forward. There are so many baby boomers who are just looking to survive, but you are looking to make a difference. Im very proud to call you my father!!! Love ya, kb

  6. beachrex says:

    Our world NEEDS help in many areas like improved skills for loving & committed marriages. We are honored to be a part of LIFE, that offers information, the MFC, mentoring, and challenge small groups to change people’s lives for the better!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Rex… You and Krista have been called to make a difference! It is very clear through your passion and example that this is your purpose. Cassie and I are excited to watch your rise in leadership as we head to a million. kb

  7. melvinia says:

    I will definitely be taking the MFC because I am starting to see life through another set of eye glasses and I am not happy with the “status quo”. To be quite honest, it is really depressing, I can understand why some people who are leaders in every community feel lonely. They are ridiculed for changing their lives for the better. Misery loves company and I just choose not to dwell in tha arena any longer so whatever I need to do to be a better for myself and my son, I am going to do.

    I had a situation today where someone I was best friends with accused me of being “famous” just because she didn’t get to see me when I went to Indianapolis, after I drove 5 hrs to see a group of people. She accused me of not being curtious to her by not coming to pick her up all the way across town, in which I would have had to turn around and take her back, then she didn’t have any money. (Sorry for venting)

    My take on this, which is why I love the LIFE program is, we should all have something inside of us to push us to strive for excellence and not consistently look for handouts. I am angered enough to push even harder after being accused of being famous, but I realized this is how this person sees me and maybe can’t handle it. I am not a big limelight person but I have a healing and deliverance ministry that I am going non-profit for the world, and the MFC has a lot of info that I believe will help me in this.

    Ok, now I am geting a bit teary eyed. I don’t like to see others stuck in a dark place, and certainly not myself. (Sorry for the long note)

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Melvina… Your heart and conviction is shining through! Stay the course, and you will make a tremendous difference. I pray that your light continues to shine brightly my friend to be a tremendous example for others to see. Keep fighting the good fight! kb

  8. Daniel Pinkelman says:


    This post is a great call to action. I am reading through one of the AGO books, through LIFE, called Point Man and it has given me so many points for growth and so many points for affirmation. I was with a Men’s group at our Church this weekend and shared the book with them as well as the need to check out the MFC site to grow their leadership too. One of the guys there asked “Isn’t that the thing that is like P90X for your brain?” I smiled for two reasons, the word is spreading fast and people are looking!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      You got it Dan! Its like P90X, except for your brain! You get the brain right and the body will follow!! Thanks for the comment, kb

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Dan… I was talking to Orrin a little about you yesterday and how much you and Kendra have grown in your marriage, finances, faith and leadership. I told him the story of you passing out CDs like hot potatoes at church, small groups, and General Motors. Thanks for being such hungry students! Proud of you, kb

      • Daniel Pinkelman says:

        Thanks for the reply friend. I can’t contain it, people are constantly opening up to the information and it is so simple to hand it out. It is the easiest way to share a belief with people, surest way for them to take ownership and action towards RESOLUTION in their lives.

    • Andrew Rockwell says:

      I love point man! It is such an awesome book. It is convicting in a way that inspires you to be better, not just make you feel inferior. Many of the MFC material does the same thing!

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Andy… Amen! Point Man by Steve Farrar is very in your face, powerful, and exactly what the men of this country need! I am so glad I am on all of the subscriptions offered through LIFE! I love to see young men like you who are looking to become better and take full responsibility for their family! Keep leading the charge my friend and your quality will be known! BBNQ

      • Daniel Pinkelman says:

        I’m reading this along with Dan Mirelez – awesome book and I’ve gotten such a clearer picture of the man I am called to be. The other day I had it setting on my desk at work and a co-worker stopped by and picked it up. He said “we need more information like this, I only know of you and another guy here that are readinng these types of books.” Today I put Finishing Strong in his hands and he is devouring it already. Like Jason Wilson said above, this is a ministry!

      • Andrew Rockwell says:

        It has had the effect on me too. I has inspired me to appreciate life so much more (specifically family time and the value of reading scriptures). I have been reading from the Bible almost everyday before work. It is funny, at first I thought I didnt have time to read in the morning because I was always so rushed, but after doing it for over a month now, it hasn’t been hard at all! And, I just think: how could being anything at work be more important than getting closer with God?
        Every man in our country should read that book!

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Andy… another great book on being a father that I just finished is ‘Fatherhood: Where have all the shepherds gone?’ by Dr. Stephen Davey. What an amazing short read that I also got through LIFE’s AGO subscription! God bless, kb

  9. I have found the Mental Fitness Challenge has been a great constant reminder on a daily basis. The daily and weekly focus points have been amazing! Last week, focusing on attitude, could not have come at a better time. Working 16 plus hours a day brought many opportunities for a negative attitude, but I kept remembering the MFC attitude lessons and was able to spin situations into a positive which ultimately led to a positive outcome!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Dan… You have such a great story! Ive seen you take some major gut shots in life with cancer etc…. but you just keep leaning into the MFC and LIFE material with an open heart and mind. It definitely shows in your awesome attitude, and servant nature. You are shining brighter every time I am around you. Keep being one of the best students LIFE has seen. God bless, kb

      • Daniel Pinkelman says:

        Amen to what Kirk has stated so clearly about you. Every time I get to spend time with you I feel better for the experience.
        Dan Pinkelman

  10. Aaron Thomason says:


    If we listen we can heard all the stuff people are talking about all around us. They need us more than they know. We just have to have the courage to ask, help and serve and the MFC is a great way to do it. Who right now is providing people with a real way to get out of what they are in? Who is willing to listen and figure out people problems? Who is taking the time to care? LIFE with the MFC and the other life changing products is doing just that and for anyone who wants preventative medicine we have a whole warehouse full.

    You nailed it again KB.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Aaron… I could sense that you were called for great things from the time we first met. I so love to see you embrace and herald the message of LIFE leadership and the mental fitness challenge! The fruit is definitely shining through in your life in all areas: you just kicked your own butt and lost 25 pounds, rising senior rep at Eli Lilly, a wonderful marriage, great finances, a powerful preaching pastor, fast growing team leader, and brand new recording artist with your single READY!

  11. Cory Schaub says:

    This is so true, everyone can benefit from MFC!!! Thanks Kirk!!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Corey… you are a living legend! 5 kids, helping to run a big cherry farm, great wife, and faithful student of this powerful material! Keep on keeping on!! Proud of you, kb

  12. Chris Brady says:

    There is no end to the issues that can be repaired and the challenges that can be avoided through the MFC and the LIFE materials!! True solutions for what ails our culture!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Mr. Brady… I am so thankful that God is using your many talents and abilities for such a noble cause. You were never meant to play it small, and we are so glad that you are seeing it and playing it big! It is an honor to have the #11 leadership expert in the world read and comment on my blog! Thanks for being a leader worth following, always!! God bless, kb

      • Daniel Pinkelman says:

        I just put Chris Brady to work last night with his excellent talk on the introduction to the Mental Fitness Challenge & with System Thinking in the third CD set. The couple we were with is excited about the ability to plug into a community of people and start growing. Thanks to all the leaders in this for acting on the calling placed on you.

    • Andrew Rockwell says:

      Amen! There are so many people that need this information! I truly feel sorry for some of the people I have suggested it to that don’t see its value, and I love seeing it work in the lives of those that embrace it!

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Andy… as it has been said, ‘when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change….’ ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.’ It is just our job to be faithful enough to herald the good news and not let the ones that are not ready slow us down from finding the one who is going to bed tonight praying for a change in their life! Its all about chapter 5&6 of Resolved: 13 resolutions for life. PDCA, but not forget the CA. God bless, kb

      • Andrew Rockwell says:

        Yes Kirk! There are tons of people looking for this and they don’t even know it! I love helping people realize this is what they need!

  13. Kristine Militello says:

    Unfortunately what you write about is so true! I read an article from a well known actress after her recent divorce. Her advice: We live a lot longer now, no one is meant to stay together for 50 years. Marriage wasn’t meant for that! wow. Sounds like people are listening and believing those lies.
    We have some SERIOUS work to do!
    Thanks for the awesome post!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Kristine… Im so glad my parents don’t have that divorce philosophy! There would be 3 children and 11 grand children with broken hearts!!! Thanks for taking the time to read and share. I admire and respect you and your husband more than you know! kb

  14. Matt Foote says:

    Great post Kirk. The MFC is such an amazing program to build the habits for lifetime growth.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Matt… How’s the windy city? I am so glad to read your comment. You are such an amazing father, husband, and servant citizen. I would like to think that the LIFE material and the new MFC played a part in you being what so many men would love to be. Thanks for being such a good student and example! kb

  15. Anna says:

    Love it! Like the bumper sticker says, “wag more, bark less.” MFC helps me do just that 🙂

  16. Fantastic post Kirk! We are definitely facing an epidemic in America. Instead of turning our cheek, we need to identify the problems and offer solutions. The MFC and the-life-business are the perfect solutions for the problems we face! Thanks to you and Cassie for standing on principles, inspiring people to change and leading from the front in your own life.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Kristen… Thanks for reading my blog and the great comments. You are such a great example of what applying yourself for a few years to world class leadership and joining in building compensated communities can do for you. I am sure that your were a tremendous teacher that made quite a difference in many young peoples lives, and you know you just have a much bigger stage! Very proud of you, kb

  17. Tex Martinez says:

    Great post, this was exactly what a good friend needed to hear. People are looking!!! They just don’t know what’s out there and available to them.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Tex… Remember, we are living in a bone-dry desert and you have discovered a well full of fresh, cool, life giving water, and everyone who walks by is dying of thirst! Take a chance, and lead people to the truth! Thanks for the comments, kb

  18. Mark Rhine says:

    The MFC is laying down rails! it is allowing people to get information that allows them to switch the tracks and move from rails with wrecks to a better life. We all have choices to make and most of us don’t even see or realize we had a choice. What if each day was going to end in a train wreck or a good day and the only difference was in listing to an 30min CD on your way to work? Would you do it? Do you have what it takes to do sustainable mental growth for 90 days?? Or will you implode like a black hole that is crushed under the gravity of everything collects!! Can you step out of your comfort zone long enough to be grate? Or will the grate nothingness of space suck you out to never be heard from again? Expand or shrink it is your choice!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Mark… I love your illustrations and your conviction! Your quality will be known my friend!! Proud of you!! kb

      • Mark Rhine says:

        Kirk, Thanks for the encouragement. The leadership talk tonight was a lot of fun. I can’t wait until your “Speed of Trust” CD comes out on system! Where else can you go to get three nights of leadership development on top of the MFC.?? Where else are you going to go for 90 days of stretching and growing? Then on top of that you get the positive environment that allows you to tweak your leadership wings to sling shot our self around the black hole to project you into the life you always wanted. (I told you I could fit that in!)
        I heard the good word from Bill Lewis tonight…KB for PC!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Mark… It was great to see and talk to you last night! You’re like a leadership magnet my friend. Last night you were quoting CDs, talking about going power player and making a difference in peoples lives! Cant to watch your rise in LIFE and in influencing thousands of people. Keep fighting the good fight!!

      • Mark Rhine says:

        Kirk…Last night was a grate night. After the challenge talks we got to have an informal group discussion. I was thinking about it…at one point we had 5 levels of leaders. It is grate how approachable all the leaders in LIFE are! We had Policy Counsel member down to someone who has been there for 2 months. Each person or couple was a different level but we all got a chance to speak and listen. I can’t think of the last time someone who made that much money was interested in helping the guy that has been there 2 months!

