The other day I was sitting in a Tim Hortons cafe, in a fairly affluent and conservative town, preparing for a conference call when I happened to  hear some young Tim Horton’s employees having a friendly discussion.  One girl said, ‘Boy, I sure am excited for the weekend!  I get to go see my dad.’  The other young gal said, ‘Your parents aren’t together anymore?’  To which the first replied, ‘No.  They got divorced when I was in elementary school.  My dad saw a show on TV of what signs to look for in your wife to see if she may be having an affair.  My dad saw the signs, and hired a private detective friend of his to follow my mom around.  The private detective says he caught my mom with another man.  My dad confronted my mom and she denied everything.  My dad still wanted to work it out despite not believing her.  My mom felt completely betrayed and decided to divorce my dad.  She still denies the affair to this day.  Anyway, I’m very excited to see my dad.  He is the light of my life and I hardly ever get to see him.’  The other girl, not to be outdone, said, ‘My parents got divorced when I was five.  My mom remarried and when I was 14 my step-dad killed himself in front of me and my mom.  After that, my real mom and dad got back together.  Weird, huh?  I’ve seen way to much for my age, but I think I’m doing all right.’  A few minutes later as I sat there processing all that I had just overheard, in walked the young manager who I had seen a couple of times before.  He said to the second young lady, ‘You’re pregnant again?  You’re back together with what’s his name?’  The young pregnant mom replied, ‘I am pregnant again, and yes, the same guy is the dad.  We got back together for a little bit, but now we are done for good.  He just got in trouble again and is going back to jail for 6 months.’

As I sat there in a sad and melancholy state, I became more and more convicted about what we do with LIFE.  As Orrin Woodward put it, ‘It is as though we are in a massive desert and have happened upon an endless well of water.  Fresh, clean, life-giving water, and everyone who passes by is dying of thirst!’  I have no doubt that If these girls were open to listening to a few LIFE CDs, reading great books like Rascal, Resolved or The Magic of Thinking Big, and commit to being part of a ‘Challenge group‘ every other Tuesday that they could totally get their lives on track and potentially turn the madness into gladness for future generations.  As Dale Carnegie said, ‘Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain….and most fools do!’  Chris Brady says, ‘The only way to truly be happy is to give happy’. What we do is so simple: start conversations, listen for needs, pass out some CDs, and lead the ones who liked the CDs to the Mental Fitness Challenge.  It’s that simple, just pay it forward!  There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that what you are doing on a daily basis is fulfilling your purpose and making a difference.  We have our hands on something great!  Don’t play small!!  No fear, no excuses, no regrets……Take a chance!!!

About Kirk Birtles

Follower of Christ, loving husband, father of 4, TEAM/LIFE leader, community builder, entrepreneur, difference maker, and fun loving outdoorsman.

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  1. The fact that there are people out there, like the young ladies Kirk has described, keeps me motivated and fearless to share the LIFE program with others. In church we talk about leading 1 person to the truth, as being hugely powerful and ensuring smiles from heaven. Imagine the IMPACT we can create just by getting out of our comfort zone and being duplicatable in this business. I for 1… Choose to be an instrument in creating a difference for my fellow man, my country, my family, but most of all….. MY SAVIOR, Jesus Christ!!!!!
    I pray this for everyone who has been blessed with this opportunity!

    David DelCorvo

  2. Matt Foote says:

    As I am walking through the Mental Fitness Challenge, I am convicted more and more by stories like this. It forces me to think of those around me who may be experiencing similar or perhaps worse situations. It is exciting to know that I have access to something that can radically change their lives in a positive direction. The more excited I get about the changes that I am personally experiencing, the more excited I am to share LIFE with them and what the MFC can do in their lives.

    Kirk, thank you for this reminder and for your consistent example of leadership of yourself, your family, and your community.