      • Mark Rhine says:

        Kirk…I liked one of the things you said after your powerful talk. You were telling me about how you took the leadership test over and over at different points in your leadership journey. I am now excited to see how my different leadership quality’s develop as I do the Mental Fitness Challenge! I already am more aware of the thoughts I am thinking as I am involved in discussions with Managers where I work. example: don’t continuously apologize for your actions. Live with intention and make your actions deliberate. Based on this leadership principle: You will command respect if you respect yourself.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Mark… They say you get what you focus on! When I first started in leadership I read Personality Plus and took the personality test. I was a Choleric Sanguine. (a hard charger that likes to have fun), but now I score out more a Choleric Melancholy (hard charger who is detailed and organized). The reason for the slight shift in my personality is because I was so disorganized and continually paying the price of being scattered. Through the PDCA process Orrin talks about in Resolved, I developed my melancholy strengths. I believe all things are possible for those with a cause and who believe. kb

      • Mark Rhine says:

        Kirk…Personalty Plus is such a good book. My wife and I had fun taking the tests and analyzing our personalities. Especially against what the other person thought. I am planing on using the Plan Do Check Act process on my personality. I am a Melancholy Choleric. I need to get some more Phlegmatic and Sanguine so I can calm down, be fun and more relatable! I look forward to the process!

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Mark… I love that you have courage enough to be introspective! They say that you can’t expect what you don’t inspect. At the same time, I think you are extremely relatable and a complete joy to be around! Proud of you and your wife’s willingness to know yourself so that you can better know and get along with each other!!! kb

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Mark… Wasn’t that awesome having all those leaders there. Its not everyday you get a chance to get around the caliber of person of a Bill Lewis, LIFE founder! You’re a hungry student, and these opportunities always seem to fall in the favor of the hungry students! As they say, success is where opportunity and preparedness meet! kb

      • Mark Rhine says:

        Kirk…I was telling a co-worker about your talk on Speed of Trust.

        Way #4: Develop an got your back attitude. Someone thought that someone didn’t promote that attitude. The person wasn’t very consistent in there actions. Or there actions were inconsistently constant. Unfortunately she doesn’t get a lot of cooperation from there co-workers.

        Way#1 Courage. It takes a lot of courage to say what what you thing in a group. You can’t develop an got your back team if you don’t have the courage to stand up for people. Maxwell said as the leader you should give credit if something goes well and accept the blame if it goes bad. It takes a lot of courage to deliver bad news. Especially if it is someone you report to.

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Mark… Speed of trust is definitely a must, and unfortunately, everyone and I mean everyone has a trust issue in their life!!! Love how you are learning to applying so quickly! kb

  19. Andrew Rockwell says:

    I love the MFC so much! I agree that everyone is ‘bellowing’ and ‘barking’ about something in their life! The MFC is so perfect for them, and it is also great for people that think their life is going pretty good. There are so many success principles packed into this package that anyone and everyone will grow and have a better life by digging into this material!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Andy… I know you got involved with LIFE awhile ago, but just recently engaged due to seeing the changes you saw in your sister in law and brother in law! I am proud of you for your courage to humbly ask for them to help you and get you the right information for your marriage, family, finances, and business. You and Melissa are on the fast track down in Cleveland and have what it takes my friend! 1 Cor 16:9 ‘With every great open door comes many adversaries.’ Keep fighting the good fight, and play above the ref!! Proud of you, kb

      • Andrew Rockwell says:

        Yup! It was hard to see the amazing results of such close family members and not want to really check it out. Diving into this material is the best thin I have ever done! Thank you for personally mentoring them so their lives can be a testimony to the value of learning and improving. You are an amazing leader Kirk!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Andy… the Nails and the Rockwells create quite a 1-2 punch! You guys are dynamic leaders in the making. Stay faithful, and don’t let anyone steal your dream. I just relistened to Orrin’s Cd ‘Land’ and got some great information that needs to be applied by all the leaders right now! kb

      • Andrew Rockwell says:

        Thanks Kirk! I agree, I love being teamed up with Jasen. It makes it easier to improve yourself when you have a good friend holding you accountable!

  20. Dan White says:

    Thanks alot Kirk!!!! Everyone should challenge themselves. Challenge their friends, challenge their families, challenge their community. Heck even challenge the people that you don’t like. Anyone can change. As the thinking changes the world will change.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Dan… You are so right, anyone can change! As Orrin Woodward says, “When the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change, they are ready to change.’ All they need is a little encouragement and an example! Very proud of you for your commitment, passion, and willingness to take responsibility!! kb

  21. leowines says:

    To the people who want more out of life. The Mental Fitness Challenge is for you! While improving areas you may be struggling with and fortifing your stronger qualities, the MFC has it all! Great post Kirk, Thank you!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Leo… You are such a great poster child for what a man can do with a dream, a great wife, and life changing information. From the beginning you and Brittany have been some of the best at plugging into the CDs, books and leadership meetings! Now your relationships, confidence, attitude, and future are unbelievable. Thanks for having being faithful students and for having the eye of the tiger!!!! kb

      • leowines says:

        Thanks Kirk! This information has made an extreme change for our Famliy in every area of our life! I feel as if the educational system we have our hands on and the Leadership of Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady are second to none. I take great pride in this Life compensated community and look forward to helping as many as we can find real truth in so many places!!

      • leowines says:

        Thanks Kirk! Our family has benefitted in so many areas from this wonderful information! I feel the educational system and leadership of Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady are second to none. I am so proud to be part of the Mental Fitness Challenge and the Life compensated community it drives me to get better and do more daily! I look forward to helping as many people as we can Live the life they’ve always wanted!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Leo… Its amazing what happens when we start to attack our limiting beliefs and truly make our lives better through the right information and right thinking. As soon as most people get on the road to bettering themselves, its is a natural course of events to then truly have a heart for other people and want to make a difference in their lives. Helping people have ‘the life they always wanted’! Proud of you,kb

      • Daniel Pinkelman says:

        This couple has just been amazing to get to know. The first time I met them they were just soaking up the information, and now they represent the cup that overflows. The people they are helping through the MFC are just amazing examples of a positive & edifying group. They are making a change in the current.
        Dan Pinkelman

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Dan… Isn’t awesome to see people like Leo & Brittany come into LIFE with all kinds of issues and limiting beliefs and totally do a 180 by becoming as Claude Hamilton says, ‘passionate proteges’, and hungry students!!

      • Daniel Pinkelman says:

        You bet it is! I love looking at the way this group of people comes together and shows the person who they are meant to be, not by giving orders, but by encouraging and edifying. When Gabe & Sarah intorduced this couple to us and told us about them I could see the “process” beginning just through them hearing what Gabe & Sarah had to say about them. It was like they had never heard anyone say those things about them. When this couple started plugging into the LIFE material it was as if they were seeing everything through a new set of lenses.

      • Sarah Marsh says:

        I read this reply and tear up. To think how Dan Pinkelman shared this information with us and it changed our live is one thing and I am so thankful he did. However, it has done more than I could have ever imagined to see this information get to my sister and brother-in-law. I always adored my sister but now more than ever she is my best friend. I have seen them grow in their faith and I look at how my niece now has amazing parents that are impacting her life in great ways. Thank you Kirk and Dan for letting the ripple effect continue!

  22. Claire Pyka says:

    Great points on a point of view to look from. Look forward to more! God bless.

  23. robbyandemily says:

    Great job Kirk! I am amazed at the power the MFC has on individuals, especially me! 🙂 my finances and marriage are soaring ahead! My wife and I are getting along better than we ever have!
    Thanks for taking the time to share your heart.

  24. Kirk, Powerful and so true. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! thanks, Orrin

  25. Jim Croyle says:

    Kirk, the MFC is loaded with tidbits of meaningful info that I intend to apply into my life. Michele and I are in VIrginia and one of my life long friends and godfather to my oldest daughter pulled Michele off to the side and asked what it is that has made such dramatic changes in my life. LIFE & the MFC was her answer. The only real follow up I had to do when he asked me was to add in the wonderful community that we now associate with. Thanks for the continued encouragement. We will pay it forward. As often as we possibly can. Love you guys. J&M

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jim… You and Michele are wonderful people and have a great track record of success. Your 20+ years in the military, and now having an important position with the department of defense have given you a great perspective to different kinds of leadership. I am so enthused that you two are so in to the LIFE and MFC material and how much you have applied it to your life already! Continue to shine brightly for others to see, and keep fighting the good fight!!! God bless, kb

      • Jim Croyle says:

        With 26 total years of service in the Department of Defense, it took getting involved with LIFE to truly understand what it means to lead by serving those around us. The MFC has been very instrumental in helping me identify areas for personal and professional improvements. Cheers!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jim… 26 years in the D.O.D…! Thanks for your service, your passion, your hunger, and your want to be the best father, husband, and leader you can be. This world needs more Jim & Micheles! God bless, kb

      • JIm Croyle says:

        Kirk, I appreciate the sentiment and you are welcome. I’d never give up that service and I am even more grateful for finding another fulfilling way to serve. I can’t believe how much I missed in the Military. Just this morning I was following a thread of other Navy Chief Petty Officers (CPO’s)where the discussion revolved around a 360 degree look at developing Chief Petty Officers. I am making it my personal mission to get some time with the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy and introduce him to the MFC. All too often, members of the military falsely believe that leadership is a function of rank. I believe that the MFC is the platform that could send the message the MCPON is trying to convey with his CPO 360. Directed leadership is a lot like pushing a rope.

        Thanks for all the support.


  26. As I continue on in the MFC, I’m loving the opportunity to put these principles into practice. Recently I started using the Big Rocks principle at work. At the end of each day I write down the top items to get accomplished the next day. Then I start with #1 and do everything I can on that one until it is done. This has been a huge benefit and has made my time much more efficient. I can’t wait to experience results applying this same principle in other areas of my life.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Matt… isn’t it amazing how wonderful and impactful these principles are if we would just apply them to our everyday lives. There are two big parts to being a good LIFE student: lesson learned, and lesson applied. You are a great example for both! Keep up the good work my friend!! God bless, kb

    • Matt, we must be at about the same spot in the challenge – I started doing the same thing at work as well! I love how a community of encouraging people that are experiencing the same education makes the Mental Fitness Challenge even that much better!

  27. Gabe & Sarah Marsh says:

    Proud to be a part of an organization that willingly serves others without expecting anything in return! Kirk, you and Cassie are incredible examples of what we should all embody. You allow others room to grow in the areas they need to, but always keep the bar high with the expectancy and responsibility that comes with leadership. You are great at inspiring others to achieve their personal best by using information like the Mental Fitness Challenge!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Gabe… thanks so much for the kind words! I am just driven by my purpose and by the passion and example of people like Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady! I am so proud of you and Sarah. You face challenging situation after challenging situation and could easily choose to have a pity party, but instead you have chosen again and again to just go out and lead and serve. Its a great principle that you guys are practicing. As one great man said, ‘to be the greatest, you must be willing to be the least. The servant of all’ Keep fighting the good fight!!

    • Andrew Rockwell says:

      I agree Gabe. It is very unconventional in today’s society to serve without expecting anything in return. Our country needs this so bad!