  3. Jim Croyle says:

    Having just shared my excitement at the prospect of completing the mental fitness challenge and giving testimony to the LIFE changing information I receive, a co-worker of mine asked me if she could also participate. When honestly expressed, exciting is all we need to find people interested in defining where they are and seek out what it will take to move towards the life they have always wanted. I love what we do and thank God that I foundry is wonderful opportunity.

  4. pmit2188 says:

    I pray daily for God to set these people in my path so I can plant seeds in their minds that there is a better way out there and all they need to do is grab hold and we will help them. I believe God has called me to fight for my granddaughters freedom and all those yet to come. Everyone wants clean water.
    BBNQ !
    Pam Mitchell

  5. Linda Blackerby says:

    I think that is very sad! But these stories for people seem so common, and what you hear less of is when a family is great and they are together and happy, that those happy life stories are rare. Everyone seems to have a story. I know I do. But because of that and because I am a mother, I dont want my kids to have a happy story! I want them to be that rare story that happy story! I am so thankful and blessed to be apart of LIFE and have all you amazing people on a TEAM. I know together we can change the world, one life at a time. We will start hearing happy uplifting stories someday at the coffee shops or where ever. We just have to fight and never ever give up. And share this with everyone, anybody can live a better life, a life they always dreamed of. I will never give up, because I know GOD is on our side, and through him we can do anything!

    Kirk, great post, thank you for sharing and I am so glad and thankful to be on your team!

  6. Kirk, This is just more fuel for the engine brother! Let’s roll! thanks, Orrin

  7. Justin Gorske says:

    Im so thankfull that someone lead me to that life-giving water. I didnt realize how dehydrated i was.The ripple effect we have when leading people to this LIFE opportunity and the MFC is immeasurable. People are thirsty and I know I have to take more chances to offer the water to the familys that we know need it right now. We know the waters good and im so gratefull for being lead to the well! THank you Kirk

  8. Kim Decker says:

    How true and how sad this world is…if we all keep doing what we are doing we WILL make the difference.

  9. Thanks Kirk! This helps in reminding me that we need to “take a chance” everywhere and anywhere.

  10. Gabe & Sarah Marsh says:

    The ripple effect of just one life changed can and will go on for generations! We will meet people where they are at and will lead them to the only true source of changed lives.

    John 7:38, “He that believes in me, as the Scripture has said, out of his belly will flow rivers of living water.”


  11. Thank you Kirk, We can really make a difference and change this world one person at a time.

  12. I think everyone should take the MFC. Some people have such stinking thinking they would rather sit in the stink and feel sorry for themselves. I want to get better at bring the MFC and LIFE info to them in such a compelling way that they can’t resist. I feel so sad for the gentleman I sat down with today. He lost his leg in an accident four years ago and so entitled and into feeling sorry for himself that he will not even consider the possibility that he could ever live the life he always wanted. So sad that some people will not give themselves a chance. We can only help those who are willing to help themselves.

  13. seltrib says:

    The opportunity is before us in LIFE and with the Mental Fitness Challenge. If each of us will find the courage for self examination and adjustment, together we help those who thirst. 2 Timothy 1:7: For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

  14. Chris Brady says:

    Because those same conversations are happening in countless places all the time, we must continue to do what we do…making a difference one person at a time.

  15. Mark Rhine says:

    The body of a person who is dehydrated tries to adapt itself the the lack of water. One of the odd things the body of a dehydrated person does is reject water, even though it is something the body needs. It is interesting in life the things we need we often reject. Is it because it is uncomfortable, requires us to change, or just different that everything we have been taught before? Probably all three. But one thing is true: Information is like light, it illuminates things that we couldn’t see in the dark. Light repeals darkness at 1 billion feet per second. Lets go re-frame the world at 1 billion feet per second! Thanks for the perspective Kirk!

  16. Aaron Thomason says:

    Mr. Birtles,

    You did it again. We need to pay it forward. We don’t need to just sit by and become personal development bodybuilders where it we can show off, but we must help some along as the information and the association has done that for us. As Chris Brady says, “if we are too much of personal development, we will be full of ourselves…” LET’S PAY IT FORWARD!

  17. leowines says:

    Thank you Kirk for another fantastic post on how simple and easy the Life business is. Many people are hurting and looking for change in alot of places and most have no where to turn,and learn how to get to the water hole.Well we as a Team can bring it to them! And no better way than the Mental Fitness Challenge! As Orrin Woodward says in Resolved 13 Resolutions for Life “Success is practically ensured when a person realizes the he is responsible for his own perpetual personal development process” I am truely blessed for associating with such an amazing group of leaders getting out there and taking those chances! Keep on running brothers and sisters and we’ll live the Life we’ve always wanted!!

  18. Jason D Wilson says:

    Awesome post KB!!!!! I truly believe the MCF, LIFE subscription and, challenge groups will not only be game changing, but life changing. I really believe that if a person was truly honest about wanting to make an impact in the community they would see the value in this. I don’t care what a person’s financial situation is there a way to help others with LIFE. In addition, if a person really wanted something more out of life there is an opportunity for them to get it here. Again no matter what their income is. If they live in the US and want to improve in an area, LIFE can help in some way…. That being said…. LIFE will reveal the fakes too that just say they want to make a difference or want a better life but won’t do any work to get it. You can’t fake yourself out here. Man trust me, I know. Taking the Mental Fitness Challenge (if one does all that is required including the Goal and Daily Task Check Sheet, Weekly Journal and all tasks) will revile if one is really trying to improve. And if they are, they will!!! I know it!! I am only in module one thus far and have already seen results on my job (even told they would get me time with one of the VP’s of the company to share a project I am leading with a team of people), my business (a new found passion and courage), my personal life (I know me better and how to lead better in areas where I need to). All of this and its only week ONE for me!!!! I’m just so stinking fired up!!!! Just so stinking fired up!!!!

    Thank you for leading KB!!!

  19. Dan Miller says:

    I hear stories like this almost daily. I’m glad The Mental Fitness Challenge has made me accountable to grow into the person I was meant to be. What a great product! I’m almost 2 weeks in and I can already see improvements. The 360 degree feedback has been helpful and encouraging – everyone has “graded” me better than I graded myself! I must be doing something right!

  20. Dan White says:

    Great Stuff Kirk, The world is looking for the clean fresh water of good information. I pray daily to be the “oasis” of that awesome, refreshing, invigorating, restoring water. There is a huge opportunity to change the world one household, one person, one marriage, one father, one mother, one son, one daughter, one boss, one employee at a time. The time is now. The change is starting. We are raining down cool fresh, water to the thirsty society that has been thirsting for decades for the right information. Rock On!!!!

  21. Krista Beach says:

    The unfortunate thing, is this is pretty normal for the average person. We all have various struggles that we can and cannot control. The Mental Fitness Challenge and the principles that LIFE teaches has helped me see my life in a whole new light! I have been able to apply skills that I have learned with the things that I CAN control. Probably the most impactful change I have made is learning to constantly control my thinking… since thinking is responsible for most of what we say, do and believe, thus controlling our results in life. That is HUGE! As for the things we CANNOT control, choosing to have a positive ATTITUDE and a deepened FAITH feeds our soul what it needs to have joy no matter what life throws at us! Thanks to Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, and the rest of the Founders of Life for providing information that has, and continues to transform and mold me. I am a WAY better person for being a part of the LIFE community and taking the Challenge. I cannot help but want to share with everyone the Challenge and the tools that LIFE provides to help people have joy in their relationships and purpose in their lives! There is no doubt that the ripple affect for each person this touches will continue through generations! Hopefully, the empoyees you overheard at Tim Horton’s will encounter and be touched by this community.