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Gabe & Andy… I love the LIFE material becomes it rests upon a solid foundation of truth and espouses great principles like the ‘Golden Rule’, which says, ‘to treat others as you would like to be treated.’ Doing this on faith that it is the right thing to do, God will use it for good, and trusting that what goes around, comes around. Thanks for leading! kb

  28. Kenna Knapp says:


    This is such GREAT information! I’m so blessed to have this implemented in my life! Not only for my benefit, but for the benefit of my children and my husband. The ripple effect created by this information is going to affect my children and grandchildrens generation! I want to leave this world knowing that I’ve done ALL I can to leave it a better place for my boys!!!!


    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Kenna… Amen sister! I was listening to Chris Brady’s ‘Camel in the tent’ CD the other day, and thought to myself, ‘where else in the world can you get this kind of information?’ Im hearing great things about you and Jason! Keep running for PowerPlayer and fighting the good fight!!!! God bless, kb

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Kenna… We would love to hear more about yours and Jason’s background and story, and what impact LIFE/TEAM is having in your life? kb

  29. Brandie says:

    I love as I’m listening and learning that my kids are soaking up the same information. The conversations the cd’s create leave a lasting impression.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Brandie… I didn’t know you very well before you got involved with us and LIFE about a year ago, but I can definitely see the fruit of you being a great student of this information! You have a wonderful family that any mom would be proud of! Keep on keeping on!!! kb

      • Brandie says:

        Thanks! There are many great comments on here that have added so much to the original post. It’s become a daily habit to check back for inspiration as I go along on the Mental Fitness Challenge journey.

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        BB… You got it! A real life person’s testimonial speaks 10xs more than any blog posting ever could. Our goal is to have 1000 comment testimonials associated with LIFE and the Mental Fitness Challenge!

  30. Kirk,

    The further I get into the Mental Fitness challenge the more powerful, convicting, and challenging it is becoming. What a gift to all of us.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Len… You have such a great story. I think you have been a pastor now for nearly 40 years, happily married with 5 children and several grandchildren, and at the same time, there are very few other people who are diving into the LIFE and MFC information as hard and as deep as you! I so appreciate you soaking in all the truth and principles, and applying them to your life, and not being a pastor who might take the position of ‘what can you guys teach me?’ Keep shining brightly for everyone to see my friend!!! God bless, kb

      • Kirk, You are right and one of the things I am reminded of often in ministry is that I don’t have all the answers. The MFC and the LIFE materials speak truth which rings sweet to the ear. The LIFE materials are so good that i give them to people. they must like them because they don’t return them. I know that they are listening to them because they are changing. I love giving the Edge CDs to some of the young people in our church who tell me they love them.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Len… I love getting an email from you everyday saying, ‘tasks completed’ as you are faithfully working yourself through the 90 day Mental Fitness Challenge! You could have such a case for a pity party with severely breaking your leg 6 months ago and not being able to do 75% of the things you want to, and need to do, but resolve to have a good attitude and to only put positive in your head!!!! I am very proud of you and honored to call you my friend!! kb

      • Kirk, thank you, I tend to be the kind of person who is up most of the time. But, I can honestly say that if it weren’t for the LIFE materials and the MFC I would have struggled to keep a positive attitude. Listening to CDs and reading good books in addition to the Bible helped to keep me positive. My case manager told me I was unique and wondered how I kept my attitude so positive. When I told him and offered to loan him some of my CDs (I gave him the first night pack) he gladly accepted them. He is so impressed that I now have an appointment to show him the plan!

  31. Jasen Nail says:

    The MFC has changed my life! I have been in leadership development for 6 yrs. But the challenge brings it to a whole new level! JN

    • Matt Foote says:

      Great point Jasen. This is one of the things I love about the LIFE community; the constant commitment to continual improvement. Just when things get really good, the bar gets raised and it gets that much better. I’m excited to see what is coming next and I look forward to another opportunity to learn and grow personally in all areas of LIFE.

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Matt & Jasen… As Chris Brady says, ‘the only way to be happy is to give happy’, and the only way to give happy is start attacking some private achievements! Internal victories must precede external victories!! Thanks to you two gentlemen for being an example of self improvement! I see your commitment and your personal growth shining through. God bless, kb

      • Andrew Rockwell says:

        So true Kirk, I can honestly say I get much more satisfaction out of giving than receiving. That probably sounds crazy to most people, but I think you have to experience changing someone else’s life before you can really see the value in it. Then it gets addicting!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jasen… You’ve got such as amazing story that so many people need to hear. It is so inspiring to see where you are compared to where you were coming out of high school. Now you are happily married, 3 beautiful children with a 4th on the way, owner of a successful construction business, aspiring speaker, leader of hundreds of hundreds of people and soon to join the elite ‘Round Table’ of the the Team. I love to talk to you because you are always quoting the books you’re reading and the CDs you are listening to. Your definitely a man on a mission to make a difference. Im proud to be in the battle with you my friend!!! BBNQ

      • Andrew Rockwell says:

        I agree Kirk. I definitely look up to you Jasen, and I couldn’t have said that 6 years ago. You inspire me to improve myself and lead others.

      • Jasen Nail says:

        FYI I never finished high school. I was reserving my education days for material that can change my family, maybe my city, possibly my state, or even country, and who knows maybe even the world! Thank you round table and pc for creating this material!!!!

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Jasen… even a more dramatic dream, struggle, victory story! Just think of what it takes inside to go from being kicked out of high school to now family man, speaker, leader, entrepreneur? A dream and the right information, and God’s blessings! Great job J! kb

      • Daniel Pinkelman says:

        Jasen has quickly grown into a man that is going to change thousands of lives. When I met him early on I knew he was going to win from just shear tenacity and guts. I soon saw his hunger level, and willingness to adopt new skills, take over and now he is developing that crucial art of inspiring others, in particular me! I know that my life & my family are going to be blessed by his example and friendship.
        Dan Pinkelman

    • Andrew Rockwell says:

      Yes it does! The MFC and LIFE materials are in a league of their own in leadership!

      • Jasen Nail says:

        Andy. 6 mo. ago I was begging you to read. Now every time I call you are reading a book! Its hard to not want to improve when I am with you and your team! I am proud of you and Melissa!!!!!

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Dan, Jasen, and Andy… We are the road to rebuild the foundational fabric of America! It warms my heart every time I hear of another man who has decided to take responsibility for their life and family by listening, reading and associating with success, character, and honor! We just need to get more and more men and women choosing the road to bettering themselves vs the road to giving up! Keep fighting the good fight!!!

  32. Hi, Kirk. I just linked up with the Nail’s last week thanks to the Rockwell’s. I originally linked up with a Tim Marks team in TOD back in December, 2001, and was fairly active until the separation. I linked back up afterward, but had to move onto a crossline team. Unfortunately, that group didn’t take or last, which led me to falling out again… All the while still working to apply the principles I had been learning. Long story short, my worst days were behind me, but a restlessness was still there, and a bigger need was in need of being filled. Jasen has been getting me back up to speed with all of the great changes, and I can’t wait to get moving on the MFC!!

  33. Dan White says:

    Love the MFC!!!!! Every day I get better. Thanks for the great blog!!!!

  34. Dan White says:

    Another quick note. I am constantly reminded how the educational system is failing us. We can do better…..the MFC shows that you can get a great education that REALLY will help you have the life you always wanted. Plus you don’t spend the rest of your life paying for it. Keep up the great work!!!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Dan… great point! The U.S. now ranks around #25 in the world for math, reading and science….#25!?!? We have what the next generation so desperately needs…hope, confidence and truth. They all need to be on the ‘EDGE’ series! I listened to the last one 4 times myself, POWERFUL stuff!

      • Dan White says:

        Kirk…that was an amazing cd. Made me think of days when I was pushed up to higher levels in activities I was in and those folks didn’t like me!!!! What a great story of integrity, persistence, passion, overcoming and character. I would have loved to have seen that “bicycle” kick. A great lesson for anyone, especially our youth that are not getting that kind of message from video games, face book or heck……anywhere else. Thanks again for your leadership. As always its a pleasure and a honor.

  35. jason d wilson says:

    Awesome post. Its amazing how many lives are being positively impacted by the mental fitness challege!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jason… Most people would almost do anything to have a management position with the big 3, but you got involved with LIFE and leadership and now the MFC because you wanted a change? What do you see and get in LIFE that you’re not getting in corporate America? kb

  36. Jason D Wilson says:

    Great question Kirk. You would be very surprised to hear what I do daily at the coffee pot, on my way to the rest room, or while in the gym here. It is not that much different from those who do not have such a position with an auto maker or large corporation. People have to cut back on vacations they once went on, down-size cars they used to drive, have marital spats over money, struggling to send children to their school of choice and blaming everyone but themselves for it all. I don’t blame them, because we don’t know what we don’t know. Most people don’t know that it’s our thinking that got us where ever we are in life up to this point. Kirk, one of the most impactful things I heard you say was (paraphrasing) we have arrived at where we are by implementing our best ideas with our best thinking and if we don’t have the life we always wanted then it’s time to take advice from someone else. Someone that has the results in life you want. What I get out of the LIFE company is hope. I get hope that there is something better out there. I see so many people around here that keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result then begin to actually accept the mediocre life that is handed to them. So again, what do I see in LIFE???? I see a group of people that will not accept the status quo. I fell in love with learning, I fell in love with helping and watching others charge after and achieve their dreams. I honestly fell in love with a community of leaders who don’t just give lip service but night after night better themselves and try to help others get better. I also see financially; the best investment I have ever made that has the highest earning potential I know. I mean let’s just be honest… There is no other company that has two of the top leadership gurus in the same company. I was not a big Jordan/Bulls fan, but I must admit I would not bet against them. For that reason the future is bright Orrin/Life.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jason…. Well put my friend! As they say, ‘If you don’t like your results in life, than you better stop taking advice from the same person all the time….yourself’! You are a man of honor, character, and loyalty, and it is a blessing to know that you have my back and that I have yours! Keep fighting the good fight! God bless, kb

      • Daniel Pinkelman says:

        Wilson is one of my favorites! He always cracks me p with his forward momentum! Watching him is like watching one of those great sports clips were the viewer is so afraid because the guy on the field doesn’t know what’s about to hit him, the veiwer panics and shouts out all these things that the player refuses to hear – at the last second the viewer almost passes out at the threat of eminent danger! Then the moment of impact occurs and the viewer is certain it’s all over when Jasen pops out the other side, looks at the screen and says to the viewer “don’t worry, He’s got this, haven’t you read Phillipians 4:13 yet?”.

  37. Joe Schoonveld says:

    Everyone can be classified in either one of two categories. First they think they are better than they are or Second they are dramatically worse than they really are. With the MFC averaging your opinion with others opinions of yourself there is no guessing. This is where you areand thats it. I am so thankful for you Kirk and our leaders of the Team. I know in my heart this is the difference maker for our world. Its a gift from GOD.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Joe… thanks so much for the heartfelt comment! You’re spot on my friend. One of the first objectives on the road to having a better life is facing what Jim Collins calls the ‘brutal reality’ of where you are at! You can’t fix something if don’t or won’t ever recognize it as broken. Its all about PDCA, Chapters 5&6 of the Resolved book!!! Im very proud of you ands its great to be in this battle together! kb

  38. Kirk Birtles says:

    Tom… Speaking of the Band of Brothers, one of the founding couples, Aron & Mary Radosa, just had a baby yesterday! We can all welcome Reagan Rose Radosa to the world!!! What a blessing, considering Aron and Mary were told that they coundnt have children! 3 children later…..Praise God!

  39. Frank Cox says:


    What an amazing article. I know that the stories you shared are happening everywhere. I believe that we have been charged to spread HOPE for others. I am with a gentlemen today that has 3 beautiful boys, and he and his wife have decided to part ways. Please pray for him as well…his name is Jim.