  22. beachrex says:

    Hey Kirk, awesome post! I love the mental fitness challenge because it teaches people how to develop the right habits and gives them proven information to really make a difference in their life. Our family has benefited so much from the information that LIFE provides i don’t even know where to start! Its hard to even quantify it because of the ripple effect that can go on for generations to come. I know for a fact that decisions i’m making on a daily basis in marriage, parenting, relationships, finances and faith would not be as fruitful if i was left to my own thoughts or information i picked up over the years. Our family thanks Orrin, Chris and so many leaders in the LIFE business that are providing the unbelievable information to make a difference in so many lives!!!

  23. John Skogstoe says:

    Great example of the need for LIFE Kirk! As a community college instructor, I see dozens of these stories every year. I am so thankful that the great learning material I’ve enjoyed for 6 years is now available to everyone.

  24. Sarah Marsh says:

    It is sad what the “average” person endures and that those conversations are common in todays society. I am thankful for the filtered information from the leaders of LIFE who can help us make an impact in the world. Time to spread the clean water!

  25. Great post Kirk, I agree this info will help so many. I have to believe that everyone would want to be better. If only they could find a fresh water spring.

  26. Carlee Kurth says:

    So thankful to have such good info that has helped me so much and allows me to share with others. I also love sharing these blogs with people I know. Here’s to changing lives!

    • Manuela says:

      Kristen is a great example of soonmee that has used this material. She has been growing herself mentally and is seeing great results. Take the challenge and see where you can improve.

  27. Dick and Marily Gonyea says:

    Awesome, but oh how sad, but this world needs to be changed for the positive. So much negativity out there, in the work field and in the families. We have MFC that can help those that don’t like what they see in the mirror. As what team says we can change one person, one family and our country. Lets create a huge water fall and have better marriages and better parenting and the world will change. God Bless American and God Bless Orrin and Chris. Lets go TEAM

  28. Mike Schaub says:

    Hey Kirk. Great blog. There is a lot of people hurting and needing help. If they don’t want a drink move on to the next person. BBNQ

  29. Bill Schulz says:

    Sad story, but thanks for reminding me why we are part of such a great organization. To help redifine “normal” family matters.

  30. Good post! If only the power of positive was in every childs life! I can only do my best to bring it to my children and those around me. I am so thankful for life and all the amazing things it has done for my family and so many others!

  31. joe finch and rebecca finch says:

    Hello Mr.B, yes this is great motivation and one of the biggest reasons in my book to keep on keeping on! So many people out there think this from what you speak of is the norm, but it is not! And we need to continue to spread the good news and shine the light to others. starts with one person at a time to bring this country back to our roots “the norm”! lets continue to replenish that thirst, we love all you do! bbnq!

  32. Paul Brown says:

    Love it, Kirk! You’re 100% right. The LIFE products are truly life-changing. Mental Fitness Challenge, the LIFE subscriptions and the challenge groups have had such an unbelievable and tremendously positive impact on my life and others within my community. There’s story after story of people with the same hurts as you wrote about above, but LIFE and MFC alongside the challenge groups give us a support system and community to help us overcome life’s inevitable challenges! Thanks again, Kirk! God Bless!

  33. Cassie says:

    Kirk, you have conviction to your purpose…thank you for being that man!

  34. Daniel Pinkelman says:


    I have been plugging into the MFC and been recharged by the information! It is a great tool for those who are totally blind to the truth as well as those that are doubting their principles an their ability to “fill the gap”. I just shared it with one of the men at our church who is getting weary & affirmed his stand, showed him his fruit, and then handed him 3 CD’s that have pulled me thru the struggles.

    This material is great for everyone, no matter where they are at on the productive loop!