    God Bless

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Frankie… Jim’s story is so common! Without truth available and given to people on a regular basis, they will almost always make the wrong decisions! You have no idea if your decisions are crooked unless the straight line is right in front of you! Keep being the ‘salt’ and ‘light’ for all of those around you! Your headed for a greater platform of influence my friend. Thanks for being a leader worth following!!! kb

  40. Aaron Thomason says:


    I can say that from I have felt already, the slight and more obvious changes that the MFC is worth every dime I invested. This is a program that can be used to better lives in all arenas. My leadership in ALL areas of my life has been impacted positively due to this information.

    With multiple things on my plate this works into my day. The MFC makes me feel great when I have completed my task for the day. Information is what separates us today…anyone can close the gap with using the MFC, 90 days, 2 CDs a day and 15 min a day…The life you will start to lead will be PRICELESS!

  41. Kirk Birtles says:

    Aaron… I love that, ‘the right information through the MFC can help us close the gap between who we are and who we are aspiring to be’! Thanks for being a great example!!! BBNQ

  42. Andrew Rockwell says:

    I just listened to the adversity quotient cd, and it was so inspiring! I can’t believe 1008 people said no to Kernel Sanders and that delicious chicken! Good thing he walked away from the river! Makes me wonder what I am truly capable of.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Andy… It is hard to say no to a good piece of chicken! Just remember, we are in a desolate desert in charge of a fresh, cool, life-giving well of water, and everyone who walks by is dying of thirst! Turn your rejection into energy and take a chance! Lead the way…

  43. what a awesome post. And when you add the Challange Groups to the MFC you cant help but see there are things that will do damage in your life if not addressed. Even better you now are placed in a setting where you can inprove personlly and now with others step by step day by day.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Brad… I totally agree with you. The ‘challenge’ groups are amazing, providing a supportive and trusting environment where people can share, learn, and challenge each other to get better and do more!!! kb

  44. Sarah Marsh says:

    I love Aaron’s reply about how it fits into the day. We all have such busy lives and it is refreshing to know I am improving myself on my commutes and getting a dose of life changing information. Not only is it impacting me but the ripple effect goes to the clients I see when I step out of my learning mobile!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Sarah… ‘Learning mobile’….I love it! When I first started to listening to personal development CDs, I truly felt as though I had stumbled on something that everyone needed to get involved with. What a breath of fresh air compared to the negative, sarcastic, gossiping, vicarious environment I was use to! Will you please tell us a little more about yourself, your design business and how you use the LIFE/MFC material to better yourself and your business? God bless, kb

      • Sarah Marsh says:

        I grew up in a typical “Christian” household who attended church regularly but we also fell into the trap of living a façade. Things were not pretty at home with a family full of fighting, drug addictions, financial frustration and years of built up hurt that led to relationships that crumbled faster day by day. We knew the things we should be doing but lacked the application. I can say my parents did the best they could with the information they had, how I wish they had gotten their hands on this information years ago. Fast forward 7 years and I am a married 25 yr old who runs my own Interior Design Company. I was always told I grew up fast and it came to no shock when I went into business and even was awarded the Young Professional of the Year in 2009. On the outside people saw a young successful business owner with a great husband but could not see the scars of a hurting past. Since getting involved with the MFC not only has my business exploded (I give all credit to the LLR series and mentoring of some wonderful people) but I have learned forgiveness of my past and started growing the relationships that once were broken. It feels so good to be able to have an answer when a challenge arises and to be able to confidently pass that information onto my loved ones, even if it is just by them watching me change and grow. I never realized how much I was holding onto until coming into this information. I will forever be grateful for The LIFE leadership team for their stories and quality information they have shared. This information really is changing lives!

  45. Matt Foote says:

    I am continually impressed with how the MFC program has been put together. I have a friend who is going through some struggles right now and I recommended the MFC. She checked out that pre-challenge and was very impressed with the self assessment. She couldn’t do the whole program, but she did take the step of buying Resolved and has started reading. I love how this continues to change lives at every level.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Matt… That is so true. Cassie had an old friend spend the night a few nights ago. She is 40, single, a lawyer, and completely down on life! She came to our leadership open and said it was the most positive and uplifting environment she has ever been in. She liked it so much, that she asked Cassie If she could come over and spend the night with us because she was meeting with a client in our area. She talked with Cassie and then with me for hours and hours on how much she wants a change and how much she enjoyed the meeting and being around us. We encouraged her and loaded her up with some LIFE & MFC material! Changing lives…one at a time! Proud of you!! kb

      • Sarah Marsh says:

        Gabe and I just recently received a message from a young lady who stated that this was the first time in her whole life that she had hope. She shared her suicidal contemplation in the past and thanked us for saving her life….all we did was give her some cds not knowing that she was really in such a dark place. The power of association right there!

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Sarah… One more life changed!!! That alone makes it all worth it! Thanks for serving and for sharing!~ kb

  46. This is my first time posting on a blog…I wanted to let you know Kirk that I got myself a job at a Subway by my place to help me afford to do the MFC. I am really looking forward to starting this experience, and want to be one that helps people not have those, “I don’t know anyone that is happy” thoughts. Everyone deserves to enjoy life and the MFC is going to be the key to many people’s happiness! Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing you next Major!

    Love you guys! Curtis!

  47. Kirk Birtles says:

    Curtis… Thanks so much for the comment. You and Abby have such a great story of overcoming! Do you mind sharing with the rest of us your story and your testimony of what plugging into LIFE, TEAM and the MFC has and is doing for you? God bless, kb

    • I went into the navy for 8 years after high school. Sure I and many others where proud but it didn’t feel like I was making a big impact from there, I always helped out others and even spent entire paychecks on others as a way of supposedly ‘helping’ them… but like the saying is, nothing is learned from a hand out. Then out of the navy I traveled for a year around the states and it was nice, then when that ended I went into a 5 year unemployed status where it was just down right hard to get a job. It was heaven sent that I met my fiance Abbey and she introduced me to TEAM and LIFE, and after meeting everyone I knew it was where I belonged! The biggest thing I’ve learned is to be nice but firm to not get walked on and giving a hand up is more powerful than giving a hand out!

      Abbey has struggled with a mental illness of Bi-polar manic side since the age of 14 and after high school went to live with her father here in Michigan away from her home of New York. She is a very smart and loving person that just like me always wanted to help others and fell in with the users and leaches of the world. It wasn’t until Jasen Nail came to try to show our company to some leaches that lived with her and then secretly Abbey was inspired to join. Which she later brought me to an open and we have been just crossing one hurdle after another ever since. Ever since then we have only friends with a good heart and enjoy the time we spend with others!

      I wholeheartedly thank Jasen Nail and the entire team for all they have and know the will do for us in the future!

      One More! Life Changed!

  48. Kirk Birtles says:

    BTW… a certain Canadian unabashedly said he is going to ‘kick our butt’! I say, ‘Oh yah…bring it!’ But we better all be ready to ‘redline’ and bring our ‘A’ game!!! We will be the best at team approach and PowerPlayer and it will show in our results when the dust settles 24 months from now!!!! Team Approach to PowerPlayer!!!! …all the way!

  49. Jasen Nail says:

    I am in!!

  50. joey finch says:

    the MFC is a great way for people to be stoped in their tracks from these train wrecks! I have seen with my own eyes couples change and grow bit by bit in these areas just in the life info. now with the MFC it will be even better! I recently talked with a newly married friend out west that is all ready dealing with not her own marital issues but some close friends of theirs and they are just a young couple as well! So i can see this help out in many ways including this! No better thing but to be prepared for what life will throw at you! we know from experiance, and could not be more proud of my husband for pushing through and growing himself every day! Thanks for all you do we are very thankful to be a part of a great team as well as the team! bbnq!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Joey & Rebecca… We are so proud of you two! You are the definition of overcomers in my book!! Keep shining brightly for the world to see. BBNQ

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Joey&Rebecca… do you mind writing up and submitting a short testimony of the challenges you’ve had to face in the past 18 months, and how LIFE/MFC has helped you during some pretty tough times? Thanks, kb

  51. youdanwhiteiam says:

    Everyday I get better. The Mental Fitness Challenge Rocks!!! It’s awesome baby!!!!

  52. Kim Decker says:

    Even if people do the trial challenge to see where they are in their own thinking makes a difference in their life as they will think about this for a long time…The world desperately needs a change and quick..look around folks, what do you see… nothing but sad things in all areas of life..we have to save the children and by that start with the parents…we will see our million..I love the team and thank you to all of you for showing us the way!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Kim… Thanks for the comment! Do you mind writing up a short summary of how you are using LIFE and the MFC to become a better person with a great attitude? You’ve got a great story!! Proud of you!! kb

  53. Leo Wines says:

    On Friday Night I heard some of the greatest Talks from the greatest leaders in the world!! I know the heart of these leaders personally and can say I know and believe in my heart that our legacies await us! The time has come to get a plan and move on! We all have one of the greatest leaders in the world that leads this community from the front and I honor his efforts! Lets rally as a team, together as the 212 SPICY HOT Band of Brothers and give him his VICTORY!! With Swagger and Confidence United we will stand! BTW.. “learning mobile” coined by Sarah Marsh rocks!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Leo… Thanks for the shout out! We will build and protect an amazing culture our unity, loyalty, edification, and Team Approach!! I know you will be out in front leading the charge!! Keep fighting the good fight! Love ya, kb

    • Sarah Marsh says:

      I’m sure I heard that on a cd somewhere. I was laughing today listening to the Public Speaking Pack when they stated Ben Frankling probably gets quoted more for things he didn’t say than did, just a reminder to check your sources! However, if we can’t find it on a cd, I will have to go RT so I can say it and copyright it : )

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Sarah… You and Gabe have been some of the hungriest students from the start and it is really beginning to show in your results! Why are you guys so hungry? We are very proud of you and we are excited for your future in leadership!!!!

  54. Jim Croyle says:

    Kirk, as I approach the end of module one in my MFC, I find myself reflecting on chapter 2 of resolved. It seems society has lost sight of what it means to display character. One thing is for certain, As I look back at my own life I realize that there were many opportunities to demonstrate character over integrity. Although I remember choosing character often, it’s all of the times that I didn’t that seem to way heaviest. If it weren’t for the M FC I may not ever have reflected. I am resolved to being a man of character! Warm regards, Jim Croyle

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jim… as they say, ‘character is the only thing that echoes from the grave’! I have a feeling that you will have a character and legacy that any man would be proud of!! Thanks for being such a good student! God bless, kb

  55. Abbey Dyke says:

    I am so proud of Jasen and Jenny Nail. The two of them are shining examples for everyone and with the MFC Challenge. It makes a person want to reach deep down inside and get all of the guck and clean it out. The MFC challenge offers hope for a brighter tommorow and challenges us to think beyond what we would normally not do. I am grateful for what I am learning, just by plugging in the system more and more. I think that it is really helping my mental illness and taking away the stress that sometimes bogs me down. I am challenging myself to stay determined and disciplined. I also am growing everyday in my relationship with Curtis and I see that we are communicating better than we ever have over the last several months. It’s been a huge victory and I can’t imagine my life without The Team and L.I.F.E! America needs hope brought back into the lives of many families. With the MFC, families begin to come together instead of apart.

  56. Kirk Birtles says:

    Abbey… You have an amazing attitude and I know that it doesn’t come easy! You and Curtis are awesome people that I am blessed to know. God bless, kb

  57. Dan White says:

    I met an amazing man today that is in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. An amazing guy. Doing computer work and brightening up the world everywhere he goes. He had already heard of the Mental Fitness Challenge……It’s taking the country by storm!!!!!

  58. Gabe Marsh says:

    The best thing about the certain Canadian’s comments is that it makes everyone else the underdog. We have a choice to either watch to see if it happens, or to take charge ourselves! Some of the best stories are when an underdog overcomes whatever is holding them back and ends up surprising everyone by coming out on top. A champion performs through sheer work and deliberate practice while everyone else is watching others perform.

    I am proud to be associated with each of you, and will play my part to make a difference in our society one life at a time! What drives us? One more marriage saved, one more parent talking to their adult children again, one more family attending church and chasing after Christ after years of running, one more person breaking the addiction of drugs/alcohol…

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Gabe… well said my friend! I did a talk once called ‘Running off the radar screen’. Being the underdog is the best position on the track!! Speaking of what drives people like you and me, I watched a POWERFUL true story movie late last night called ‘The Machine Gun Preacher’. Its the story of Sam Childers and his fight for the orphans and widows of the Sudan. This is why we fight…to the last man…to the last widow…to the last orphan….to the last second…we fight, we fight, we fight!!! God bless, kb

  59. Paul Brown says:

    You’re absolutely right, Kirk! Some many people are heading in the wrong direction and TV, Radio, the media is sending them that way. If you watch TV for 5 minutes, you will see a lot of stuff that conflicts with most moral compasses.

    Keep up the solid work Kirk! Thank you!

  60. Jasen Nail says:

    Rising tides lifts all ships! I appreciate Claude for helping raise the tides!! however… I think Michigan and Ohio are going to develope the most leaders in the world…. It reminds me of a quote I read everyday. “Battle is a joyous thing. We love eachother so much in battle. If we see our cause is just and our kinsmen fight boldly, tears come to our eyes. A sweet joy rises in our heart, in the feeling of our honest loyalty to each other; and seeing our friends so bravely exposing his body to danger in order to fulfill the commandments of our creator, we resolve to go forward and die or live with him on the account of love. This brings such delight that anyone who has not felt it cannot say how wonderful it is. Do you think someone who feels this is afraid of death? Not in the least! He is so streangthened, so delighted, that he does not know who he is. Truly, he fears nothing in the world!” – french Knight, Jean De Bucil. This is the Band of Brothers!! This is the Mavericks!!! Lets show the world what we are made of!!! Lets fight the battle!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jasen… I love that poem! As King Henry said, ‘We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.’ Its an honor to be in the battle with you my friend!!! Ive got your back:]

      • Matt Foote says:

        I love Henry V. It’s definitely one of my favorites. One of my favorite lines is “All things be ready if our minds be so.” This is what makes the Mental Fitness Challenge so powerful. Principle based, leadership training to grow our thinking through reading, listening, and associating with the top people in the world.

    • Matt Foote says:

      Jason – That’s a fantastic poem. Thanks for sharing.

  61. Kirk Birtles says:

    Band of Brothers vs C.n.d. ……1,000 vs 10,000! We got em right where we want em!!! Best @ Action, Team Approach, and PowerPLayer….learning, doing, teaching, adjusting again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again!!!!!!! …we fight, we fight, we fight!!!!

    • Mark Rhine says:

      Lets be “wild at hart!” Don’t cage the lion like a circus side show. Get some positive competition! Get in the zone! Let the lion ROAR! Lets Get it DONE!

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Mark… I love that book ‘Wild at heart’, ‘…we all need to find a beauty to rescue, a battle to fight, and an adventure to live.’ We need to find our purpose and do what makes us come alive!! God bless, kb

  62. Blair Allen says:

    I am getting my Elephant charging!!!

  63. Terry and Nancy Crumback says:

    Kirk, Thanks for the great examples of “train wrecks” in life. Listening to people share their stories and being able to give them HOPE and solutions using LIFE subscriptions and the MFC is what our purpose is all about! Terry and I are committed to sharing this information with educational leaders to use as professional development as well as sharing this with our community! What a GREAT way to get the word out to students who are looking for a direction and a “compass” for their teen years! Thanks for leading our charge!!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Terry & Nancy… Thanks for the comment! You guys are such a great couple with a great story! We would love it if you would tell us about your background and what LIFE/MFC has and is doing in your life? God bless, kb

  64. Kirk, Great post ! We have so many lives to touch and the best information to share with those willing to listen.I pray God opens their hearts and minds to prepare them for the journey to the truth. You are a great leader and inspire me to work through the challenges in my life to move forward.

    Cassie, I know you inspire Kirk to love his team and those in his life. Keep up the great work ! We love you too!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Pam… The team would not be the same without you! In our eyes, you are a loyal, edifying lady who is doing all the right things. We would love to hear a little more about your background and what part this information has played and is playing in your life? God bless, kb

  65. Elizabeth Bondie says:


    The other day Caleb & I met with a couple and during the course of our conversation, they told us that although they have been dating for a while, they are never going to get married! When we asked why, they said they don’t believe that marriage “works.” They shared with us that the gentleman had been divorced once and the gal had been engaged twice but never married.

    It is because of stories like these and many, many others that Caleb & I feel called to do what we do. I truly believe that the information in the MFC is going to educate and change our country one household at a time, and in doing so, give hope back to people in all 8 F’s of their life – Faith, FAMILY, Finances, Fitness, Freedom, Following, Friends & Fun.

    Thank you for posting this blog and thank you for being the incredible leader that you are. Your ability to cast a vision and lift up and motivate people to achieve it is unparalleled. We are blessed to be in the fight with you and your amazing wife, Cassie.

    Caleb & Liz

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Liz… How cool is it to think that the MFC could help someone have a different, responsible outlook on something as big as marriage in 90 days! Keep fighting the good fight! Also, we would love to hear about your background and what LIFE etc… has and is doing for you? kb

  66. Jason D Wilson says:

    You better believe it bro!!! Here we come. Dude, I love a good challenge!!! I have two good challenges going now… the MCF and C.n.d. Bring it!! We fight, we fight, we fight!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jason ….to the last man, to the last plan, to the last second! Thanks for always being a wonderful and loyal leader that everybody can always count on!! You and Stef are on your way!! kb

  67. Cody Orszula says:

    Its true many people just going thruout the motions, even though the results are poor. It’s time to step up and show what we can do mfc all the way!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Cody… Thanks so much for the comment! Very proud of you for joining a noble cause and taking responsibility for your life. We would love to hear a little bit about your background and what LIFE/MFC is doing for you? kb

  68. Dan White says:

    MFC what a way to start your day. Put in a great foundation to get things started the right way. I love it!!!!!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Dan… Its like Wheaties for your brain!!! Pround of you my friend!! I know you have gone through quite a bit over the last 20 years being a great single dad, and having quite a few health issues. We would love to hear more about your background and what LIFE/TEAM has and is doing for you? God bless, kb

  69. Dana Preston says:

    The MFC is so motivational and action /thought provoking. Anyone can start this and, within a few days, begin feeling a need to evaluate their life and make changes where necessary. What a blessing to have this information. I also really enjoy the challenge group meetings. It’s fun to hear the thoughts of others that are taking the MFC too!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Dana… I totally agree. It very quickly empowers a person to be introspective and to want to get better! Your so right, the Challenge groups are a game changer to bond and relate to others on the road to change and a better life! as Orrin Woodward said, ‘People who do not get involved in Personal Development pretty much stay the same people for the rest of their lives after formal schooling.’ As Ben Franklin said, ‘Most people die at age 25, but wait till 65+ to be burried.’ Thanks so much for the comment. kb

  70. Jim Croyle says:

    Kirk, everywhere I look, people are crying out for something “else!” A childhood friend just confided in me that their marriage was in jeopardy. After asking a couple of questions, it was easy to recommend a couple of system books and a little hope from the conversation. The question came up, ” to what do you attribute your recent success in life? My answer, “LIFE” ! We talked MFC and as soon as the 1st two are read, (5 love languages and whale done) they want to look more closely at the MFC. What we do is so important. What the MFC offers is “hope for a better tomorrow” I truly love what I do and I thank God for leading me to this community. Your example is inspirational. Give my regards to the family.

    God Bless!


    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jim… You and Michele are totally on your way to becoming true, blue life coaches! Your friends story, unfortunately, is a very common one. Since 1970 the divorce rate has gone up nearly 30%, and the percentage of people who are getting married is down 40%!!! Your are helping turn the tide my friend, on couple at a time!!! What you do matters!! Proud of you, kb

  71. Denise Niles says:


    Thank you for both speaking, and tackling this truth head on! In the classroom I am often alongside hurting and angry young teenagers who are struggling to navigate their way through one train wreck or another in their homes. Is it any wonder they come to school with a chip on their shoulder and classroom academics at the bottom of their list? My beautiful high school girls in student ministry are no more protected from the reality and baggage of train wrecks in their young lives, either. Current American culture touches us all.

    I’ve spent the last week studying and devouring LIFE materials I’d fallen behind on at the end of the school year. I’m thrilled to be starting the MFC now! I’ve never been more excited about, or more passionate about the LIFE calling…and that is just what it is…a calling. I’m so proud to stand beside and serve under people I respect so highly. Thank you, Kirk, for continually leading the way. I am convinced that Band of Brothers leaders know better than anyone the base of Currahee Hill from returning there so often to run it alongside someone again and again. Your service does not go unnoticed.


    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Denise… Thanks so much for the kind words, and thank you for making a difference in so many young people as a teacher!! I love your conviction and passion. We would love to hear a little more about your background and what part LIFE/TEAM has played and will play in your life? God bless, kb

      • Denise Niles says:

        Sure! I taught severe special education and structured autism at the K/1 level for six years before going to the Philippines as a missionary to college students. The counter culture shock when I returned was pretty crazy. I was desperately looking for people interested in being the church rather than playing church. Ironically I found that in a group of business/leadership folk! One weekend with the Footes, Troasts, Johnsons, & Radosas and I knew TEAM would be a part of my life forever! They were quality God-fearing people I wanted to be around, and that is still true today.

        I have gone through seasons of building my business, and seasons of just growing personally. I don’t have a huge business, (though I may someday *grin*) but I have a quality albeit small life. I continue to teach, though now it is primarily 8th grade emotionally and behaviorally challenged students. Through TEAM system I was able to be 100% debt free and paid cash to relocate to work with student ministry at a sweet little church plant in TN. Six months after moving to TN the county moved me to a “trouble spot” at a school they were overhauling. Without question TEAM/LIFE system and subscriptions get the credit for the growth that has allowed me to take on such challenges, and follow the call where God was leading.

        I feel blessed to be part of TEAM/LIFE. I have seen people passionately respond to the truth it brings across cultures and languages. The Footes and Johnsons remain some of my most treasured and respected friends. (Have I mentioned they are freaking hilarious and fun to be around???) I’m not 100% sure what comes next, but I am fairly certain that over the next 90 days, the MFC will challenge and inspire me toward the next adventure!