    Galatians 5:13
    Daniel Pinkelman

  35. Sue Wals says:

    Kirk, thanks for being our great leaders and showing us how LIFE can help be our best. the MFC has sparked a new challenge in our marriage and our thinking. The accountability is great and so is sharing with others our thoughts, struggles and victories. There is a bigger thing that happens when you connect with others. This is what we have been doing for years with TEAM and recently LIFE but the MFC has completed the circle as move to change the world one household at a time. thanks for all you do for all of us. Sue

  36. Jasen Nail says:

    I live in Muskegon, MI and these types of conversations are not only common but popular.. It seems as though negitive media has taken ahold of many minds but there are those who dont buy it.. The other day I was in a hot tub at a place where I work out and I overheard a similar conversation but with a big different outcome. This gentalman began telling another guy he was born in the phillipeans and was put out for adoption when he was a baby. His new parents were from the U.S.A. He is now in his 30’s and has served his country in Iraq 3 times! The other man in the hot tub said “You never knew your parents, what they look like, who they are”? “No” he responded.. the other mans reply was “wow you were cheated.” And this defender of our country said “NO!!! I was saved.”
    Lets shine our lights and let the world that we too were saved!! Thanks Kirk!

  37. Melvinia Ford says:

    I have to admit that I overhear a lot of conversations more now than I did before where I really pay attention. I would always ask myself how could I possibly help and now the cd’s which I once I started listening to them, I knew were the one thing that could speak for me when I just did not have the words.

  38. Lugia - TeamMavericks says:

    The mental fitness challenge is going to lead the way towards improvement and I am glad it is now leading the way towards the life you always wanted.

  39. I have to admit, I have always wanted to help others that I have sat an overheard conversations with, and had no clue of what to say, and the cd’s are a perfect tool to use. A few people have even been inspired, so I am moving forward with a little more confidence than I had before.

  40. Abbey Dyke says:

    Kirk, your message lifted me up in so many ways! The Team gives back people hope and peace. I right now live downstairs from a family that is struggling everyday with their son. I know that if I were to give them a parenting pack that they would benefit from it. After reading your blog, I am going to face my fears and help this family out! It’s time I give back to what the Team has given me! I know that if I break through my fears, anything is possible and I hopefully have saved a few lives in the process. God is good and I feel totally blessed to be a part of the Team community. Thank you to you and Cassie!

  41. Joe Schoonveld says:

    Our business of LIFE will change every life in the world either directly or indirectly. I believe our founders are GOD sent. I am new to religion and the bible. But there was the great floods that GOD force man to rethink things. Then Jesus was sent… To force man to rethink things. Our fallen man has to change their thinking. For me I have to change most of my thinking. I am so thankful for you Kirk and the rest of the team.

  42. Kirk, I have been noticing a trend that is surprising to me. People are coming to me and asking me to mentor them. Four colleagues in ministry and two leaders in a former church. I believe this is because of my involvement in LIFE and in the Mental Fitness Challenge. This is the best leadership and self improvement material available today.

  43. Kirk, I have been noticing a trend that is interesting and surprising to me. People are coming to me and asking me to mentor them. I believe it is because of the LIFE materials and the Mental Fitness challenge. They are the best leadership and self improvement materials available today!

  44. Kim Decker says:

    i have seen a difference in myself with the materials and the ones around me even tho they may not get in they still benefit from the way I react to them and the positive feed back I give them. Go TEAM we are the BEST

  45. Renee P says:

    Just hearing this made me want to take my Edge cd’s and share them with the X and Y generations of today – the ones that see and hear so much that they start to believe that everything is “okay”. Knowledge is power. Add a bit of love and courage and you have the making of a legacy.

    • I will have to admit the Edge Series is a great source of information for our youth today. They are stressed out more than we ever were. They are scared and a lot of adults do not take the time out to nurture them the way the need to. We need to give them alternatives to the lifestyle some of them have been given and listen to them. We also need not be so quick to push them out into a world to so much confusion until they are completely ready to face it standing on two feet.

  46. Brian Steig says:

    Thirsty, to often we see and hear that same story and for some it is closer to home than others. With the lords help and the LIFE team we can all help erase this story.So please stand stay strong and lets change this world.

  47. Kim Decker says:

    there is no guarantee in LIFE and with the TEAM/LIFE it is guaranteed just to be a better YOU

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