  72. leowines says:

    An amazing quote from an amazing leader one of my favorite quotes! I feel this is exactly why so many men respected Coach Lombardi. His tenacity and persistance was no match for anyone of his time because no one would work harder or longer at mastery than he! “Gentlemen, we will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.”
    ― Vince Lombardi

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Leo… Love the quote! Lombardi was one special person. I had the honor of reading his biography. It was very powerful and a great testament to a man that pursued excellence with a passion. Thanks so much for sharing and pursuing perfection in your own right. We would love to hear more about your background and what difference being part of LIFE/TEAM has made? Yours truly, kb

  73. Brian Steig says:

    Thanks to LIFE and the mfc my ant and elephant are both taking me in the right direction so here come some more BBNQ action FIRE IT UP !!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Brian… I am so proud of you and your lovely wife for taking responsibility and going Go-Getter last month and on your way to doing again this month. I see Powerplayer in your very near future. Your commitment, work ethic and sacrifice is not going un-noticed!! BBNQ

  74. I read this quote by Sidney Madwed and thought of the Mental Fitness Challenge “If you want to be truly successful invest in yourself to get the knowledge you need to find your unique factor. When you find it and focus on it and persevere your success will blossom.”

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Dan… Thats a great quote! I can’t say that I have ever heard that one before!!! As Covey and Woodward say, ‘Internal, private victories precede external, public victories.’ When we get the foundation right, our unique self is better able to blossom and grow into something special for the world to see. Thanks bro, kb

  75. Dan White says:

    I am getting feedback and I am fired up!!!!! Now I know where I am at. Not just where “I” think I am at. That’s awesome!!!! Love the Mental Fitness Challenge and the 360 Degree feedback!!!!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Dan… Got your message today. I think the straight skinny of the matter is that the bigger leader you become, the better able you are to get better and do more in all areas, strengths and weaknesses. Its just a a matter of where you are in the journey!!! kb

  76. Kirk Birtles says:

    Brad… As far as the ‘sign-up’ goes, I recommend you check out the Team blog. Orrin covers it spot-on! U da man!! kb

  77. Kirk Birtles says:

    Sarah… Your story speaks volumes. It must have pretty tough growing up in a home with addictions and divorce….and even tougher for you, Gabe, Brittany and Leo to break those cycles and create a new legacy. You are a world class interior designer, wife, and servant leader. Proud of you!

    • Gabe Marsh says:

      I couldn’t agree more! Sarah is an amazing wife and has such a huge heart to help other people. She is completely selfless and works constantly to try to get even better, which inspires everyone around her to do the same. She is an awesome encourager and is like a rock when it comes to supporting the people closest to her!

      I think we are so hungry in part because we refuse to become complacent. We are not interested in becoming comfortable or settling for good in any area of our lives when great is available! It might sound a little crazy, but we have grown to enjoy the struggles because we know it means we are growing and moving forward intentionally in that area (Sarah might not agree completely, haha).

      “The enemy of great is good.”

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Gabe… You said it! There is always an ounce of pain in every pound of progress. Cassie and look at our life by always checking the ‘painomoter’. Everyday we look to go through some pain in some or many areas of our lives, because we no the statement ‘no pain, no gain’ is so true. And I agree, after a while you look at the pain and struggle differently. I almost feel as if it was a day wasted if we didn’t go through some PAIN. Don’t be afraid, just lean into it. God allows us prosperity and adversity, so we need to learn to be thankful for both! Keep on keeping on, kb

      • Sarah Marsh says:

        “When the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change, you’ll change!” Comfortable or not, we are hungry to get better!

        • Kirk Birtles says:

          The key to success is to recognize the pain building before it becomes great and takes for ever. The old saying, ‘dig your well before you’re thirsty, or change before the pain is to the threshold….why wait!!!’

  78. Isaiah Nail says:

    I haven’t taken MFC yet but i have listened to the edge. It has helped me gto vision my goals and helped me througth my tough times! My dad Jasen nail has helped me push for my goals!!!

    • Jasen Nail says:

      Proud of you buddy!!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Isaiah… What’s going on BIG man? Thanks so much for sharing! I am very glad that you are enjoying the ‘EDGE’ series. Even though it is designed for young people 10-25, I listened to the last one 4 times myself. Im proud of your commitment and example as a young person!! Keep chasing your goals and dreams and modeling your awesome mom and dad. All the best, Mr. Birtles

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Isaiah… what makes you such a stand out 12 year old? kb

  79. Kirk, I can’t wait to get into my car to head for church each morning. That is when I get to listen to a MFC CD. It is a great way to start the day. I arrive at Church ready to take on the day with a great attitude.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Len… What a great way to start the day! As Orrin said in Resolved:13 resolutions for life, people need to learn how to turn down the negative voice, and turn up the positive voice!!! Im excited for 3rd Challenge Group tonight where we get to discuss and challenge each other with having the right attitude! Thanks for leading in all areas of your life!!!! Its great to be on this growth journey with you!

  80. Kirk, I look forward to my drive to church each day. I listen to a MFC CD and arrive at church ready to take on the day. I don’t think it is possible to listen to two MFC CDs a day and not have a great attitude.

  81. Dan White says:


    Yea, health issues are god’s way of bringing you to your knees. Literally!!! The Mental Fitness Challenge has been a help to keep focused. I heard a cd the other day talking about weeding the flower bed and how you have to get on your knees to pull the weeds. The great information that was in place as a foundation to build the Mental Fitness Challenge on has given me a great foundation. God has brought me to my knees. When I am there I find that there are mental “weeds” that need to be pulled. And then need to literally get on my knees. I recently lost a family dog and through prayer god showed me some weeds that needed to be pulled. I was thinking of the dog as my protection and God said “I am your protector, draw closer to me”. So my point would be thanks for the information. It has helped me pull the mental weeds and also prevent weeds from growing in the future.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Dan… If pain, stubble and hardship brings us closer to our creator and our savior, it makes all of it so worth it!!! As you said, ‘You’ve got to get on your knees to pull the weeds’. kb

      • Dan White says:

        Amen to that Kirk,

        I heard God talking to me in church shortly after I had my dog put down. It was a blessing of “peace and understanding”. You have been a blessing as well. We have had several conversations regarding faith and those are always wonderful talks. God is good to me by putting you in my life. Thanks again.

        • Kirk Birtles says:

          Dan… as a wise man said recently, ‘a mentor doesn’t have much to say without being asked the right questions’. You my friend ask the right questions!! Keep being one of the one of the hungriest students on the team and continue to accept responsibility!!! U da man!! kb

  82. Jasen Nail says:

    I am listening to the a cd y Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward “A self directed education.” What a powerful cd!!! I recomend anyone just getting out of college or specialized schooling to get this cd so they dont become dilusional that education ends after school. I am sure my family is happy that Raymond from “everyone loves Raymond” tv show is not my sole education system for my family life!

  83. Kirk Birtles says:

    Jasen… the CD ‘A self directed education’ is a game changer for anyone hungry enough to plug in and listen. That prompts me to ask you all, what is your favorite LIFE/LLR CD, and your favorite TEAM CD of all time????? ……we fight, we fight, we fight!

  84. Kirk Birtles says:

    LIFE/TEAM members…. What is your favorite LIFE/LLR and favorite TEAM CD of all time??????? KB

    • Renee Polzin says:

      We can only pick one??? 🙂 I’ve been on LLR for awhile now and I love them all. I just listened to Bill Lewis LIFE 53 Handling Confrontation and it was amazing. Whether you are single or married, leading people or just leading yourself, there was so much on that 45 min talk that I need to dive in again and listen to get everything I may have missed.
      I’ve also listened to Dan and Lisa Hawkins Focus Now a lot lately (I don’t have it in front of me but I’m pretty positive it is in the 700’s for TEAM cd’s) but I’m always trying to keep a forward focus in everything I do.

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Renee… Thanks for sharing! I have not listened to the CD Handling Confrontation yet, but it sounds like a great one! Love the Hawkins Focus CD. Would you mind telling us your story, your background and what makes LIFE/TEAM special to you? Thanks, kb

  85. John Richardson says:

    Hi Kirk.
    The marriage train wreck in my own family is on the rise. Cousins and others consider my wife and I lucky to have found each other(which I believe to be true) but we work very hard reading, listening to audios and attending seminars to keep a healthy attitude toward our relationship. The MFC has given us a list of resolutions and achievable goals that has created a tremendous advantage in our home relating to our understanding each other. Our attitudes, happiness, and togetherness have been amplified creating daily Joy for us. Something I don’t see in a lot of other families. Day 43 for us on the MFC, something we’re doing together and enjoying very much. Can’t believe the difference so far, looking forward to the results upon completion. An awesome advantage for our personal lives as well as our professional lives.
    John and Heather Richardson.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      John.. I know that you have been around the block a time or two with being a Marine (semper fi), a truck driver and being a successful business owner! You are turning into the 4th kind of seed that Christ is talking about in Matthew and Mark!!! Love to see you shining brightly and leading people to truth!!! kb

  86. Renee Polzin says:

    The MFC has been amazing. I can tell if I’ve gone too long without reading or listening and do my personal best to take in all the information laid out for us here, as often as I can. By reading, listening and watching the videos, I escape from “myself” and it forces me to take that extra step each day and move forward. I’m so thankful for this program and for the TEAM itself, not to mention all the love and support I constantly have from so many here. Thank you Kirk and everyone upline and downline that help us so much – learning and growing in the right direction.
    Renee Polzin

  87. alweeks says:

    I am looking very forward to experiencing all of the amazing changes, through growth in myself, and also in those around me, that the MFC is about to embark upon us!! What an awesome way to ground oneself and set a foundation on which to build one’s even GREATER self…Truly an honest and moral approach towards achieving a greater good..(or in our case a greater GREAT:) The MFC is a masterful illustration of how improving individually allows us to, in joined arms, come together and provide such a strong front in the battles of immorality that we are all faced with each and every day! I wake each morning excited and enthralled to not only witness but also actively participate in this loom of positivity that is sweeping the world and changing lives, living room by living room. I am so proud and grateful to be a part of this community…. Thank you for showing someone,.. who showed someone,.. who showed the grace of God..showed me…have a blessed day!

    “We cannot become what we need to be, remaining what we are”–Max Depree

    • Sarah Marsh says:

      Ashley, I am so proud of you and the changes you have made. Gabe and I are blessed to have you in our lives and it is so rewarding seeing your family look at you in a whole new light. They love you dearly. As you aunt said “It’s great to see the sparkle back in your eye” We love you!

      • alweeks says:

        Thanks girl..means a lot!!! i dont think i could ever thak you guys enough..fer both do so much for all of us..i have so much respect for you and am very proud and thankful to know you!! yall pump me up!! Thank you also for having such grace in allowing me to grow…you both have such amzaing, caring, loyal and forgiving hearts!!! We love y’all too! much heart..

        • Kirk Birtles says:

          Ashley… there is nothing quite like having a few trusted people in your corner! Thats exactly what you have in Gabe & Sarah and the Team!! Keep matching their commitment stride for stride and you will go as far as you want to go!! kb

  88. alweeks says:

    I am looking very forward to experiencing all of the amazing changes, through growth in myself, and also in those around me, that the MFC is about to embark upon us!! What an awesome way to ground oneself and set a foundation on which to build one’s even GREATER self…Truly an honest and moral approach towards achieving a greater good..(or in our case a greater GREAT:) The MFC is a masterful illustration of how improving individually allows us to, in joined arms, come together and provide such a strong front in the battles of immorality that we are all faced with each and every day! I wake each morning excited and enthralled to not only witness but also actively participate in this loom of positivity that is sweeping the world and changing lives, living room by living room. I am so proud and grateful to be a part of this community…. Thank you for showing someone,.. who showed someone,.. who showed someone,… the grace of God..showed me…have a blessed day!

    “We cannot become what we need to be, remaining what we are”–Max Depree

    • Gabe Marsh says:

      We are so blessed to have people as hungry as you in our lives! I have seen so much growth in you over the last 6 weeks, but your quiet strength and driving purpose is what others are drawn to. I have no doubt there are huge things in store for you!!

      We will change so many lives one person at a time!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Ashley… You are a great writer! I can tell that you have a gift for sharing. The world needs to hear your story. Do you mind telling a little more about your background, and what kind of difference LIFE/TEAM has and is making in your life? God bless, kb

      • alweeks says:

        Thank you!! I am a 29 year single mother of a seven year old named Roamyn. I currently work at a gas station and live in Muncie, In…i also am a writer and a musician…Throughout my life i have obtained many trades..LIFE/TEAM has done so much for me that I’m not sure even where to begin!! i have always known that i have had great morals and principles and overall joys lying in my heart but have spent my whole life seeding them in all of the wrong places..or maybe just in all the wrong ways. i have always had a strong yearning to help others..but what kept happening was that at the end of each day..i had nothing left in my heart tank..One of the main things that i have been able to do, in listening to the many testimonies, is start loving myself again. i believe that this began to occur because i started to identify with a lot of what was being said and i began to feel less and less alone..which began to gradually build a confidence within myself. I now revel in the times that i have fallen opposed to looking back and hating them..or regretting them which, has allowed me to be a lot more forgiving towards myself and in turn is allowing change more and more…Also, LIFE/TEAM has created such an amazing arena, if you will, within a loving,caring,loyal, forgiving and guiding community, filled with like-minded people, which becomes so key where such a simple application of principles (that, at times, may be sooo seemingly difficult) is concerned! Listening to the cd’s made available through LIFE/TEAM helps me to consistently ground my focus and discipline my thoughts which in turn suffocates all of the negative processes and patterns that i am so attuned to! The challenge groups are probably my favorite aspect..They keep me honest with myself..and it is so neat to see others learn and or admit things to themselves as well..(in my mind i like to refer to them as ” know and grow” groups:^ } ) Most importantly, i have relocated and strengthened my faith and also therein stared to believe in hope again..not only within myself but also in others..In general, my walls are starting to crumble and its scary, and its raw, but it is the truest experience i have ever felt..a true calling, that when presented, recognized, and acknowleged, for me, simply can’t be denied! Hopefully this all makes some kind of sense and at the same time is indeed what you were wanting me to expound upon…there is so much more i am sure but those are some of the main things that LIFE/TEAM has and is stil doing for me in my life! i feel truly blessed to have been so lifted and opened up to all of the truths that have been shown to me throughout this journey so far and am so excited to see, experience, and share what lies ahead!
        Stay blessed~

        • Kirk Birtles says:

          Ashley… Thanks so much for sharing a part of your story and heart. It is so important for the people who are outside, looking in, to see and heartfelt and transparent perspective from as many people as possible. Your story is going to influence thousands of people someday soon! Keep charging hard with Gabe and Sarah. They are awesome leaders and have what it takes to take this all the way. Keep listening to the awesome CDs, reading the life-changing books and go to everything you can for LIFE/TEAM, and most of all ‘Keep fighting the good fight’!

  89. Kirk Birtles says:

    LIFE members…. What is your favorite LIFE CD and your favorite LLR CD and your favorite TEAM CD of all time and why?????????

    • My favorite Life CD is The ANT and the Elephant: Ending the CIvil War, by Orrin Woodward, this cd gives so many great illustrations about how the thoughts in our mind really can change the results in our lives. My favorite Team CD is “Personal Best” by Jim & Deloris Martin, they have such a comical way of teaching, this whole cd makes me laugh so much yet I learn something new everytime I pop it in. They are great examples of a Dream, Struggle, Victory story. I must say though my favorite CD of all time thus far is in the EDGE series, “Learning For Life”” has the best of Orrins struggles and how he came out of them victorious by reframing the situation. I have purchased many extra of these cds in order to pass out to young adults and teens.
      Brittany Wines

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Brittany… Thanks so much for sharing your input! I love your choices, and also agree that the EDGE series is so powerful and so needed for the ‘next’ generation!!! Keep leading the way…. kb

    • Gabe Marsh says:

      My favorite Team cd is “Today’s the Day”. What a story about overcoming in so many areas! My favorite Life cd is tough to choose because there are so many good ones, but one of them is “Team Begins at Home; Husband and Wife Relationships”. Another favorite has to be “Learning for Life” like Brittany mentioned. My favorite LLR cd is probably “Lens Effect”. Tough to choose!

      • Brian Steig says:

        I agree with team begins at home my wife Kathy and Ihave always worked very well together and now we are insync somuch more and having the time of our lives thank GOD for LIFE AND ALL WHO MAKE POSSIBLE

        • Kirk Birtles says:

          2 Votes for ‘Team begins at Home: Husband and Wife relationships’. What a game-changing CD for any couple who wants to turn their blank and white marriage into vivid color!!!! BBNQ

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Gabe… Today’s the day is an all time classic!!! The ‘Lens Effect’ is a CD I have listened to 4 times in the last week. What world class information to get the right perspective!

    • Mark Rhine says:

      Kirk…I was listing to your talk on “15 plans a month”. You were so on fire! Men’s leadership talks are so gate! It was a very convicting CD. Lets see if I can apply the things I learned and project 1/2 the posture!

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Mark… you’ve got what it takes my man! I KNOW I will see you at the June 30th GoGetter Softball game and BBQ!!! It will be worth it! Posture comes through belief in action!!! U da man!! kb

    • Kirk, I am busy soaking up all of this great new LIFE product, and have yet to establish my favorite rotation. However, my “old school” favorites are “You’re The Project” by Orrin Woodward and the Men’s Leadership double-feature of Chris Brady’s “Snorting Rhino” and Tim Marks’ “Broken Arrow”.

      • Kirk Birtles says:

        Tom… I love ‘You’re the project’! Orrin says again and again that the main theme of all his mentoring sessions to himself and with others is ‘You’re responsible’!!!! kb

        • And Jasen emulates that philosophy like a true champion! What a blessing to have Andy and Melissa, and Jasen and Jen showing the rest of us how it’s done, and setting us up to do what they’ve been taught!

          • Kirk Birtles says:

            Having men and women model the way is huge factor to finding your purpose and success! I agree, you have awesome leaders modeling the way for you!!!

    • Sarah Marsh says:

      So hard to pick!

      Life- Define Learn Do Fitness. It was amazing once I let go of my excuses by developing myself that I realized I could apply the same concept to my fitness life.

      LLR- Risk, Fear and Worry- I spent way too much time stressing over things with no importance!

      TEAM- Keep Stroking- Gets me every single time!

  90. Matt Foote says:

    My favorite Team cd is definitely Chris and Terri’s “This is your chance!” The Brady’s are such an incredible combination. Their teaching, inspiration, and ability to build belief is fantastic on that CD. My Favorite LIFE CD is probably Chris’ “Sprezzatura.” I love learning from these great examples from history and Benjamin Franklin seems to continually rise to the top. My favorite LLR is Orrin’s “Thanks for teaching me discipline.” I love that our leaders are not only continuing to learn and grow themselves, but they understand that these principles are important enough that they start with their families. It’s another example of leading by example.

    We are so blessed by such great leadership. I’m so proud to be associated with such a great community.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Matt… 2 awesome choices. This is your chance is close to the most ‘fired up’ I’ve ever heard Chris Brady…..classic. Sprezzatura…..the art of enjoying the ride is also one of my favorites! Love the info about using a different part of your brain for short periods to allow the other parts time to rest and recoup!

  91. Kirk Birtles says:

    Denise… what a great testimony to a girl with passion and to the TEAM and LIFE! Debt free, paying cash for everything, and living your purpose! All that is left is building your community bigger so as to get you a bigger stage! Thanks for sharing!! kb

  92. Jason D Wilson says:

    Awe man KB, seriously….. Just one…. that’s a toughie… Okay without overthinking it

    LIFE 4 – Delay Your Gratification – this cd should go to every person who is having financial issues or even looking to get further ahead. I believe that a person can get completely debt free over time if the master the information on this cd.

    LLR 400 The Rascal Leader – this is gold on cd. The story Chris tells is so inspiring you must check it out!!! (I am not going to give it away), TEAM 90 – Life in the Zone – “nough said”….. JUST BRAKE THE BLUE BAG and let’s go!! Once broken the chemical reaction cannot be stopped!!!! Power Player is the play and I will not be denied!!! Will you??

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jwil…. Love your choices!!! You just can’t beat the ‘Maximize your finances’ pack if you want to get your finances finally in order. The ‘Rascal Leader’ CD is such a great lead in to one of most underrated books out there ‘Rascal’ by Chris Brady, and ‘Life in the ZONE’ an all time classic talking about the need to ‘redline’ to 212 degrees for short runs to knock down your goals!!! kb

  93. Brandie says:

    What a great week for the Mental Fitness Challenge. This weeks focus on friendship and last night’s challenge group on attitude. It’s only getting better.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      BB…. Friendship and attitude….It doesn’t much better!!! Its hard to do anything significant without other people, and its hard to do anything with other people with out friends and an attitude of gratitude!!! Thanks for sharing!! :]

  94. Abbey Dyke says:

    Kirk, I have seen a major attitude change in me when I wake up in the mornings now. I never used to be a morning person and I would make excuses all the time for why I could not have a happy and upbeat attitude in the am. I am seeing myself shine right now in the mornings and I feel pretty proud of myself. The Team and L.I.F.E system make a huge difference in how I feel and act. I actually get up and greet Curtis now with a smile, rather than a frown and yelling. It’s a good feeling and I truly think that the challenge groups are helping me with my thinking too. I love going to them and speaking from the heart. One never know’s what quality’s they may have unless they try. I know that if I keep my positive attitude everyday and learn from my past experiences, that life will be so much easier to handle. I try to block my negative voice from coming in with the cds and reading materials. I also love talking with Jenny Nail who can always put a smile on my face and speaks from the heart! The ladies on the Team make a difference and each and every one of them have impacted me in some way! I love to see Cassie too, as she always speaks from the heart herself. God has blessed with good family and friends and I am going to make the most of it! Thanks Kirk for always being the inspiration and for your heart of gold!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Abbey… When I see people such as yourself who have had a history of chemical imbalances and being abused in different ways, attack their problems through the right information, people and attitude versus, drugs, medication, and anti-depressants, it makes my heart swell!!! Your such an awesome example of what is possible for those who believe!!! God bless, kb

  95. Jim Croyle says:

    Just wanted to share a testimony I heard at this week’s challenge group. One of the ladies shared that prior to getting pregnant with her last child; she was taking nearly 100 mg of antidepressants every day. Once she knew she was pregnant, she went off completely and it was, as she put it, one of the most difficult times in her life. She remained off the meds while breast feeding and during this timeframe, she found LIFE/Team. After a couple of months of our materials her mother said to her, “ I am so glad you were able to get back on your meds, it’s nice to finally have you back” She replied, “I haven’t touched those pills in months, it’s the my LIFE material that is making the difference.”
    What an amazing testimony detailing the power of positive influence.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jim… That my friend is a true inspirational story! Currently, nearly 10% of the US is on some sort of prescribed antidepressant. It is a epidemic of sorts that is infiltrating all age groups. I am so proud of the woman you speak of that took responsibility for her own thinking by proactively getting the right information in head on a regular basis!! Thanks for sharing! As the Band of Brother Mavericks say, ‘One more, life changed’. BBNQ

  96. Dan White says:

    Another day on the MFC. It’s amazing. I think sometimes it’s like being in the “Matrix”!!! I am starting to see systems, relationships, interconnections, causes and fixes instead of the 1’s and 0’s. I love it!!!!

  97. leowines says:

    So many choices but the first three that come to me are
    SOL 351 Keep your Helmet on! What an incredible talk on the finest hour! Life 31 Living on Purpose..We all have talents inside of us that nobody else has! When we swim against the current we give others permission to do the same. LLR 530 The Lens Affect… a powerful packed cd on awesome principles!!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Leo… Man, you guys all have such good taste in CDs! ‘Keep your helmet on’ is one of the best CDs to help hold the line on yourself and your team for the so very important promotions we have on a regular basis!!!! Living on Purpose are Lens Effect are also two of my favorites. Thanks for always being a leader worth following Leo! kb

  98. Kirk Birtles says:

    Sarah… Love your CD choices! ‘Define, learn, do fitness’ to get the body and feeling good, ‘Risk, fear, and worry’ to pull the weeds in our cerebral garden, and ‘Keep stroking’ to stoke the fires of our heart and conviction!!!

  99. Kirk Birtles says:

    Momentum = Belief in Action! There is no getter, life GoGetter….come join us on June 30th!!!

  100. […] first resolution addressed in both the Mental Fitness Challenge and the book off of which the Challenge is based (RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE by best selling author and LIFE founder Orrin Woodward) […]

  101. CJ Calvert says:

    Kirk, thank you for your excellent post on the MFC. You are a consummate student of the system and a tremendous leader on the TEAM. Your CDs are in constant rotation in my car. I have a request: please go PC as quickly as possible, so that I can look forward to you speaking on stage at every Major!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      CJ… I appreciate the kind words! We are in pursuit of this noble cause together. I commit to doing my best, everyday that I can, to get better and do more. God willing, we will thrive, succeed and make a monumental difference!!! Proud of you, kb

  102. Dan White says:

    Half way through the challenge….Fathers Day. Hope all you fathers had a great day. I had an amazing day. It’s soooooo awesome to be able to be around my family at a get together and I didn’t argue once. I didn’t try to change anyone. I just enjoyed the family, both last night with kids, girlfriends, grandbabies and a granddoggie. Then today with kids and my dad and stepmom. Not one confrontation. That goes in the record book. I think that may equal several lives changed. I know my life has been changed. I am a very blessed man. Spent the morning getting closer to my creator and then my earthly father. Also got to see my youngest pitch tonight. All in all a tremendous fathers day. Hope you all had a fantastic day too.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Dan… you are truly leading a life of ‘no regrets’! I am proud of you for tackling Goliath every chance you get. I know this, people who display the courage that you display on a regular basis, hit their goals and achieve their dreams!!! Proud of you, kb

  103. […] in the entire company. At an early age in his career he was introduced to entrepreneurship, community building and leadership education (but at the time it certainly didn’t look that cool). I would assume […]

  104. Dan White says:

    Hey Kirk,
    Heading into another challenge this week with health. Just another “mind tournament”. A great way to practice all the principles that are learned through the LIFE company materials. I remember the days when such a event would leave me foundering in the depths of self pity, confusion and despair. Now I know that “it’s not how hard you get hit, it’s how hard you get hit and get back up” as Rocky would say. I would add to that, it’s how soon you get up also as to honor the time that God has given me to make a difference with my life. I believe he has put me here to make a difference in many peoples lives starting with my own. The LIFE materials are fuel, foundation and a pathway to make that difference.

  105. Carlee says:

    It is so cool how we’ve opened the door to leaving replies on the blogs! It’s like a whole new tool, reading commens from people at all different levels of success! And my favorite cds are Rascal Leader (Brady) and Attitude of a Winner (KB).

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Carlee… great to hear from you! Love your choices, well, at least I love ‘Rascal Leader’. The other CD, ‘Attitude of a winner’, that guy is a little over the top!! :}

      • Carlee says:

        Still makes me laugh every time! I’ve loved Rascal Leader for quite a while because who can argue with being a force for good? It’s one of those cd’s you play for your kids to learn from too! I’ve never heard The Lens Effect…

        • Kirk Birtles says:

          Carlee… Its always a little line to reframe when Im not feeling up to par, ‘come one Kirk, just go in there and be a force for good’! Thanks to Chris Brady for always producing!!! kb

  106. Jim Croyle says:

    Kirk, hope you had a wonderful father’s day weekend. Mine was amazing. I had the opportunity to take my father up North to participate in a traditional camp trip with some of our oldest friends. Friends that have known me from the day I was born. As would happen in nay such scenario, we gathered around the campfire and off we went down memory lane. Because of my military service, I was absent for many years so naturally, much of the catching up revolved around me and my military service. As the night neared its end, one of my father’s oldest friends gave me the best compliment I have ever received, he said, “Jimmy, I don’t know what it is they taught you in the military but it sure has made you a good man.” Of course I thanked him for the compliment but I had to correct his assumptions. You see, the military helped me become a man, but LIFE is making me a GOOD man.
    Before the trip ended, one of my friends confided in me that they needed help and asked if I would spend some time with them. We spoke for hours about LIFE and the MFC material and how the information has positively impacted my personal life. I expect that they will love the talk in Southfield tomorrow.

    God Bless!


    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Jim… what a great testament to you being a hungry student and to the LIFE information! Those were high compliments that you received and deservedly so! Im very proud of you and Michele and the changes you are making. It takes a very mature man to have all the worldly experience and knowledge, and at the same time to admit that you needed a change. A good man you are my friend! kb

  107. mfcreno says:

    This article hit me like a ton of bricks. I have two friends right now that are about to give up on their marriage.This right in my own backyard so to speak. I love these friends dearly and the MFC is a way for them to get the right info and start applying it to their situation. I myself started the MFC 7 day challenge and have found the information can help me set life goals and be a better man. I Can’t wait to show you the new me when I’m finished with the challenge. I’m super excited about my future, because I am getting the right info in and the bad info out.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Chad… Trainwrecks are happening every where at a sickening pace! God has planted you in some very fertile ground to grow and shine brightly for your friends and family to see. Keep fighting the good fight!!! kb

  108. Andrea Clark says:

    I have made so many changes since I have been in LIFE. I am more aware now of the areas I need to change and where I need help. The cds and LIFE materials including the MFC are giving me more strength every day. It is a constant struggle. Battle of the Mind, per se. I have been slowly letting my guard down to let the positive materials and support group go to work. I grew up always being negative towards myself. With the help of LIFE/TEAM, I am finally able to see a different way, That there is light at the end of the tunnel. That I am worth something. That I want more for myself. I never thought I deserved it. Everyone in LIFE/TEAM has so much confidence in me that I am actually allowing myself to change and grow. I want to help people find the positive in themselves like you have helped me. Thank you for all you have done! I have so much love and appreciation for everyone I have met in my LIFE journey so far. Every CD I listen to brings more and more hope into my life. It really is life changing information!!! I will forever be grateful.

    Thank you for the opportunity to change my life and providing the tools to help others.

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Andrea… making people feel ‘not worthy’ of anything great is the oldest trick in the devil’s deep bag. Its all you girl. Many people are exposed to the truth, but it takes a person of courage to use that truth to face reality and set a plan to grow and change! We are all very proud of you and know that you are just getting started!!! kb

  109. Michele Croyle says:

    Kirk, for some reason it has become “exceptable” in todays society to quit on may things in life including your marriage, your family, and your faith. People have a false belief that they have tomorrow to make things “right”. Throughout my 24 years of nursing, I have seen life end suddenly and too early for many people. There is no promise for tomorrow. Life has given us the opportuninty to touch peoples lives one by one and make a differance. The MFC is a wake up call! Never before have I seen a tool that assesses ones mental fitness to this degree. Having the ability to assess yourself and have 360 degree feedback will give people the opportunity to work on improving themselves thus improving their relationships with others. Since Jim has been participating in the MFC, I have seen him grow as a husband, a father, a friend, and a christian. I am so thankful! Keep fighting the fight!

    God Bless

    Michele Croyle

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Michele… It’s so great to hear from wonderful people like you who have a unique perspective of how short and unpredictable our lives actually are! As one great Roman once said, ‘don’t live as though you have 1000 years’! Only today is promised, the question you have to ask yourself is ‘what are you going to do with it?’. In fact, it just so happens that today is the longest day of the year!!!! Living on purpose, kb

  110. alweeks says:

    my favie cds so far:
    LIFE: Insights on attitude and the will to win: I love the imagery Bill Lewis displays on this one…! “attitude is the window that you look through when you see your life”

    TEAM: Four Laps: I love this one because his talk starts out speaking of giving into limiting beliefs by setting very comfortable goals and enabling oneself to merely “hang on” as to create a self perception of having actually been successful simply because we met a goal we had set, in avoiding risk, instead of actually accomplishing the overall achievement desired…i quickly realized that i do this massively..! I absolutely adore the story at the end..It was just so inspiring to me…I can almost see he and Bobby doing lung busters! Great example of how striving for a personal best inspires another to strive for a personal best and how that bond grows even more desire to reach an UNLIMITED amount of success!! I love that when he makes the four laps that he is by himself..

    LLR: Leadership and Self-Deception: I found this one to be so intriguing and so very true..all around…I love how they illustrate Ego as a spectrum..which is exactly what it is…I’ve always felt that choices are made based on your minds stance while its straddling all of lifes circumstances which are simultaneously floating above your heart…perception either maintains or corrupts a balance of the three..but i mostly and deeply considered and applied this towards my outward relationships…this cd really put in me in check this morning…it is so easy to trick ourselves. or to trick ourselves into thinking we’ve tricked ourselves!!! My favorite quote from this cd is:
    “Never underestimate your ablilty to overestimate your abilities”
    I also feel that it’s just as great in the reverse!!!!

    most relevant cd for me is: Building Posture.

    have a blessed day!

    • Kirk Birtles says:

      Ashley… I love your CD favorites! Its obvious that you are cranking them crazy! Looking forward to seeing you at the GoGetter promotion on June 30th!! Band of Brothers lead the way….

  111. Kirk Birtles says:

    LIFE/Team members… (new question, Im going to get a little personal!) What area of your life has been improved or are you hoping to improve through the MFC and the LIFE materials? (transparency is extremely relatable) Kirk Birtles

  112. Brian Steig says:

    I’ve found in LIFE, information to help me through what ever Life shall throw at me . At the present time its building a strong team to help bring people back to the principles we need to succeed in living life for excellence.

  113. alweeks says:

    i truly cannot think of an aspect of my life that the LIFE materials havent helped me with..(except for maybe marriage cause im not married..but even then one day i hope to be so i still find them relevant)..but if i had to pick what it has helped me the most with, i would say probably my self confidence…just knowing now that i actually do have a purpose and through the materials, identifying what that purpose is, and how to fulfill it, has given me a new light to wake up and walk through every day…! In situations where i would previously cowar i find myself standing a little bit taller and taller..i still struggle in this but can feel a little more weight lifting from my shoulders every time i push through a pain and stretch and grow! They have reinstated a sense of hope to bask in, and to share with others, that i, over time, had lost or given up on, as i was sinking under each and every grain of negativity that society, or others, or really, in this case, i had placed upon myself…!

  114. […] taken place in your mind, it’s only a matter of time that it actually happens. What the mental fitness challenge (MFC) and the-life-business is designed to do is filter out all the garbage that is fed to us that […]

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